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  1. 100% agree I love the change of pace and fastness with Hines but why take the rock away from Taylor who had 70 yards and 2 touchdowns, Reich always seems to move away and start making silly calls just don’t understand it.
  2. We are going into 3rd year with Reich, and Ballard together, SF has done it they wasn’t afraid to get free agents etc... So where do you believe we will be? No reason we should not be there!
  3. I’d say there’s no way cincy gives up that pick for nothing they keep it, is like to see us go for Herbert I believe with some continued work with Reich he will be our franchise!
  4. So I just saw a mock draft us taking Hurts in the 2nd thoughts between the two I really like love but hurts is starting to grow on me as well. I don’t think Love will last until the 2nd round.
  5. I’d say Gruden does not like Carr and wants someone else he also would die to get luck out of retirement, but we obviously own his rights but that being said I do not think QB is off there radar
  6. So if Eberflus, was to get offered a head coach job and walked, who could we get to replace him that would be and upgrade?
  7. Let’s go ahead and get him signed has looked great! Thoughts
  8. I definitely like the gandy pick he may go up the boards though during combine
  9. This kid look promising any word on him his highlights look great could be a sleeper?
  10. Ok I am sold on Cee dee Lamb we need to take him with our first pick, he’s a game changer period. Then targetLove or do some willing and dealing to get our QB.
  11. Just saw highlights on him and wow, they compare him to a McCafferey, he is something else man, would love to steal him in the draft.
  12. I been checking loves highlights and I really like what I see, he has slid down the boards because of a so so year etc but he just may be a sleeper of the draft and work in our favor
  13. I’d have to disagree with those throwing Reich under the bus I believe the statement made, that he is limited in the QBs he has, he was establishing a decent trend with Brissett but honestly I believe Kelly just might be the better possibility out of Hoyer and Brissett.
  14. I’d have to agree we have more than enough money and we sit on it, we need some game changers we need to spend in FA and get some holes filled
  15. It’s getting a bit ridiculous to have to wonder will he even make the extra point, let alone any field goal he’s one of the best but time to move on.
  16. So which qb would you like to see us draft next year and why? 1. Jalen Hurts 2. Tua Tagovailoa 3. Joe Burrow 4. Justin Fields ?????????
  17. So which qb would you like to see us draft next year and why? 1. Jalen Hurts 2. Tua Tagovailoa 3. Joe Burrow 4. Justin Fields ?????????
  18. Upset of the week watch and see 27 to 24 Colts!
  19. Let me say All in all we played well defense hats off, we truly should have and could have won this game. We left a minimum of 8 points on the field 2 field goals down in the red zone should have been 2 tds then the last drive, again no td just bad mistakes and I think we should have been more creative in our play calling in those instances, but we are good We will be fine. I bet we make the play offs!
  20. We Will be playing the defending Super Bowl champs, and I I would truly love us to win that game but we will either show up and play and make a good game out of it or will get smoked. Also Carson Wentz return will be this game,whats your thoughts?
  21. I did not get to watch the game but went back watched the highlights. Initially when I saw the score before watching I thought man we got our butts whooped! Then after watching the highlights of everything we In no doubt would have one if the player did not jar the ball loose with his helmet, really you can’t blame Doyle only thing he could have done was get down. Then the interception by Moore should have been a TD but anyway simple few mistakes and a little better running on our part a few adjustments and it we could have won with double digits. All in all I thought we was coached well we played well and I still think we are still in the hunt for the playoffs. Thoughts and upcoming games?
  22. Scarborough released, so should we go after him is he a legit rb or is he another Trent Richardson? Thoughts
  23. We really got a steal in Leonard, extremely sharp player, should have had that int but really like what I see.
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