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  1. Hopefully you're right. I think you may be a slightly overly optimistic, especially in regards to our WR and TE room.
  2. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2021/05/04/indianapolis-colts-news-alejandro-villanueva-involved-talks/ Kevin Hickey thinks they were. Who knows what sources he had on it though. Hopefully we can sign Leno.
  3. 10 more posts or 10 more threads? Probably at least 100 more posts at least
  4. They must have a plan for lt outside the draft. Odd choice
  5. '95 AFC Championship - Bailey catches hail mary '05 Playoffs - Nick Harper doesn't get stabbed in the leg by his wife and takes the fumble to the house.
  6. Ok, didn't know which part of my post you were referring to.
  7. They have named people they are targeting?
  8. I doubt it will have anything of any substance unless they release an after draft recap.
  9. Scouting isn't that bad. I scout all the time on Madden 21 and it only takes seconds per player. lol The videos are sorta neat in seeing a little of what goes on behind the scenes but doubt they ever really give anything of note since they won't want other teams finding out who they are going after. If they do, it would most likely be to trick other teams.
  10. 1 year $10 million ($8 million guaranteed)
  11. Odum must be really mad now. How dare they give more to rhodes lol.
  12. I don't see him getting a higher offer. If so, oh well.
  13. Yea, we got Autry on the cheap and we probably would have resigned him if he would have remained cheap. However, when Tennessee gave a him a bigger offer, it became a decision of whether or not Autry was worth the higher price to the Colts (assuming Autry would have stayed if Colts matched). At that point there was no road that led to Colts being able to keep Autry on the cheap. Ballard says he puts a max price on every player that he won't go over. I think it is safe to assume that he didn't value Autry at the price the Titan's paid. This strategy is much better than the tea
  14. I would take a good OL over good WR. Doesn't matter how good the WR is if the QB is running for his life. A good OL will let a QB shine. A good QB will make WRs look good.
  15. It was a joke. I didn't actually expect them to do it.
  16. We should be able to find 5 games that we could win with our 2nd string qb lol
  17. Since it starts with a negative number, it would have to be distance from line of scrimmage rather than distance of throw.
  18. sure it's not just the spray and pray something sticks method?
  19. We give up the better players and the higher pick? What was he smoking? Where is the no deal button? Lol
  20. i switched out wentz for hurts in my fantasy league so hopefully colts can take wentzy off of their hands lol. It would be interesting what the poll would look like now that Stafford isn't an option. Right now, Eason has the 2nd most votes but I bet a lot of those stafford votes would just got to trading for a different QB. Philly knows we are desperate for a QB. I highly doubt we have the leverage to get a pick thrown in.
  21. Probably just giving advice on their QB search like Manning did.
  22. well that stinks. Think we will just sign Jimmy after he is released?
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