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Belichick and game preparation


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Belichick, he messed up the field in Foxboro to slow down Peyton. He got the Patriots to wear those seven studs to keep from slipping in the Seattle SB and we never heard a peep about slippery conditions on the same field that the Eagles kept slipping. According to McCourty on NFL Network, he got the secondary to wear white gloves while going against players wearing white jerseys to reduce the chances of holding or PI being easily spotted in full speed.

He recognized the play and was ready for the goal line play Seahawks showed where Butler got his INT even though the Seahawks ran it just 3 times the entire year, if I remember right. Why is this important? The motion play Andy Reid ran, he ran it only once the whole year, against the Cardinals in game 1 of the season. Belichick would have been ready for it.


I swear, Sirianni and Jonathan Gannon got outcoached, IMO.


Yes, he gets only above average results without Tom Brady but Belichick’s preparation of his players is like no one else.

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15 hours ago, sb41champs said:

Those are the "little details" that the elite coaches - like Bill Belichick and Don Shula use to prepare their teams for gamedays.


Andy Reid is an elite coach - are you really surprised that he out-coached a second-year head coach & staff.


I wasn't.

Not surprised on the Xs and Os. But lots of Chiefs players weren’t prepared either and slipped a lot including Mahomes. Belichick is superior to Reed in game preparation beyond Xs and Os.

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