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  1. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    and you know this for sure?
  2. You are correct on the above. Also I have been looking at property in Fl (not 3M by the way) and realtors are telling me 1.06% 0n property taxes. I don't know who to trust.
  3. Colts Oline

    Not true. Has recently been switched to guard from tackle where he started out because he was too slow on the edge at tackle.
  4. Colts Oline

    No Fluker at tackle please.
  5. Pondering Ballard's Draft Philosophy

    I think there may be some truth to this. I don't think his intent would be to pay everyone equally as rookies obviously are paid much less. I think what he wants to avoid is a locker room where one guy playing along side other guys is making considerably more money and may turn out to not be a much better player. I suggested this in another thread and was told it was rubbish but I feel there is much more to consider in FA than just writing a check and using up your allotment of funds.
  6. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    Norwell may be the exception although he was all pro I year. The Colts did go after him but evidently didn't want to pay him over 13M per year or he wanted to go to Jacksonville. I am talking about the Moncrief types who did next to nothing but pout for the Colts last year and gets rewarded with a 10M. I guess you are OK with deals like this but I believe they are ridiculous and can result in more harm to team morale that good.
  7. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    Several posters and alleged sports talking heads are complaining that Ballard, with all the money he has to spend is doing nothing. Overpaying FA can be have very negative effects that no one is addressing. Paying a FA twice as much or more than a team veteran who has busted his butt for years can upset the chemistry in the locker room. To put this into perspective, say you work for your company for years but your boss hires a new employee in your department in a position equal to you and you coworkers and pays him considerable more than you. once you and your coworkers find out about this the HR department will have a problem on their hands. I contend that more needs to go into FA than just writing a check and I believe this caused locker room problems during the Grigson era. All these pro athlete should be treated respectfully if you want their respect.
  8. [Merge] Colts Sign Denico Autry

    Especially if the Colts sign Clayborn I truly believe we will trade down a few spots and take Nelson. Seems to be the way the cards are falling. I believe if Ballard would have been able to get Norwell he would have gone a different way and tried to end up with Chubb. I believe Ballard definitely had a plan for whichever way FA went and I think we will be just fine in the end. Patience.Hope we can sign Jenson today.
  9. Saying it for weeks

    What do you mean it didn't work? we had 5 starters on D.
  10. He probably played on the same OL at OSU as Mewhort. May be good buds but may be taking Mewhort's spot.
  11. Many I would want at 21 than Landry. Landry is not a 4-3 DE.
  12. Deguglielmo's tendencies on OL

    He is the OL coach not the OC.
  13. We signed the left footed punter from the Vikings and cut him on final cut as Rigoberto came on so stong.