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Double A Breakdown -- Week 5


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Week 5 -- Colts vs Chiefs

What the Colts Need To Do To Win

The Colts need to do a couple of things to win. First off, the Chiefs are 1-3, so that shows us that they're beatable, more beatable than the Steelers and Buccaneers, and we nearly beat them. The Chiefs lost their star safety and their best running back. Their quarterback is playing horribly and their O-line is not even close to as good as last year. With all this being said, their offense can easily be stopped. Dexter McCluster and Thomas Jones are doing well in Jamaal Charles' absence. If we can stop their running game, we can stop their team. McCluster and Jones are not like Blount, they're much easier to stop, and with Angerer in the middle, we've been doing well. On offense, we need to effectively mix up the run and the pass. Last week, we did a pretty good job at doing that, but in the 2nd half we went really pass heavy. Point is, we need to run at least 22 times a game. Painter threw 31 times last week, he should only be throwing a max of 27 times. If we could do that we could win. This defense is bad against the run, so Joseph Addai and Delone Carter should really tee of on them. Although they have Carr and Flowers, Pierre Garcon and Dallas Clark should be good targets. The Colts should also attempt to go for the deep ball because Eric Berry is not playing for them. They should also try to get to a big lead early, because this game is definitely not becoming a shootout, and the Chiefs don't play well when behind. Get to a lead early, go for the long bomb, target Clark and Garcon, and mix up the run and pass; those are the keys for the game.

What The Chiefs Need to Do To Win

The Chiefs need to just run the ball over the Colts. Matt Cassel is not playing well, throwing 5 picks so far (he threw 7 all of last year). If they can get to 150 yards total rushing, they can win. They also need to stay in the game, and avoid letting the Colts get the halftime lead. The Chiefs need to get the halftime lead. They need to blitz Curtis Painter, because as we saw last week, Painter is very bad against the blitz, and with Tamba Hali on the Chiefs, you can create great pressure. They also need to stop the Colts if they get in the redzone and hold them to field goals. So this game is very simple for the Chiefs. If they can get good pressure on Curtis Painter, get their running game rolling, and rolling big, get the halftime lead, and stop the Colts in the redzone, they can win this game.

Breakout Performers/ Key Matchup

For the Colts, it's Joseph Addai. If Joseph Addai can make some big runs, and can consistently run the ball well, we will win. Curtis Painter needs him to have a good game, the Colts can't rely on Painter. If Joe doesn't have a good game, then it's going to be tough to win.

For the Chiefs, it's Dexter McCluster/Thomas Jones. It's simple, if they get big numbers vs the Colts they win, if they get under 80 yards total rushing they lose.

The Key matchup is Tamba Hali vs the Colts' tackles. Tamba Hali plays on both sides, mostly the left so that means that Mike Tepper needs to stop him or at least control him for most of the game. If he's on the other side, Jeff Linkenbach is going to have to control him, which is going to be tough. He's had trouble facing pass rushers so far this year. He's going to need to have a big game to stop this monster.

What I Think Will Happen

I think that on offense, Curtis Painter will have another good game. He will throw for 211 yards with 1 touchdown. He's going to make some big passes to Dallas Clark and Pierre Garcon. I think the Colts will be in front Chiefs at halftime, by 4 points. The halftime score will be 7 to 3.On defense, the Colts will hold the Chiefs rushing attack to a total of 105 yards (75 McCluster, 30 Jones), and on the first drive in the second half, they're going to score on us by running over us, and making short passes. It will be a 7 minute drive that will end up being a 2 yard run by McCluster. The Colts will come back with a field goal, and the score will be tied going into the 4th. The Chiefs will get a field goal. Then with about 5 minutes left, and after a couple of 3 and outs by the Colts, they will get down to the Chiefs' 5 yard line and on third down Dallas Clark will get a TD. Matt Cassel will have a okay game. He will throw for 187 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. Pat Angerer will have another big game, recording 10 tackles. Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis will each get a sack. It will be a good game, that won't be as confusing as this paragraph I just wrote!


Colts 17 vs Chiefs 13

Last Time They Played

2010 NFL Season -- Week 5

Colts 19 vs Chiefs 9

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