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  1. iuswingman

    Colts future receiver

    It's already an alternate universe for a WR to go #1 in the draft. 1996 was the last time that happened.
  2. iuswingman

    Colts future receiver

    You mean WR Marvin Harrison Jr, Indiana lol jj
  3. iuswingman

    NFL Awards 2019 - Colts could take three awards

    I really think we should get fan base of the year
  4. iuswingman

    Hines Was A Definite Miss.....

    Looks like Hines was not a definite miss. Looked pretty good in the first game that counted.
  5. iuswingman

    How many passes will Luck Catch this year?

    Luck will catch every ball that is hiked to him. I will guess a ton.
  6. iuswingman

    Hines Was A Definite Miss.....

    Do preseason games count? Nope. You are just arguing for the sake of arguing. My point was that nothing is definite after 4 preseason games. Yes, he has issues but it's not definite that the Colts brass has already given up on him.
  7. iuswingman

    Hines Was A Definite Miss.....

    he was signed as an undrafted free agent and given a tryout to make the team. Colts didn't spend a draft pick on him.
  8. iuswingman

    Hines Was A Definite Miss.....

    More along the lines of it's way too premature to write someone off after the preseason of their rookie year, especially using the word definite. Nothing is definite after 4 preseason games. That was just a slight edit on Allen Iverson's thoughts on practice. Preseason games are just practice against other teams. Hines has things he needs to work on. The only thing I am disagreeing with is writing him off as a definite loss.
  9. iuswingman

    Hines Was A Definite Miss.....

    definite or probable? definite: clearly stated or decided; not vague or doubtful probable: likely to be the case or to happen I mean, listen, we're talking about preseason, not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about preseason. Not a game.
  10. iuswingman

    Getting DL evals from Big Q

    He plays 12 to 13 games a year and probably isn't going against every DL on the opposing team so more than likely he wouldn't have knowledge on the vast majority of prospects. The task should be left to the scouts, whose only job is to find/rate/rank players.
  11. Maybe Giants will take a QB and then Bills will trade for #4 and take a QB so that the first 4 picks are all QBs
  12. so pretty much get the best LBers you can for the defense.
  13. 1) Browns - QB 2) Giants - QB 3) Jets - QB 4) Browns - Non-QB (probably Barkley) 5) Denver - Non-QB (probably Nelson) 6) Colts I would guess one of Nelson, Chubb or Barkley will be available when we pick (assuming those are the top 3 choices).
  14. iuswingman

    What if Denver calls?

    Should have contacted Miss Cleo prior to posting