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  1. Is Smith out? He's not on the inactive list.
  2. Dolphins win out, Colts win out, Steelers beat the Browns, and Bills lose out. Colts get seed 2. One can only dream...
  3. This was a nice glimpse into his game day. I loved his positivity and encouragement!
  4. Yeah, agreed. I was wrong anyways, as far as the stats go. Regardless, I'm glad the o-line has really turned it around the latter half of this year. They are really coming into form, and at just the right time too!
  5. Nevermind. I stand corrected. https://www.pff.com/nfl/players/anthony-castonzo/6174
  6. AC is the weakest link, per PFF stats. I'm not saying Glow is better, just an observation from PFF. Take it how you will.
  7. Yeah, but man, Luck payed the price vs. that healthy Von Miller....I believe he was peeing blood after that game, if I remember correctly. That game was brutal.
  8. Glad someone is recognizing his play. He's been doing great on the right side the line. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2020/12/23/22194350/film-room-guard-mark-glowinski-puts-together-a-great-performance-against-the-texans https://www.pff.com/nfl/players/mark-glowinski/9567
  9. I'd say we caused fumbles, which great teams do. They make plays. That's what we are doing. It's so exciting watching this D this year.
  10. This will be a good test for Smith. Anyone else think he's up for the challenge? I do.
  11. Do you think MAC will have another big game this year, or was that 1 game early in the year a fluke? Thanks as always!
  12. If we're going to the promised land, we gotta win out at that point so yup. I just hope we go on a 6 game win streak from now until February :D!
  13. I wouldn't mind having 2 games in the play offs at home. Seems like a big deal to me. But it's beyond our control. The biggest hurdle I see is the Patriots playing spoiler to the Bills. Miami would have to beat the Bills to keep their playoff hopes alive if we win out. I can see Titans losing to GB and the Steelers beating the Browns. I just hope we beat the Steelers because they will be HIGHLY motivated to beat us. I'm thinking hot rod saves the day with a game winner against them.
  14. That laugh was re: the Hines fooling people up the middle. I agree. It's all about timing with Reich. When he decides to get too "cute", sometimes it leaves me scratching my head. Though there was that one play where they ran it on 3rd down up the gut, and Hines almost scored ( I still think JT makes a dive into the end zone on that one). That was a good play. Just cut it waaaay to close for comfort with 1 second left for the FG.
  15. Thus far it seems like Blackmon can make plays, but he's tapered off these last few games. Haven't heard his name unless it's him getting beat in coverage, which doesn't bode well for a FS. Hopefully this changes soon.
  16. I've since I saw him blocking well, I've wanted him to succeed, and he's doing it this year. Got TY and Pittman covered? No problem. Pascal will make you pay!
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