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  1. Here they go again, playing down to their competition level . Even though I didnt see the game since I dont have the peacock subscription. But did follow the gamecast on espn.
  2. Mayer needs to catch the ball better. He is usually catching everything within reach. Hamilton made an eye popping play on that interception, came across the field from one side to another to make the feet dragging interception, I was like holy crap, where did he come from?
  3. That game was closer than it should have been. ND let them get back into it, . Still got the W but execution needs to be better.
  4. im surprised it isnt set yet. chad is usually on top of things.
  5. entered the draft room, looks like the draft order hasnt been set.
  6. Still going to be a ND win hopefully a blowout. I think ND tended to play down to the opponents level, it seemed last year.
  7. Would be interesting how FSU's qb rebounds from that horrific injury he sustained a couple years ago.
  8. went from first pick last year to last pick this year, this is going to be interesting
  9. Sorry, it took me a while to respond. I was out of town training for a new job. Yes to all the proposals. And definetly ready for football!
  10. maybe we can keep that first round pick next year
  11. Or how many games missed this year due to resting starters?.....
  12. He probably was practicing to become a host for "Deal or No Deal"
  13. 3.39?! thats gotta be a record for a 40....I know you meant 4.39
  14. also the number 2 pick in the 2016 draft
  15. Familiar target for Wentz and Reich knows him, that would be my guess.
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