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What's up everyone,

there are probably a ton of these so I apologize if this is annoying.

I did a standard 10 team draft with yahoo. Here is My team:


QB: Andrew Luck (Colts)

WR: Jordy Nelson (Packers)

WR: Roddy White (Falcons)

RB: Jamaal Charles (Chiefs)

RB: Trent Richardson (Colts)

TE: Rob Gronkowski (Patriots)

Flex: T.Y. Hilton (Colts)



-RB Ray Rice (Ravens-NOTE: Suspended first 2 games.)

-WR Brandin Cooks (Saints)

-RB Terrance West (Browns)

-WR Emmanuel Sanders (Broncos)

-WR Dwayne Bowe (Chiefs)

-WR Hakeem Nicks (Colts)


K: Dan Bailey (Cowboys)

DEF: New England


Let me know your thoughts and recommendations! I have 25$ bet on this league. Thanks. (P.S)-You can really tell Im a Colts fan in this draft lol. 

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    • My bad. Wrong prospect. I think I might be reading to many scouting reports and starting to mix information lol.   Keon Coleman went to Michigan St and wasn't spectacular there vs this last season.   Yeah its all opinion. To each their own. I agree that it won't be WR in the first unless Nabers or Odunze fall. BPA even at a position of need will point to a defensive prospect IMO.
    • I like the idea of addressing skill positions in free agency and doubling down on DE/DT if the value is there. Verse and Jenkins being who I like the most. 
    • Ever since that LSU championship team, I kind of have been a fan of the reverse theory - when you have another dominant receiver on your team, it's even more impressive if you manage to stack up such insane production. Chase and Jefferson were amazing together and at the time everybody thought Jefferson is benefiting from Chase, but the reality is... there is only one ball. And if it goes to one player at disproportionately high volume, commanding huge portion of the remaining volume is actually a huge positive. It shows that even if you are not the 1st option on this particular team, you are able to accumulate big numbers and there is possibly some hidden potential to be a no. 1 receiver. Kind of like Jefferson has been able to prove in the league. Kind of like Olave has been able to do, too.    Big production at high level, combined with high level traits is like catnip for me, when we talk about receivers, and the presence of another big time receiver on the team is not really something that will dissuade me from selecting that player. If anything, I feel like there is some unexplored value there. 
    • Walker might be the answer for us in round 2 if we go DE or CB in round 1
    • If he has a good week at the Combine, he'll start getting a lot more top 20 buzz. I agree that he could be the 4th WR this year. As for how much he benefited from playing with Nabers, there's no question that's a boost for him, but it's probably a two way street. And the stat sheet isn't what makes him attractive. I see speed, size, ability to separate, big catch ability, hands, toughness, explosiveness, and a lot of upside as a route runner/technician.    What do you mean by the bolded? He played all three years at LSU, and never played against Michigan State. What's the connection there?   Everyone will have their own ideas and opinions. It's not hard for me to see him as a good option at #15, but it's my opinion that we're not drafting a WR in the first round anyway.
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