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  1. Are you saying don't hire Toubeven though he may be good but not good enough? guess that means we only hire a coach who is going to be really, really good. Great idea but how can you be sure what hire would be really good?
  2. Matthias Farley - Trade Bait??

    A ridiculous post like this should be completely ignored. It was only started to get a rise out of someone and start a big argument. If you ignore posts like this hopefully after awhile he may stop posting.
  3. Ross Travis

    This post tells the whole story of the Colt year. This post started outtalking about a new player who was a bright light to a dark game and season and the last 2/3s of the thread ended up being a nonsense argument that had nothing to do with the original topic. Happens way to much in these threads and i wish the moderator could cut some of this crap out.
  4. Pagano's Monday Presser.....

    Chuck has done a horrible job of putting a staff together. If Grigson had a heavy hand at putting the first staff together Chuck had an opportunity upgrade the staff two years ago and did not do a good job. He changed D-Coordinators and blew it big time with Monticino. He has two terrible Coordinators and that is why you see no second half adjustments. If Chuck lands a HCing gig in the future I hope he has learned that a good staff is everything to a HC.
  5. Gronkowski

    Sorry. didn't see it posted in NFL General.
  6. Gronkowski

    Can't believe the jerk only got a one game suspension. one on the most egregious penalties I have seen in a while.
  7. Gronkowski

    Can't believe the jerk only got a one game suspension. one on the most egregious penalties I have seen in a while.
  8. Sure, Luck does not have any obligation to say anything. I just think it's smart to reassure "fans". Luck should be smart enough to realize that. So maybe it's bad So how do you reassure fans? Do you say he is great and he will be ready by August. Tried to do that without complete assurance and management got crucified and still are getting crucified. Do you say he will never pay again? Point is no one knows for certain when and if he will be back and they are best not to speculate as some people take that as gospel and use it against them if they are not spot on. They are best to keep their mouths shut till they are 100% sure one way or another.
  9. Melvin

    Does not mean he is right. He has proven he is inept at being a DC so is it possible he is inept at player evaluation.
  10. Melvin

    To me a person has to earn respect for his decisions and Pags and especially Monachino has not proven that they have earn that credibility. Monachino needs to learn how to stop a crossing pattern and then he may then be able to evaluate talent . He has no credibility or proven record of evaluating talent as he has never been in a defensive coordinators position prior to last year.
  11. Melvin

    And how do you determine this to be true that he is making Wilson more accountable? And how do you determine from such a small sampling that he is a head case?
  12. 2018 QB Class

    New Colt fan said several weeks ago that this was the greatest QB class in a long time. I disagreed then and I disagree now. I don't know if there is a franchise QB in the group.
  13. What type of coach would you prefer?

    I want a good manager who knows his way around the league and can find and hire very good coaches, especially the coordinators. I feel this was a huge shortcoming of CP. We need good teachers, smart game planners and ones who can gain the respect of their players and are good game managers.
  14. Wouldn't it top off everything if DD big mouth got the Colts into a frivolous lawsuit! He talks about Irsay shutting his mouth, he needs to learn to shut his.
  15. Only concern I had with CB was he infatically stated that Luck would play again. hope it doesn't come back to haunt him because a lot could happen in the meantime. otherwise thought he was very good.