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  1. You know who else did too? The WR's who run as fast and as hard as they can to get down the field only to see their QB on the ground. More time for TY, Moncrief, Dorsett, and Allen! Go Colts!
  2. TJ Green. Dude just flies all over the field. He will be a welcomed addition to the Colts secondary.
  3. Grigson nailed this draft. He upgraded the trenches. O-Line is completely revamped. Not only does this help Luck, (Thank God), it helps Gore, and most importantly, i felt as if we were a vertical offense with no O-line last year. Clearly, they dont mix. Having an O-line that can block will open up so much for our speedy WR's and help Dorsett especially taking on some match up advantages in the slot. Plus, we chose the RIGHT TE in Dwayne Allen and sent Fleener on his way. Allen is a monster in the redzone and in the middle of the field, but he can also block. Awesome draft by Grigson. Also, TJ Green is a monster. He is beyond fast on the field and is side line to side line. He's exciting to watch. Go Colts!
  4. What's up everyone? Its been awhile. Clearly this season has not gone the way we wanted to, but this topic is for next season and what to do to fix it. Personally, cleaning the house: Pagano, Grigson, OC, DC need to be fired. I love Pagano as a person, but his coaching is horrific and needs to be changed. What coaches would you hire for each position and what GM would you want on our team? How to we win the Super Bowl next year? My thoughts: I say sign best FA O-linemen available and draft all defense. Priority is protecting Andrew and I want proven players.
  5. Don't really want Fleener, hopefully with a capable minded coaching staff Allen will be used correctly.
  6. I know the little fan boy/girl in all of us wants a trade, but the grown up in us know picks are too valuable. Im ready to just trade all of our picks for new offensive linemen to give gore holes and luck protection.
  7. IF anyone even does it this year, out of respect for Reg, maybe TY or McAfee
  8. Luck TY Davis and honestly I think I case can be made for Trent Richardson top 10
  9. Donte Moncrief, Andre Johnson, TY Hilton... Oh my!

  10. Luck to Brandon Marshall and Ty Hilton and Donte Moncrief? okay okay okay
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