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  1. It means, "Quoted for Truth".
  2. If you love what you do, then its not work. Truly. In other words, entrepreneurs are people who work 80 hour weeks to avoid a 40-hour work week...
  3. In regards to Moncrief, it is not a fair assessment to say that injuries have nagged him. He suffered a broken scapula. Moncreif had a broken bone - you can't play with a broken bone. But that doesn't have any impact on future injury or diminished performance in the future. We're not talking about knees and legs where recovery could change the kind of player you are. I think Moncrief will be just fine this year and the Colts are lucky to have him.
  4. Many comparisons between Ballard and Grigson. The difference will be, and yet to be seen, is if the players we did bring in are better fits for our scheme who actually perform for the Colts at least the mid-level they are capable of. In other words, strategy and price may be similar, but the choices in players is a variable that cannot be discounted. We don't know yet if Ballard did a better job of fitting free-agents into this system. And they are certainly younger. At least that.
  5. I can see what Ballard is doing. He is getting rid of 30 year old depth and adding 26 year old depth. ...and the depth he has been signing has almost universally the same career story - guys who never quite panned out and/or were playing behind some really, really good players on really, really good squads. If one wanted to build a base into which to insert 7 round-four or better draft picks, that is how you do it. None of the draft picks can just assume the job is theirs because the guy ahead of the is 'old' - the 'other guy' is also a former high round draft pick who is one team away from leaving the league. They will be here to fight. This whole team for 2017 is made from young, hungry guys. Not stars, yet (for some of them), but hungry and ready for their chance. Clearly, that is the strategy.
  6. Please Please Please Please. I live in Greencastle! Please Please Please Please.
  7. I stopped watching. I like it, enough to record it; but usually delete it before watching. What I really want to see is 'behind the scenes' info about how the team is prepared, functions within the organization. Less coverage of the community brand building stories. I want to see 'how the sausage is made'. An example would be some of the panel interview segments we have seen on the scouts. Depth. Insight. That is what I want to see. The greatest value of the show is to connect with they what/how/why of the organization. Feel free to contact me offline if you feel I can add more detail.
  8. Pass rusher in the first. That is how you get a real talent. Then we talk about OL, RB, or MLB in the 2nd. Sent from my iPad *
  9. I my opinion, our best trade bait is Dorsett. I like Dorsett, but he is a luxury on this team - there is talent above and below him on the depth chart. He was a first rounder, has flashed, but isn't very productive, mostly because of the talent above him and below him. So trade him. Trade him now. While he is still a commodity.
  10. I like him too. But he was taken in the 5th round.
  11. Andrew Luck appears apprehensive when its time to run. I am of the opinion that he has been instructed, repeatedly, to not allow himself to be in a position to take a hit. It was a hit on a clutch scramble, after all, that put him out for the year last year. Its my opinion that management/coaching has told him, in no uncertain terms, that he is NOT to go after the crucial run. This has been said publicly, it was mentioned in his recent expose article, and you can see it when he remembers to slide -- his instinct is to lower his shoulder and make it happen but his recent coaching is "don't do it, don't do it, don't do it" - so I believe he is thinking too much and trying to 'do the right thing' - and that made him take a risk with a pass on 4th down instead of take a risk with his body. #MyOpinion
  12. He didn't see him kneeling over there...
  13. No. Not the same thing. Not at all. Commenting on the poor decision of a professional athlete to bemoan a society that has allowed him to excel and become wealthy is not the same thing as bemoaning local, state, and national governments who's agents openly express their intention to alienate free citizens from an unalienable right. Not the same thing at all. Not even close. Now, I return you back to football...
  14. If the officer asks, "may I search your car?", you have every right to refuse - and I encourage you to do so every time. He is not likely to detain you further for refusing (he wouldn't have asked if he had the Probably Cause needed to search your auto or make an arrest). However, when the puppy dog hits on your stash, your car is getting searched. The officer cannot make you wait an unreasonable amount of time for the dog to be dispatched, but if the dog is on-scene and detects drugs, you no longer have a choice in the outcome for yourself. The police officer no longer needs your consent.
  15. Building a home and buying a home are two completely different things. I've bought spec houses and I've built a house once - they are not the same thing. You can have money, lots of people have money. People come and go and they buy and sell houses. Having a home built, however, is a big deal. It is a ton of work and its very personal. The context of the article was that Philbin had a chance at a more prestigious job - instead he wanted to come 'home' to the midwest and made a point to mention he was building a new house. That means something. Nothing is certain for sure, but in police work, we call that a clue. I think Joe Philbin is trying to homestead with the Colts. He wants to be here - this isn't a stepping stone. That is the impression I get from that article.

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