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  1. Yeah. I'm expecting this to be crucial. Factor in the facts that Luck owned them and he's gone. Last game they had in their building was us beating them in the last game last season. Them retiring their 2 biggest legends jerseys. Reggie shading them at the draft. Then throw in the heat. This is gonna be like hell. If JB can pull this win out, he's gotta climb up the rankings. Everything about this game just screams this is personal... Gonna make it even sweeter to get the win.
  2. Could Quincy Wilson and a 2nd get it done? If they're having a fire sale and we're doing Madden trades, I'd send them Desir, Quincy, and a 2nd for Fitzpatrick (Minkah not Fitzmagic) and Xavien Howard the cornerback.
  3. As stated upthread, this is just a popularity contest at this point in the season. So let us know when this list updates to being strictly about this current season and this current season only. Because Ryan and his 2 interceptions, or Baker and his 3, or Cam and his dreadful performance, or Cousins and his less than 100 yards passing should not be ranked above JB. JB went into a hostile environment vs a top 10 team, took his team to OT in a game where his team left nearly 15 points on the field (no fault of his), threw for 2 td's (should have been 3) and no interceptions and they rank him lower than some QB's who have no business being ranked above him at the moment. So when does only this year's stats matter? After week 2? Week 4? I'd like to revisit this list then.
  4. I'm definitely expecting the heat to be a factor this Sunday. Could work in our favor because of our depth. So do you guy think we'll be wearing our blue jerseys again? This could be the first time in team history where we start the first 4 games of the season wearing our blue jerseys.
  5. One of the silliest posts I’ve ever read on this website.
  6. That interception put Hooker’s name into the national consciousness. It was the number 2 play on ESPN’s top 10 despite coming in a loss. I don’t know how much play it got on NFL Network but I imagine it got good coverage. I think he’s gonna have a big year and make the pro bowl. Lastly, no NFL Network sucks. I have AT&T U-Verse & having to sit through Vikings/Falcons with no other football options was miserable. So much so, I’m thinking about changing providers...
  7. Smoke317

    AFC South

    We caught a break tonight with Saints hitting that game winning field goal.
  8. QB’s like Mayfield with the 3 interceptions in the 4th quarter yesterday? So our HoF kicker misses 3 kicks & leaves 7 points on the field, our defense has 2 costly penalties both extending Chargers drives & giving them 11 extra points, yet you want to imply it was our “game manager” QB’s fault when all he did was complete 77% off his throws & should have had 3 TD’s if his pro bowl tight end doesn’t drop one (that’s another 4 point swing). Of course the gameplan was conservative, we were going against 2 dynamic edge rushers on the road. Those 2 guys can & will wreck a gameplan. So Frank called a game that minimized their impact & emphasized our O line. Circumstances far removed from our QB cost us this game. Yet you take in all of that info & the only thing you can come up with is that it was the QB’s fault because he’s not elite according to you. The GOAT (not Mr sure fire elite Peyton Manning) Tom Brady, was a game manager & got 3 Super Bowls being one. Then he grew into an elite QB & the greatest. If it was up to you they would have went back to the elite Drew Bledsoe & dumped Brady. If you build a time machine, go back to then, get the Pats GM job & tell them to stick with Drew over Tom. Maybe our elite QB Peyton could have won those two playoff games in fox borough instead of losing to the game manager...
  9. Brissett looked like Brady on that QB sneak. We got like 3 yards on that thing. Lol.
  10. Luck was an 8-8 to 11-5 QB while he was here. All those 11-5 seasons came when our division was good for giving us 5-6 easy wins. So why not give JB a chance to complete a full season before you judge him? Did you judge Luck so harshly? How many Super Bowls did he lead us to & MVP’s did he win? The answer to both is none. I believe Luck only won 1 season opener in his years here. Your pre-existing bias clouds your judgement. But what else is new with you though?
  11. Hunt played bad yesterday. He looked lost & his closing burst was non-existent. I think Lewis needs his reps & spot in the rotation.
  12. And it was clear as day... That was on the Allen touchdown. He
  13. I agree & I think he will. I just think Frank didn’t want Ingram & Bosa to wreck the game today. We couldn’t get our running game established early to help set up play action. And like you said, we’ve got to create those opportunities. Not force them. Campbell & Cain would work well in that regard depending on the matchup. Time to start creating those opportunities by forcing the defense to give us certain matchups.
