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  1. Same place StartEason got his inside information ;)
  2. If Colts have no hope of playoffs and have a top 10 pick, then reich would be fired if he didn't keep him under 75%
  3. I think most people are saying if the ship has already sunk regarding playoffs then it would not be very smart to put Wentz over the 75% snap count threshold.
  4. Yes, they will honor the trade Was there any stipulation that they weren't allowed to sit Wentz? I don't see how keeping him under the 75% snap count would not be honoring the trade.
  5. Think Carson rushed back to make sure he didn't lose his starting spot? :)
  6. To be fair, he had a lot of help moving the pile forward. It was pretty much a Colts OL shoving him for more yards.
  7. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2021/8/12/22622005/have-the-colts-found-another-hidden-gem-in-rookie-wide-receiver-michael-strachan
  8. He says it wouldn't be smart to overreact and go gets Foles due to money due later on. But then later says Eason and Ehlinger are backups at best and he would go get a Foles, Minshew or someone with experience. Hmm. Talks out both sides.
  9. Giants can have an all out brawl and not have injuries....gessh
  10. People have returned to normal because they don't want to mess with it anymore and states have relaxed the mandates.
  11. Stds generally require a little closer contact than covid to transfer from one person to another so not the best of analogies there. Why shouldn't fans/staff show they are vaccinated?
  12. Surviving covid doesn't mean you don't have long term health issues from getting it. So you really think there is a chance that the risks of the vaccine are worse than risks from covid?
  13. I think when anything gets this politicized, it makes it hard to get past that. Then there were the anti-vaxers that existed before it became politicized and are still anti-vax. Some people tell me because it isn't fda approved. It will be interesting to see if they go get it once it is fda approved or if that was just a convenient excuse.
  14. Here's an analogy. What you eat is a personal choice but if a player came back to camp overweight to the point of not being ready to play by the regular season, how would people feel about that? How would management feel about that? Players (who are making millions of dollars btw) have the responsibility of doing everything they can to be healthy and available on game days. Putting yourself at increased risk of getting covid/sharing covid and potentially having to sit out when exposed to covid is not doing that. covid vaccines will get full fda approval in the next few months. It will be interesting to see what happens after that as far as being required
  15. There is freedom of choice. They have the freedom to choose to quit football and not get vaccine. Nfl has the choice of suspending players for not getting it. Vaccinations are required for sending kids to public schools but you don't think it can be required for employment? Lol And this personal choice does effect those around you because not only are you more susceptible to getting covid but also more likely to spread it to others.
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