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  1. Now the Colts number one training camp battle will be Bob Lamey & Phil B Wilson mud wrestling in the press area
  2. You have me iffy on both. I still think it would take two ones to grab either of them. It's a sellers market. I'd rather have Carr
  3. But at some point that is what we would have to pay for a player of that caliber. Is it better we roll the dice on a player like him or just continue to hope in the draft...
  4. Carr is the kind of QB that could take the Colts to a Championship. If we could count on something similar from Wilson or Fields, then I am onboard
  5. Yeah. Starting QB's are expensive and the Colts are willing to pay top dollar
  6. You know why Frosty had a smile on his face? He saw the snow blower coming
  7. two ones and two twos seems like a fair price for carr
  8. A one & a two two's seems reasonable. I doubt he can be had for that
  9. I'd be willing to take a spin on Darnold about the same way I'd take a chance on Wentz. I'd expect A LOT out of Reich to correct either of these guys
  10. To be fair, no one would have heard of him had he been drafted by any other team. He was a sixth round pick in the right place at the right time. There could be any number of QB's drafted in the sixth round capable of doing what Brady has done. But we will never have heard of them because they weren't Tom Brady drafted by the Patriots in the sixth round of the draft. It's a great story, but it's also just random human nature
  11. If Brady had been drafted by the Jets, no one would know who he is today. Sad but true
  12. I'm fifty, and my cohorts wish I was just farting dust
  13. I know. I'd chance Darnold over Cousins anyday. And I realize the downsides on both
  14. I don't agree with that for even 5 seconds. Cousins is fools gold
  15. I was a little bit impressed with Darnold when we played him. He had a nice ability to move around in the pocket and scrambling out of the pocket I just remember when he said he was seeing ghosts out there. Those sound like the words of a broken player
  16. Darnold could be a serviceable QB under Reich. Maybe
  17. Once upon a time Wentz looked like a star. Osweiler & Darnold have always sucked
  18. On that point I agree. We'd be better off bringing in a free agent. Not sure I agree with the rest. I think we need to find a gem in the draft or be resigned to mediocracy
  19. Sign a journeyman or keep Brissett at the right price Draft best value at position in rounds 1-3 Keep Eason as a wildcard It's not the sexy play, but it seems like our best option at this point. If Ballard can pull off better then all hail...
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