  14. I’d like to put Hogan on the practice squad.
  15. Pascal is “clearly” our best blocking receiver. When he comes in we’re most likely running it. Need to find someone else that can block & run routes & catch or we’re gonna get very predictable.
  16. First game of the season, on the road, vs a team with two devastating edge rushers, & you guys want us to take more 5 & 7 step drops??? That’s part of what got Luck killed & led to more turnovers & is a recipe for destruction. JB is gonna have a great year. He played a very efficient game. Frank will open the playbook up in time. I think he found ways to maximize Cain’s reps in this game (back shoulders). Now time to figure out Campbell. Gotta find route combos & formations to get him on linebackers & safeties then exploit his speed.
  17. I think it’s time to make Cain a bigger part of the gameplan. 2 catches on 2 targets. He needs 5-7 targets minimum. He can be a 1000 yard receiver in this offense this season. That back shoulder was perfection. Campbell can also do with more targets.
  18. Kenny Moore straggled today. He did not seem his normal bulldog self. He looked to be avoiding contact on many of those runs. Instead of attacking he was waiting and staying blocked a little to easily. On the run where he & the safety both went outside, it looked like Moore’s job was to fill that gap but he didn’t seem like he wanted the physicality... Maybe still recovering from the injury he had late in the preseason???
  19. Yes but he looked terrible out there last year. Now it’s more excuses in Miami... Next year if our QB situation is up in the air, I might think hard about bringing in Rosen. Because from what we’ve seen of him so far, he’d just about guarantee us a shot at Lawrence or Fields...
  20. Aren't most top 10 QB picks thrown into starting jobs on teams vacant of offensive talent? Andrew was. Peyton was. They came out and made plays. Rosen hasn’t & can’t even beat out Fitz. Granted Fitz is a gunslinger & a true pro but still Rosen is top 10. Again, I’m not saying Rosen is a bust and you can close the book on him. He just hasn’t shown up “yet” in the league. Maybe Frank is just the thing Rosen could use to bring it all together? Maybe the Colts organization & a city like Indy could be perfect for the kid? I just personally don’t think he’s that great. I don’t think he could beat out JB or CK in this offense in this season. Maybe even if they all started out on equal footing in training camp. The job is JB’s. He’s got a good team around him. I think he will do just fine. If he doesn’t, it looks like CK, with a coach like Frank guiding him, just might be something special. That sports science video really showed talents I didn’t know the kid possessed. Watching him in preseason, confirms that video & shows he definitely can spin it on an elite level. I like what we have here now. If there’s an injury, maybe we offer a mid round pick for him before the deadline? I think Rosen will get his chance though because we all know Fitz flames out. Then we’ll see if he’s got it or not. I just don’t see us exploring it this year unless something drastic happens or we can get him for a 4th.
  21. What’s with all the Rosen talk? Guy seems like another hype job who hasn’t been able to live up to projections. I’ll bring him in if he’s released or maybe for a late round pick but I’m not giving up anything of good value for him. One of the big knocks on Rosen coming out was that he came from money & privilege & scouts weren’t sure how much he truly “loved” the game of football... Didn’t we just have a franchise QB walk away? I’d roll with JB & CK before I’d pay medium or big for Rosen. In fact I’d rather wait 2 years for Fields or Lawrence.
  22. I’m starting to really get intrigued to see what JB can do this year. We have a solid team around him. And maybe just maybe having a former Patriot on the team will help us get over the hump vs those guys (It worked with Vinateri...). Also, as much as I loved Luck, he has never beaten the Patriots, Steelers, or maybe even the Chargers (not sure on that last one). Maybe unconventionally & quite ironically, by removing our best player we’ll finally get past the top dogs of the AFC. Also, the last (& only) time we’ve won a championship, we let go of the greatest running back in Indy Colts history: Edge. If it took sacrificing Edge to the football gods to get a Chip, I imagine another Chip is a shoe in this year. There’s no bigger sacrifice than your franchise QB. Lookout league. The Colts coming for the Throne.
  23. True. In that case I guess JB has to be our Brady then huh? Unexpectedly thrust into action (again for him) & he leads us to the promised land.
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