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  1. Since it starts with a negative number, it would have to be distance from line of scrimmage rather than distance of throw.
  2. sure it's not just the spray and pray something sticks method?
  3. We give up the better players and the higher pick? What was he smoking? Where is the no deal button? Lol
  4. i switched out wentz for hurts in my fantasy league so hopefully colts can take wentzy off of their hands lol. It would be interesting what the poll would look like now that Stafford isn't an option. Right now, Eason has the 2nd most votes but I bet a lot of those stafford votes would just got to trading for a different QB. Philly knows we are desperate for a QB. I highly doubt we have the leverage to get a pick thrown in.
  5. Probably just giving advice on their QB search like Manning did.
  6. well that stinks. Think we will just sign Jimmy after he is released?
  7. So how do you think we would be able to get Stafford? They would walk away without a 1st.
  8. It's been a couple hours. Why haven't we gotten a QB yet? lol
  9. The assumption was if Philly was keeping Wentz then I was thinking maybe Hurts is available then. I thought Hurts looked pretty good finishing the season and he's still young. We don't know if Philly will part with either but they probably have one that is more available than the other.
  10. If Phillie wants to keep Wentz, then maybe we can get Hurts?
  11. I figured but thought i would give him grief anyway
  12. what was so funny about this season? A mobile QB would be nice and dandy as long as he has a good arm. Might be easier to look for a good LT and continue trying to find a long term answer for QB. Hopefully can address both but good QBs aren't easy to come by.
  13. No way they cut the only qb on a multi year deal. I bet riding with 4 qbs is more likely than cutting Eason. If Brissett doesn't get traded, then he wont be re-signed and we have rivers, eason and kelly next season
  14. Colts have highest odds to sign Prescott in 2021 What are the chances? If Rivers has a good year, then would Colts drop him for the younger Prescott? It would make sense from an age standpoint but Ballard would be cutting into a lot of cap space. Of course, with the cap flexibility, Colts are listed as a top option for pretty much every free agent.
  15. It would be funny if Eason made a Private Eason twitter account lol
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