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  1. A salary max would resolve this issue
  2. watcha talkin about willis?
  3. Abel was signed but disappeared soon after before the Colts had a chance to announce it. #Coltsconspiracy
  4. Unfortunately the #1 goal for the media is to keep people's interest. For example, they could repeatedly comment that "Big News about Reggie Miller coming up" for the entire 30 minutes only for that news to end up being something silly like "Reggie was seen drinking Pepsi instead of Coke" I don't how many times I've seen them play up some story that they knew would keep people watching only for the actual story to be insignificant. It's no different then this twisting of what Irsay said. They are just trying to get people to click the link or watch the segment. Gets viewership and leads to more ad $$$.
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