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Ryan Stonehouse injury


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I feel real bad for this guy. Unfortunate reality to special teams that you don't see happen very often. Feel great for the win with those blocks being crucial, but man, to come at a cost of a major injury to a punter and the firing of the special teams coach. I'm sure Titans fans are stunned with those series of events. 

My thoughts go out to Stonehouse. I just now saw this article, so I apologize if anyone else has shared anything, please merge if so. There is no indication of the injury outside of it being severe and requiring surgery, which I can't imagine anyone didn't already know that. 


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My thoughts & prayers go out to P Ryan Stonehouse and hope that he recovers from his injury.


I doubt that the Special Teams Coach was fired for the results of this one game.  Other than Nick Folk - the Titans Special Teams has failed to live up to their moniker.


I think a number of player and coaching changes will be happening in Tennessee this off-season.

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