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  1. I smile because we were in most games, and went toe to toe with the Bills! I smile because JT turned out to be a stud, and Buckner was great to watch as well.
  2. I live near Denver, and I never became a Bronco fan. I was always a fan of Manning, and he's the reason I became a Colts fan, but once I chose the Colts, they have been my team.
  3. Anyone watch that? That QB for Washington looked pretty good. Could throw, scramble, and run pretty well.
  4. That wasn't a drop by Pittman...it was a bad throw by Rivers....
  5. The refs were letting them play. Bills got away with some slight holding as well.
  6. Truth is, many people thought we'd get smoked, and we had a chance to win. Here's hoping for a good 2021!
  7. mixing up the types of runs could be helpful too, with some play action as well...
  8. Just a question, what makes yo think the nastiness has declined? Are O-Line men not finishing plays? Just curious. I haven't really paid attention myself.
  9. I'm assuming these stats for the entire year. I wonder what the numbers look like over November and December (regarding the o-line). It seems like our Offense Line has seemed to gel over that time, and with no practice/TC to begin the year, maybe that had an effect of the new O-Line coach's style? <shrug>
  10. Playing tighter. That is exactly what I think too. Too many times, a receiver catches a ball, and our guys are like 3 yards away. I want to see them hitting the guy as they catch it, instead of being 3 yards off. Play with more anticipation. Pressure on the QB will help with that I think. I'm not saying go hog wild, but definitely a few more blitzes than we've seen in the past.
  11. Now I'm really confused... https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2020/11/28/colts-news-jonathan-taylor-covid-list-ryan-kelly-neck-out-vs-titans/6449784002/ https://imgur.com/a/vvZo74c
  12. I don't recall Kelly being out due to Covid.
  13. Do players count? The Titans are doing ok.
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