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  1. I'd say we have our hands full against the run we allowed over 100yds to Greene now we face Richardson Imo is a beast heck definitely give us problems but I say we win I think we will be able to pressure weeden another rookie qb
  2. I agree about zib totally he's not getting it done put in lefeged what do we have to loose bench zib
  3. I say colts win more then we get credit for even from our own colt fans I believe we will go 9-7 9 wins and make a wild card spot call me crazy but I think its definately doable what are your thoughts?
  4. I totally agree always was a fan but did not realize he turned down more money to remain a colt if true that's a true player and colt
  5. I'd have to say Chuck Norris like luck can kill two birds with one stone or cars look both ways before luck crosses the street
  6. Well I think the jets could beat Houston tonight I think we will still have our hands full but coming of a emotional win colts win 27 jets 17 luck 29/38 315 yds 3 tds 0 ints 42 yards rushing brown 64 yds rushing 18yds receiving?
  7. I'd say Reggie all the way that one handed grab was beyond words truly skill even though luck was beyond made catch after catch that doesn't look as easy as he made it chuck strong!
  8. Even though it was one game I thought Vaughn played great better than king or any back up Cb in my opinion he had one blown coverage mistake if I remember correctly that was some great coverage against Rogers for the d what do you think?
  9. I don't understand why carter does not get significant play time in my opinion he's way better than brown he does have a little bit fumbling issues but what are the coaches seeing iam not? I feel it should be carter and ballard mean i don't have anything against brown and i realise our o line play needs alot of help but cmon what do we have to loose
  10. Well we done pretty well against Vikings Allen Matthews really don't worry me alot and the bears was our first game and we got a good chance for some of our injured players to get back on the field also iam not extremely concerned about Benson we should be able to hold him I say our chances are great Colts 24 packers 21 Chuck strong!
  11. 31 for 42 326 yds 3td 0 ints 38yds rushing go colts
  12. We had Jennings last year he was OK not to bad then goes to the bears and seems to be a force to reckon with what the blank
  13. So is this marshy a scrub or a sleeper pick a diamond in the rough given another chance and possibly turn out to be a breast ?? Anyone
  14. Well I certainly hate to hear this for pagano I really like him as a coach I think he is exactly the coach to take Indy in the direction it's been missing for ages I do pray the Lord heals him and a full speedy recovery and colts let's rally behind him and play for coach pagano go Colts
  15. I totally like pagano as coach he has some fireyness and defense minded had a great connection with players and a great demeanor I think heck be a great coach as time passes plus gives great speaches that seem to attract his player's
  16. Finally we got real refs maybe now we can get a 70 yd pass int call against who lines up against Avery lol cmon colts
  17. OK i don't understand why we don't use more te’s they are definately weapons who can create coverage problems spread the field and give our wr’s opportunites for the long ball tight ends was apart of what made our team dangereous with manning any thoughts?
  18. OK call me crazy this is very winnable for us there not the same I don't think we have a problem with run what so ever the thing is pressuring Arron if we do colts win 17 gb 13 luck 26/32 for 268 yds 0 ints 28 yds rushing I no we can win this and shock the nation hello viks 49ers lol
  19. iam saying obvious we put in te’s then run brown up the gut for nothing it gets stopped every time they stack 6 plus in the box why not use same set fool defense play action most teams are going for the run when Brown did get positive yards It was not the usual up the gut for nothing
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