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  1. My husband has the Pats/Eagles game on. Why won't the Pats decline? :(

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    2. Jules


      Yeah same date but totally unplanned by us. lmao I didn't even realize it was the royal day until everyone started telling me as it got closer.


      Guess it was princess and prince day for us too. haha 

    3. Gramz



    4. southwest1


      @Jules: Yeah, I heard Foles strained his shoulder on a hit. Hopefully, he will be okay. A marriage, a honeymoon, moving into a new house, & kids [Okay, kittens. Close enough.] No wonder you've been MIA from the Forum for awhile. That's a lot of life changing events in a short period of time there. We all need space & time to breathe. I'm happy for ya. I always want my friends to be content & pleased with their place in the world.


      "He is trying to make a Celtics room though for us and game viewing."


      Cute. That's typically how it works. The husband gets a room in the basement/dungeon to put up his favorite stuff while the wife gets free reign to decorate the rest of the house as she sees fit. Not complaining. Just speaking the truth. That's how the marriage dynamic works. Women are in charge & husbands must get permission from their significant others to do certain things. LOL! Women wear the pants in the relationship & every once in awhile if their spouse listens, follows directions, & is obedient enough, they are allowed a shrine or sports den of their very own.


      I know you're a nice person Jules not a ogre. I'm just goofing around.


      Yeah, I heard that Brady stomped Philly in their rematch game. I usually watch all the preseason games on NFL Network. Glad to here everybody in your family [including Buddy & Holly] are getting some relief from the heat & humidity BTW.


      I'm good I guess.  Happy to hear about your nuptials like I mentioned before. I'm more of a lone wolf myself who will probably never get hitched. Such is life. I hope you & your husband have many years of good health & prosperity though.


      Nothing newsworthy to report on my end except I hate when satellite techs need to visit to fix a TV reception problem & then they give a window of noon to 5 PM as their arrival time so you really can't go anymore tomorrow & your whole day is shot. Oh joy! [Sarcasm]. I'm hoping the tech person can also hook up  my DVD player while they are here since I suck & getting inputs & outputs right. Dish Network personnel have this hangup about installing devices they don't own without their company logo on it. Wish me luck.

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