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Dear Mr. Addai, Heck Of A Job Last Night

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Addai's future  

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  1. 1. What is Addai's future with the Colts?

    • He will be with Manning until the End. (superbowl winners again)
    • we need to upgrade the RB position.
    • Bill Polian is a genius and Donald Brown will become the next Barry Sanders.
    • Who cares about the RB position, we just need a good OL and someone to pick up the biltz and Manning does the rest.

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It's possible they dropped Spann from the PS at some point (Colts.com is horrible at keeping that updated this year). I just remember he was on the 53 man roster, then was released when the Colts signed the FB Gronkowski but was added to the PS according to some posts at the time. But I never tried to verify the information myself.

I thought Evans went to the PS and they put Spann on IR but then released him so he could have a chance to play somewhere if his injury healed.

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