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  1. Cain will be fine. He actually gets open quite a bit, but I think he’s typically schemed as the 3rd or 4th read. I’d like to see the coaches get him and Campbell involved early but it looks like they’re mostly getting used to pull coverage down field. I did notice Cain getting a little frustrated today at the lack of attention so I think he feels your pain!
  2. Unfortunately, today’s generation of players, coaches, and front office are too selfish to sacrifice their own careers for the sake of the fan base and their future replacements. This city owes a debt of gratitude to those fine people, including a HOF GM, for giving up their life long dreams so that others could experience the joy of a winning record!
  3. Instead of focusing on a smattering of fans booing a professional athlete, maybe the media should focus on the resulting vile and disgusting rants on social media directed not only at Colts fans, but the entire state of Indiana. It’s a bit ironic for them to use profanity laced language while calling an entire state stupid, mean, and insensitive. I’m not aware of booing causing any ongoing social issues, and right or wrong, it’s been around for centuries. I’m a little more concerned about the intelligence and state of mind of the people on Twitter.
  4. I like Matt, and it’s a nice gesture, but I think it’s more of a disguised insult to those who may have overreacted. And I assume if there are takers, and the $$ numbers reach a substantial level, he’ll have plenty of supporters willing to help out publicly in order to show how wonderful they are in the face of someone else’s emotional distress.
  5. When a path is chosen, the alternative goes away forever and we’re left to speculate. For all we know, if we’d have kept Manning, Luck could have gone on to win multiple SB championships with another team, and we could be watching Peyton eat his food with a straw.
  6. That’s incredible hindsight. I bet you would be great at picking the lottery numbers the day after.
  7. It’ll be interesting to see the type of QB he values in the draft. He seems to have a ‘type’ for other positions that sometimes goes against the grain. Of course if JB proves worthy, it might be another few years before we find out...
  8. Hate the booing but I’ll give the fans a ‘pass’ on this one. We’re emotionally invested in our teams and athletes, so when one them abruptly leaves just as things seem to be coming together, it hurts. If my wife abruptly left me, stating she’s emotionally exhausted, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be thanking her for her sacrifice as she walked out the door, especially if I found out about it on social media. What really irks me is all the media and other fan bases, who aren’t emotionally invested in the Colts, piling on and acting as if they’d take the high road if something like this happened to them. Certainly not a good look for our fan base, but certainly not outside the bounds of human nature.
  9. Having Manning and Luck back to back was a lot of fun. Awesome football, lots of hope every year, and made us forget about the 80’s and 90’s. But the ultimate goal is a Super Bowl victory. We won a total of one in those glory years. And in reality, we were annihilated in ‘most’ of our big playoff games. Maybe building an awesome ‘team’ around an above average QB going forward might bring us better results. Might not set us back at all.
  10. The reaction of this and other sites just shows how incredibly important these athletes are to people. A person’s overall happiness for a week or even an entire off season can be impacted by whether their team wins or loses. The connection we feel to our superstars can rival that of our families (I’m sure more so to a lot of people!), so if they leave prematurely, it stings. While I hate the fact our fans booed him off the field, they’re human too, so I think they deserve a temporary pass. If our significant other would abruptly leave, telling us they’re mentally drained, I doubt that we would thank them for all the good times as they exited.
  11. Unfortunately, I have to miss it, but I plan to catch it when it hits Sirius On Demand later.
  12. Ballard to be on NFL Radio, Late Hits with Bill Polian tonight during the 7pm hour.
  13. I think what’s very indicative of Ballard’s talent for finding gems is that after 3 years, even the most negative posters on this board have been very tepid in their criticism, if any, of this years picks so far.
  14. The rumors were started by whichever team drafts him tonight.
  15. Definitely a reach for a story. It would suck if he said he’d hate to win 3 in a row, which of course, would be a story.
  16. Looks like a long list of good WR’s.... To all the film watchers (I’m not one of them), can anything be gleaned from which ones actually catch with their hands as opposed to always letting the ball get to their body and pads? You can pretty much eliminate the body and pad catchers from the discussion as they don’t fair too well at the NFL level. The ones that catch everything with their hands tend have the most success...it’s pretty much second nature to them.
  17. JB got a lot of positive press on NFL Radio on SiriusXM this afternoon. Talking heads were impressed with how he filled in for Luck in 2017 and view him as a starter in the league. Indicated that although unlikely, they wouldn’t be surprised to see him garner a 2nd rounder. It was nice to hear his name come up. Any hype is good hype!
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