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  1. really like the guy!!
  2. I think Takk will turn out to be one of if not the best pass rushers in this draft. I know he may be a little late to the party but people will know when he arrives.
  3. I think Takk is one of the best players in thee draft. Possibly better than Garrett. Would prefer Mixon or a top CB in the 2nd or even Willis over Williams.
  4. Use to want him but he is such an eccentric. don't think he could get along with a GM or anyone with authority.
  5. he would only be retained for the draft. PM would have no experience e with this draft class. I started he would stay through the draft . That would not be an endorsement by any means.
  6. I predict that Peyton will be announced as Head of Football operations tomorrow. Grigson will stay through the draft and the Peyton will make a decision on whether he goes or stays and Pagano's fate will lie in Peyton and Irsay's hands depending on who is available at this time. Changes would have been made last year except a big splash coach backed out at the 11th hour. Irsay worked on him all year and thought he had a deal but it didn't work out. Was too late in the game for Irsay to start over.
  7. I thought that several young defenders look good for the first game. McGill, Lumpkin, Kerr and Ridgeway looked good up front. Okine and Maggett I thought looked especially good and Thompson ok. I was really impressed with Green and some of the young corners were impressive.
  8. weren't you the guy who thought Billings was the BPA at 18?
  9. My prediction is it will be someone none of us predicted like a WR who is BPA on Grigson's board.
  10. if it is that easy and that unimportant then if you definitely believe in best player available I would be surprise if a center ever showed up on anyone's draft board. as for Woody's quote, i'd have to hear it in context. I could h Peyton making a statement like 'Playing QB was easy for him.' Could that be construed as playing QB is easy for everyone? We have a couple Cs on our roster that may disagree that playing C is easy..

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