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  1. I'm interested in Alex Leatherwood.
  2. Every QB is NOT very, very good. However, they don't have to be to win games, because like you said it is a team sport. And I agree, the best QB needs a good team, but I feel like we have a pretty good team, minus a QB (as it stands right now).
  3. I'd so no to Godwin. He doesn't impress me. Seems to drop the ball alot lately in crucial situations.
  4. Only way to get a pick in the top 10? LOL.... to be clear, I would NEVER be FOR that kind of strategy.
  5. I got that vibe too. Like we have the right group of guys, just gotta move them around.
  6. I love his comment about how it took until the last question to ask about Frank's 4th down call....lol.. I'm glad he stands behind him. Good for him. Although I would have took the points, it's not that cut and dry.
  7. Basically said there wouldn't be a QB in the first round worth drafting at our spot.
  8. Yeah, we can find a good guard in the draft if he moves to tackle. It might make the most sense for us. If that were the case, we could focus on QB, DE, and MLB/Corner.
  9. I hope our safety situation improves this year, as they seemed to be a liability in pass coverage.
  10. I feel like Rivers can be the man for us, just like Manning did for the Broncos. Just needs to be that game manager and make smart decisions, and not try to carry the team on his back- that's when he starts to make mistakes. Regarding our play off loss, it was an all around team loss. The better team won. I expect to see Rivers back next year, unless he retires.
  11. That's a fair question. I'd like to know the answer as well.
  12. I have to agree with this completely. It does seem like Frank just uses stats to make his decision. But I am hopefully he will learn and grow and become a better coach in the future, know that stat are only part of the decision making.
  13. Hmm....not rocket science. Go to your big guys in the RZ....lol. Good find.
  14. Just from a fan's perspective without stats, it feels like we did not use tall guys in the RZ consistently, and we had shotgun runs that killed us.
  15. I think I just saw today that Pagano retired. I was wondering if Hooker would go play for him. I guess that's out of the question now.
  16. Can you post the tweets that look like he's gone? I couldn't find anything. He's definitely a serviceable player IMO, not a game wrecker, but can tackle well.
  17. With our luck, say we did that trade, Watson would get hurt the first year here..... JUST SAYING.....
  18. To be fair, that kind of IS a glaring weakness. Although not a safety, look at how dominant Watt was before his health concerns. I did like Bob Sanders though. He was definitely special.
  19. Wasn't Champ a corner? Other than that I really like your list.
  20. In all seriousness, interesting topic, yet I wouldn't trade our coach. I'd be interested to see what he can do with our current team plus a good mobile QB + star wide out. Rivers is good, just not mobile, and TY played well towards the back half of the year, but was non existent in the play off game. T.Y. 2 receptions on 5 targets for 32 yards.
  21. This topic doesn't have anything to do with your handle, does it?
  22. I was going to ask about Blackmon. Can what he's failing at be taught?
  23. What does completion % allowed mean? Does higher % mean more completed passes? Sorry for my lack of understanding.
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