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  1. I think they should stick with Football Team
  2. I'm sure it will. Otherwise certain teams could be racking up way more extra home games than other teams over the course of seasons
  3. Everyone clear the forum! jshipp23 farted
  4. So they're going to start recording opposing team's practices again?
  5. That's why we traded for him. He gives us hope. Without that hope, no one would buy season tickets
  6. Again you are just talking % that doesn't matter
  7. We shall see. But that's better than saying with JB we shall see. The front office has given us hope and that's all we can ask for
  8. The question now is how long do the Texans wait to trade Watson. They could hold onto him until training camp hoping for a last minute payoff, but I doubt it They'll probably get the most for him leading up to the draft All parties need to be able to move on. I doubt Watson would ever play another snap for the Texans. So the Texans forcing Watson to sit is not an option they can afford to take It's certainly the most interesting story of the offseason
  9. Captain Andrew Luck reports his approval of this news, and is said to be recovering well from his gangreen at his central Indiana plantation
  10. Now the Colts number one training camp battle will be Bob Lamey & Phil B Wilson mud wrestling in the press area
  11. You have me iffy on both. I still think it would take two ones to grab either of them. It's a sellers market. I'd rather have Carr
  12. But at some point that is what we would have to pay for a player of that caliber. Is it better we roll the dice on a player like him or just continue to hope in the draft...
  13. Carr is the kind of QB that could take the Colts to a Championship. If we could count on something similar from Wilson or Fields, then I am onboard
  14. Yeah. Starting QB's are expensive and the Colts are willing to pay top dollar
  15. You know why Frosty had a smile on his face? He saw the snow blower coming
  16. two ones and two twos seems like a fair price for carr
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