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  1. 100% agree I love the change of pace and fastness with Hines but why take the rock away from Taylor who had 70 yards and 2 touchdowns, Reich always seems to move away and start making silly calls just don’t understand it.
  2. I know a lot of people are calling for Rivers to be done, I say no to Brisset and say I would love to see Eason ,thoughts why or why not?
  3. When you got one of the best college RB on team run and Hines was all over the place
  4. Honestly just terrible everything really I mean rivers did get throw for a good deal of yards but mr noodle threw 2 ints, Reich should have not left running the ball seems time and game management was not good since he left the run game, I could go on and on
  5. Just wondering if there is any videos of Eason in training making throws etc...?
  6. We just may be pleasantly surprised, I like Eason a lot here are like ewww, but I have watched his tape and yes he needs cleaned up a bit some things corrected but he has a rocket and puts it on the money.
  7. Of course the cow girls take Gallimore
  8. Just curious about peoples ideas, on the best Wide receiver available that checks all the boxes that can get separation etc? I believe that we should take at the 34th pick.
  9. We are going into 3rd year with Reich, and Ballard together, SF has done it they wasn’t afraid to get free agents etc... So where do you believe we will be? No reason we should not be there!
  10. Here’s my mock simulation this would be a dream! Round 1 Ceedee lamb WR Rd 2 Jordan Love QB rd 2 Deandre swift RB rd 3 Jabari Zuniga edge
  11. I’d say there’s no way cincy gives up that pick for nothing they keep it, is like to see us go for Herbert I believe with some continued work with Reich he will be our franchise!
  12. So I just saw a mock draft us taking Hurts in the 2nd thoughts between the two I really like love but hurts is starting to grow on me as well. I don’t think Love will last until the 2nd round.
  13. I’d say Gruden does not like Carr and wants someone else he also would die to get luck out of retirement, but we obviously own his rights but that being said I do not think QB is off there radar
  14. So if Eberflus, was to get offered a head coach job and walked, who could we get to replace him that would be and upgrade?
  15. Let’s go ahead and get him signed has looked great! Thoughts
  16. I definitely like the gandy pick he may go up the boards though during combine
  17. This kid look promising any word on him his highlights look great could be a sleeper?
  18. Ok I am sold on Cee dee Lamb we need to take him with our first pick, he’s a game changer period. Then targetLove or do some willing and dealing to get our QB.
  19. Just saw highlights on him and wow, they compare him to a McCafferey, he is something else man, would love to steal him in the draft.
  20. I been checking loves highlights and I really like what I see, he has slid down the boards because of a so so year etc but he just may be a sleeper of the draft and work in our favor
  21. I’d have to disagree with those throwing Reich under the bus I believe the statement made, that he is limited in the QBs he has, he was establishing a decent trend with Brissett but honestly I believe Kelly just might be the better possibility out of Hoyer and Brissett.
  22. I’d have to agree we have more than enough money and we sit on it, we need some game changers we need to spend in FA and get some holes filled
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