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  1. Looks like we have the mystery Zack Pas-cow playing again this week
  2. You mean you avoid the 12 hours of nonstop coverage leading up to the Superbowl?
  3. The CBS pregame show is much more tolerable than whatever is on ESPN. I recommend avoiding blah blah blah FOX as well
  4. According to the US Surgeon General warning, watching ESPN is hazardous to your health
  5. Here's a live view from Houston's NRG Park leading up to a visit from the Cincinnati Bengals
  6. It's already too diluted with 7. You're saying half the teams make the playoffs
  7. I'm all for it. We're getting rid of at least one preseason game
  8. Another great 2020 Colts story We have ourselves a probowl kicker
  9. Is there anyone more annoying than Adam Schefter...
  10. A 17.5 point spread. How often does the underdog win in that scenario... Strange days in the NFL
  11. Well for what it's worth, I took the Jets at +17.5. I figured I'd win the bet, but I never expected the Jets to win
  12. I am self employed and am always off during Colts games by choice. Odd thing is I could probably make a lot of money during Colts games, but I chose to just watch them & enjoy
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