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  1. Regardless if people agree I still think our second half play calling is not aggressive enough its like arians doesn't have full trust in luck he has clearly shown he can be trusted we have to play for putting the dagger in the opponent especially being up what 14 to 3 at half against jags let luck do what he does change up run plays put in more tight end sets since it was very successful for Peyton spread the field and let our te’s make plays hello Arias let's go
  2. I'd almost agree lefeged certainly has looked good great on special teams I guess it would depends on his coverage and how he plays the ball in the air but you never no it could happen
  3. That pass was a thing of beauty Luck dropped it in there perfect I look forward in seeing Hilton progress over time they let him return punts and kicks but personally they should give him more instead of Vaughn Hilton certainly got hands and speed great pick for the Colts
  4. Seriously how did we let the jags back in this regardless of mjd when are the regular officials coming back Avery was clearly pass interference toward the end of the game the vine missed from 36 cmon man then almost missed again then we gave up that 80yd pass play at the end what's going on??
  5. 28/38 323 yds 2tds 0 ints colts win 24 jags 13
  6. mcafee has a boot period if you go to you tube hemakes 65 70 75 thats crazy i say start training him vinateri hes got Serious boot i love mcafee
  7. the blame is irsay period there is no reason colts fans in there home town cant see the game it's ridicouls that it should not be aired colts fans deserve to see it period not everyone can afford tickets
  8. i over herd its Irsays fault because the rule used to day 85% tickets sold then it could not be blacked out but they changed the rule and now greedy Irsay said all tickets must be sold or it will be blacked out and if it is you can drive south to Seymour IN they are on kentucky local channels and watch it at a bar
  9. i say 9-7 and a wc spot call crazy but let's see
  10. I say Wayne 1280 yds 8 tds Avery 985 yds 6 tds we will see obvious if both stay healthy hopefully
  11. i think i would rather see brazil more than adams obvious we want collie but i think he really has to way his options way to many concusions
  12. i say that we hold mjd to 78 as hopeful wishing but how do we hold the all premere back AP to 60 you can say oh ap is not 100% blongana he looked fine run the hole full speed making cuts we simply hit him and did not let him break tackles if we tackle like we did agaist jags no problem but we will see
  13. i say colts win 24 to 13 luck 323 yds 3 tds 0 ints we hold mjd to 78 yds we go 2-1 bye week lets go blue
  14. maybe iam seeing things but luck was only sacked twice save he had pretty good protection as apposed to the bears but i agree with play calling how can anyone ruin with 8 plus in the box especially up the middle you got to do some outside run plus misdirection instead of constantly trying to pound it up the middle brown can't do it he needs blocks and holes to run in period change up the plays Arians
  15. your right fx stricker all of vikes penalties pretty much offset it
  16. today i thought it looked night and day against the vikes as compared to the bears obviously we got essex and the other guy my mind went blank on the other one but o line looled impressive today
  17. that was some of the biggest fluke td that kept vikinkings in the game that we actually stopped but a lucky bobble we almost held them to 2 fg’s only we done immpressive against ap why could we not do it against the bears
  18. not sure what all is coming out of ncaa next year that could solodify our o line ?
  19. i say colts 26 vicks 17 colts win luck 3 tds 0 ints 312 yds
  20. i think we will make the playoffs what yes we will cmon man were going to shock a lot of teams in luck we trust go colts
  21. i would say reggie is a top 5 reciever in the league deserves it its like harrison was overlooked just like reggie all the hype goes megatron and johnson reggie is top notch i rank him personally 3rd best reciever in the nfl now
  22. it's not time to hit the button people think we have a brand new defense for not only veterans but rookies as well we have a ungodly amount of rookies we have a rookie qb and new coach and staff its a learing process that won't happen overnight i think we will suprise allot and i like grigson isnt affraid to sign people we would normally wait until draft i like what he brings go big blue
  23. id say give him 2 years he's A rookie cmon luck is a sleeper then we will see a superbowl!
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