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  1. About this time in 2013, Bjorn Werner was projected to be a top 10 pick. And by draft day, he fell to us at 24. So there’s that. Yep.
  2. Both of his parents were professional basketball players in Spain. He brings a lot of basketball traits to his game. In basketball, you’re always trying to create spacing, which he does naturally on the football field. He also blocks out and goes after the ball like a rebounder. Impressed with his film, but I’ve only seen the highlights.
  3. My favorite WR in this draft class. Gets open fairly easily. And when he doesn’t get open, makes the contested catch. And catches everything with his hands. We have a couple excellent basketball players with good football skills. This guy is an excellent football player with good basketball skills.
  4. Definitely a reach for a story. It would suck if he said he’d hate to win 3 in a row, which of course, would be a story.
  5. You can say that about any player in the league. Odds are better that with the additional year in the league and in the same system, that they’ll improve their numbers.
  6. Yes. Every team, every year. Its human nature. It’s why a good agent or used car salesman will never go broke. And also why garage sales remain popular.
  7. I think we’ll contend this year, regardless.
  8. I think it’s less about saving money and more about maintaining chemistry. Teams that spend big and trade big seem to be on a perpetual roller coaster, every year having to adjust their rosters. They struggle to keep their young breakout stars and typically have to cut the big name free agents shortly into their contracts, creating a yearly roster reshuffle.
  9. IF we drafted right, then you have to expect improvement year over year until Father Time hits you. So I also expect our young team to be better in 2019.
  10. Look at it this way....a lot of other teams paid big money for players who couldn’t help their previous teams win a championship. We kept a very good group of young players that got us a little closer. They’re only going to get better and when they ‘break out’, we’ll be in a $$ position to keep them if we desire. Our offense was one of the best in the league in 2018 and is fully in tact heading into this year. The backfield is young and now experienced. Funchess may prove to be the guy that keeps drives alive. Defensively, we’ll see. They’ve got guys who like to fly around and make plays and they got better as the year progressed. Again, pretty much in tact heading into this year, so the chemistry will only improve. Don’t underestimate chemistry when it pertains to defense in the NFL (see Patriots). Ballard likes to bring in guys who show promise, are under appreciated, and just before their big breakout $$ year (see Autry), so that guy might still be out there in free agency. Regardless, the draft looks promising for filling some defensive holes and adding depth.
  11. Whatever the results were last year, they turned out pretty good for us.
  12. Not dissing, but whose model should they follow? I sort of like the Patriots model for spending. Also I think the Chiefs model looks a lot better with Mahomes under center.
  13. If we’re willing to pay that kind of money for another teams ‘3’, why not instead draft a guy like Boykin in the 2nd. He’s also 6’4, ran a 4.42 (matching TW’s pro day), jumps 4” higher and appears to have great hands and high character. Seems like the same receiver, except younger and he played against better competition in college. A much cheaper option.
  14. Looks like a long list of good WR’s.... To all the film watchers (I’m not one of them), can anything be gleaned from which ones actually catch with their hands as opposed to always letting the ball get to their body and pads? You can pretty much eliminate the body and pad catchers from the discussion as they don’t fair too well at the NFL level. The ones that catch everything with their hands tend have the most success...it’s pretty much second nature to them.
  15. Tongue in cheek guys. Obviously a failed effort on my part.
  16. Hence the tongue in cheek comment about the old Kraft lookalike coming forward and claiming it was him on the video. And being paid handsomely.
  17. Not sure how yet, but pretty sure Kraft walks on this one. I’m thinking a couple prostitutes deny ever having met him, and suddenly becoming filthy rich, a parlor owner also denying he was there, and suddenly becoming filthy rich, and an old man that looks like Kraft coming forward and claiming it was him on camera....and suddenly becoming filthy rich.
  18. JB got a lot of positive press on NFL Radio on SiriusXM this afternoon. Talking heads were impressed with how he filled in for Luck in 2017 and view him as a starter in the league. Indicated that although unlikely, they wouldn’t be surprised to see him garner a 2nd rounder. It was nice to hear his name come up. Any hype is good hype!
  19. Tom House is the throwing specialist Luck worked with. Those concerned should contact Tom to share your insight. Together you should be able to get Luck up to NFL caliber. If that doesn’t help, we can always get in line behind all the other NFL teams searching for a franchise QB that can lead an incomplete roster into the post season.
  20. It’s the way the game is heading. As defenses continue to get faster and more athletic, especially along the DL, presnap movement and misdirection can get you that half second advantage at the start of every play.
  21. Great perspective. Big splash FA’s don’t guarantee a Super Bowl. And they can potentially set you back. I like our strategy.
  22. This thread is interesting. Usually people debate alternatives to a failure. This thread is debating alternatives to an extraordinary success.
  23. My head hurts. Usually we drive ourselves crazy speculating before the draft. Now we’re driving ourselves crazy speculating post draft even after the results indicate a freakishly incredible haul. I’ll say Ballard hit a 500 foot dinger and leave it at that.
  24. In hindsight, with the luxury of a season in the books, seems like we maximized value pretty damn good. I’m wondering if the 24 teams no longer playing need to reassess what maximizing value really means.
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