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  1. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    Sorry but I just never was that impressed with Mewhort. May have been the best we had a couple years ago but that's not saying much.
  2. Just hope soo may of you are disappointed and he orchestrates a win for the colts! Can believe the negativity on this board.
  3. Excuse me. Patrick Robinson.
  4. How can one say we are no better at CB? We drafted Wilson and Hairston and other than Davis and Melvin most everyone else is new. Peterson who was our starting CB aside of Davis I believe is now out of the league. Are you saying adding Wilson and Hairston for Peterson is not and improvement as they both will be starting Sunday with Hairston in the nickel package. Some on here complain about anything and everything.
  5. Dakich on Pagano.....

    Werner was anything but a 3-4 guy. I don't believe anything Dakich has to say about football but he seems to repeat everything Ric Venturi says. Venturi seems to be somewhat tuned into what's happening with the Colts.
  6. Another Brady controversy

    "Not tonite honey. I have a headache. I think I got a concussion today."
  7. Name our defense for this year. (already)

    How bout the "Basham Brothers"
  8. Ballard Using An Orangatang For Player Selection

    I thought we we done having monkeys drafting players when we got rid of Grigson.
  9. Cornerback vs Pass rusher in 2nd round

    It's obvious you don't care about Hooker as a player. He was only a top 5 or top 10 pick by many, many draft pundits. Ballard said emphatically that this team cannot be rebuilt in one draft and that he would be looking for difference makers on D. One of the best difference makers fell in our lap at 15.
  10. Tak McKinley's Espn Article

    really like the guy!!
  11. I think Takk will turn out to be one of if not the best pass rushers in this draft. I know he may be a little late to the party but people will know when he arrives.
  12. Mock Draft Version 1

    I think Takk is one of the best players in thee draft. Possibly better than Garrett. Would prefer Mixon or a top CB in the 2nd or even Willis over Williams.
  13. What's the logic behind Pagano staying?/ Irsay's Decision (Merge)

    Use to want him but he is such an eccentric. don't think he could get along with a GM or anyone with authority.
  14. Schefter Tweet about Colts Coaching Staff

    he would only be retained for the draft. PM would have no experience e with this draft class. I started he would stay through the draft . That would not be an endorsement by any means.
  15. Schefter Tweet about Colts Coaching Staff

    I predict that Peyton will be announced as Head of Football operations tomorrow. Grigson will stay through the draft and the Peyton will make a decision on whether he goes or stays and Pagano's fate will lie in Peyton and Irsay's hands depending on who is available at this time. Changes would have been made last year except a big splash coach backed out at the 11th hour. Irsay worked on him all year and thought he had a deal but it didn't work out. Was too late in the game for Irsay to start over.