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  1. What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    That was a valid point last year; a point I made myself many, many times. This year, it is a tired refrain. Even if Chuck becomes Bill Belichek someday, he is in the wrong seat on the wrong bus at this point in his career. As an organization, it is clear that Chuck and the lieutenants he has surrounded himself with are not up to the task of achieving that which they are paid to achieve. This team is out of position and under performs with Chuck Pagano as its steward. Time to move on from the Pagano era.
  2. Beth Mowin's Calling The Game Yestrday

    I thought she was not good. Even going so far as mentioning NCAA when she meant NFL. She was confused and incoherent at times. Not good.
  3. Send In Your Questions

    Brad from Greencastle: With the overhaul of the roster complete, but the results the same, why can't we change head coaches now? The question is, should it be Chud or Phillbin who becomes head coach, starting tomorrow?
  4. The Curious Career of Barkevious Mingo

    That might be true, but Barkevious Mingo was signed by Chris Ballard this year.
  5. Indianapolis is not Baltimore. Unless some heinous potential eminent domain chicanery were taking place that could force the team to have no other recourse but to seek a new home, unless some situation like that existed (which it does not now exist), I would feel hurt and betrayed were the Colts to leave Indianapolis. I would likely not continue to feel the same affection for the organization if that were to happen.
  6. I appreciate posts like this.
  7. Offensive line fixed!

    I think you can chalk it up to a few 'Swing and a miss' moments by Grigson. He tried. He just wasn't good at it until he used nearly an entire draft's worth of draft capital to make sure he didn't miss. Too little, too late.
  8. Offensive line fixed!

    I believe he was making and analogy. Using Stockholders as a metaphor for us fans. Perhaps his example would have been better suited if he'd used the term stakeholders -- would that suffice?
  9. Luck

    And none of us know if he is throwing or not. All we know is that he is not practicing in public for the OTAs. That is not the same thing as "not throwing".
  10. Magic 8 Ball says, "Yes"
  11. 2018 biggest needs

    Knowing only what we know now (that is, the season hasn't been played yet): #1 - ILB #2 - RG #3 - OLB #4 - CB #5 - TE
  12. I recommend, if you want to exchange written opinions about the Indianapolis Colts on the Indianapolis Colts message board, that you read the posts that share ideas. That just kinda how it works.
  13. TRich - Busted 1st rounder who we traded a 1st round pick for. The guy who drafted him is gone. Werner - Busted 1st rounder who is out of the league 3 years later. The guy who drafted him is gone. Grigson - The former GM of the Indianapolis Colts. He was fired for wasting valuable draft capital, bullying the subordinate leaders on his team, and being unaccountable for the culture he created. What does any of this have to do with Chuck? Look, I know we all come from diverse backgrounds and are all at different stages in our lives and livlihoods. Our personal and professional experiences all differ as much as we differ as humans from each other. And on a public discussion forum, its heard to know which viewpoint each is coming from. At my point in my life right now, I am a guy who builds large organizations - and I am telling you now that in my expert, professional opinion, it is very possible for a GM/Pres/CEO to create the kind of culture where other leaders in the organization are unable to succeed, even if they should otherwise be considered high-performers. The culture, environment, and leadership climate could have absolutely made it impossible for Chuck Pagano to win. Or, he might just be a poor coach. What we (you and I) do not know are what kind of instructions came from Grigson - it might have been like this, "You better pull out some trick play nonsense against the Patriots because I want to win. If you don't fool Bellicheck, you're fired, etc." - or - "You better show me some long range aerobatics with Luck and TY Hilton to start this game or else... etc". None of us on this forum KNOW what the climate was like coming from Grigson - but we have heard rumors and seen some clues. We all know it was bad enough to get Grigson fired but the Coaching staff stayed the same. So, I think it is fair to suggest that Chuck Pagano is still here for a couple of easy to understand reasons. Maybe one of these: 1. Irsay believes Grigson damaged Pagano. So, Pagano is still here to show if he is the guy Irsay thinks he still is. 2. Irsay wants to replace Chuck but can't find anyone who will take the job who might be better. 3. Irsay knows that constant regime change destroys organizations. Even an incremental upgrade from Pagano would be a set-back because constant change is not the path to greatness. 4. Ballard *actually* likes Pagano and would have chosen him if he were to do a coach search today. 5. Irsay needs money and can't afford to pay dead money to 2 former employees at the same time. 6. Irsay likes Pagano like the son he never had. they like to spend time at the Zoo together. But none of us really know. But some of us know how to build high performing teams (albeit, not necessarily in the NFL, for sure, but rather in Corporate America). And it is my opinion that Pagano is finally in a position to perform at his best (not someone else's worst). This season will tell us if Chcuk Pagano's best is good enough.