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  1. Didn't he play for the Chiefs before? I think that's why Ballard went after him.
  2. Thanks, I missed that. So the pick we traded to them was the 7th round pick along with Boehm? And also lost the conditional 6th round pick from the Jets, (apparently didn't play enough games).
  3. That's odd, seems like tankathon website didn't update it. I don't remember the trade, when did that happen?
  4. yeah seems like i used the wrong hand to type the k
  5. D'Brickashaw Ferguson iadlianna nsmonitnlo
  6. Everson Griffen rueqzma devssanatlinglc-
  7. that looks like Earl Thomas but there's an additional a in it (unless that was a typo)
  8. I can't believe I missed the draft, it's been a long week at work and I work 3rd shift. Just realized it was today. But it seems like the auto draft didnt do too bad.
  9. I usually have the other money league around the end of august typically on saturday or sunday depending on the others schedule that weekend, but havent heard what day it was as of yet. But I may be able to pull it off with two drafts going at the same time since that one is in live in person, so i will try to bring my laptop with me while im there if it happens to be on the same day. edit: just realized i had a text earlier a while back saying it was on august 24 (tentatively) but not completely confirmed as of yet. so those days are doable for me.
  10. Thanks No. 87 Reggie! Going to miss hearing the Reggie Chants at the games.

  11. Check 3rd quarter, 6:21 minute mark, watch the play clock and the game clock. Thought it was interesting.
  12. Will be at the game. Lets burn the Texans and keep our streak alive vs them at home! Go !
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