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  1. Fire the coaching staff. Trade all our valuable players. It's time for a rebuild
  2. Surprising given the high end bathing facilities at the stadium
  3. Officials aren't sure of his status yet. They just know they can hear loud moaning coming from the locker room
  4. I've had to tell Elizabeth I was coming to join her so many times that she doesn't listen to me anymore
  5. Colts are going to the SuperBowl!
  6. We really just need to go 2-2 over the next 4 games. True a win over the Raiders would pretty much seal the deal
  7. I doubt we want him to walk. Hopefully TY sees it the same way
  8. It was Franks way of putting it on the defense & special teams. I think he spoke volumes to his team today. It's refreshing after the Manning/Dungy conservative years
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