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  1. He will be introduced to Darius Leonard this Sunday, multiple times.
  2. what in the world is this? Metcalf with a pacifier for a mouthpiece?
  3. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30349489/indianapolis-colts-lb-darius-leonard-motivated-aaron-rodgers-slight Leonard is motivated
  4. I'm a big ND fan I went to one of the Navy @ ND game 2-3 years ago in the VIP section (free food and beer, can't beat that LOL), my mom had vip tickets for the game from her work. Great atmosphere and great game as well.
  5. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30169653/las-vegas-raiders-place-four-starting-offensive-linemen-reserve-covid-19-list
  6. Didn't Nick Bosa get hurt this week too?
  7. I think I picked 1st the 1st year I got in the elite league, and then won the championship. It's pretty much luck hoping the players stay healthy. I believe I picked Gurley 1st that year, but it also helped that I had him paired with Mahomes that year too.
  8. I forgot to put in my answers for the other stuff 1. I like the waiver process proposed. Makes sense since at the half way point it keeps things balanced. 2. Works for me. 3. I don't remember needing 6 add/drops in a week myself in previous years, but with the Covid situation, might be a good idea to increase the max to either 7 or 8. We may or may not see a outbreak for a certain team like we saw in the MLB, which effects scoring for that team and the team they are playing that week. 4. I was thinking Sept. 3rd at 6pm EST since it would
  9. I'm good with the 6pm EST start time. I work 3rd shift, so I should be awake at that time, my shift starts at 11:30pm EST.
  10. Also wanted to add one thing for maybe not this year but for future years, maybe try setting up divisions for example 6 teams per division (2 divisions). Top two teams of each division automatically get in playoffs, and the last two teams (5th and 6th if the playoffs are set for 6 teams) are based on points scored. That's how we did it with my other league.
  11. Im a ND fan (football) and IU fan (basketball). My classmate played for IU basketball.
  12. I think he's talking about being next to Big Q (best LG).
  13. Well actually through the shattered windows....with how hard he throws the ball.
  14. Did we miss that ? 2002? Im sure you meant 2020.
  15. Taylor didn't need the shake, he was already gone to the house with that burst.
  16. Not sure if this was posted already. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/peyton-manning-interest-nfl-owner
  17. Well with Mack's injury history and his last year of his contract, I think it was a pretty good pick
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