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    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe "Police said they have Kraft, and others, on video receiving the sexual acts and that he participated in prostitution in Florida two separate times." Looks like they are working on an arrest warrant for Kraft.
  4. looks like the field is clear. image attached of the field.
  5. Virtuoso80

    Conservative or Smart?

    We played KC at home that year, didn't we?
  6. Virtuoso80

    Win 3rd Down, Win The Game

    He didnt play in the 2nd Houston game.
  7. Virtuoso80

    Colts @ Titans Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    Also Mariota will be inactive according to WTHR as well.
  8. Virtuoso80

    Colts @ Titans Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    TY and Ebron active tonight according to WTHR.
  9. Virtuoso80

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    Thanks guys. It's a first for me to win the joe's league last year then win the elite this year. Must be luck, pun intended (LOL).
  10. Virtuoso80

    Colts are the six seed!!!!

    A tie (colts vs titans) to get in really depends on the browns (win) vs ravens.
  11. Virtuoso80

    Colts @ Titans Game Flexed To NBC Sunday Night Football

    Isn't it Indianapolis @ Tennessee?
  12. Virtuoso80

    Come on Redskins and Chargers!

    If the chips fall correctly, we still can get the #2 seed (any given Sunday). All is not lost yet.. just win out.
  13. Virtuoso80

    Pro Bowl Selections/Snubs (Merge) DL wants 40 tackles vs the NYG. He is really fired up.
  14. Virtuoso80

    Colts Vs. Cowboys Game Day Thread

    umm what??? we playing vs the Cowboys and the zebras?
  15. Virtuoso80

    Carson Wentz Injured

    sounds like he'll be out for the season with a fractured vertebra:
  16. Virtuoso80

    NFL Playoff Machine

    i see where miami has a chance if they tie at 9-7 with the colts, miami gets in if the chargers lose against the broncos. looks like we need to root for the chargers to beat the broncos.
  17. Virtuoso80

    NFL Playoff Machine

    divisional record doesnt apply to the tiebreaker between miami and colts head to head is applied first in this scenario which favors the colts.
  18. Virtuoso80

    NFL Playoff Machine

    Colts still have to beat Tenn regardless to get in.
  19. Virtuoso80

    NFL Playoff Machine

    so many variables, makes your head spin!
  20. Virtuoso80

    NFL Playoff Machine

    that last game vs tenn is really a key game if we win/lose one to nyg or dal.
  21. Virtuoso80

    NFL Playoff Machine

    I had it set where Houston wins out and we lose to either nyg or dal but win at tenn. we still get the last playoff spot. (thats only if miami loses only one more game).
  22. Virtuoso80

    NFL Playoff Machine

    even if houston beats philly colts can still get in the playoffs if miami loses 1 game and we lose one to either dal or nyg and win vs tenn.
  23. Virtuoso80

    NFL Playoff Machine

    I think we can only afford to lose 1 game either to NYG or DAL not to TENN before we get blocked from the playoffs, if im not mistaken. Edit: also Miami has to lose at least 1 of their next 3 games.
  24. Virtuoso80

    Deshaun Watson

    You knew what I meant, he always seems to burn the Texans.