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  1. Realized I have the same wedding date as the royals on the 19th. I don't pay attention them anymore, but some have told me this. Mine will be better. ;) Really have not watched or did much sports lately, sorry everyone. But I paid attention to who we drafted and score watch at times in basketball/baseball.

    1. southwest1


      Hey there Jules, 


      Nice to hear from you. I hope your wedding plans are progressing smoothly without too much stress. You've got a legitimate excuse for falling behind in NBA & MLB scores etc. 

    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Jules hope you been doing well, you are in a win/win situation regarding the East. Looks like Celtics vs LeBron. We gave LeBron a huge scare, Game 5 was really the main difference in our series. Take care.

    3. Nadine


      Idea for your wedding song 'You can call me queen bee and baby I'll RULE'


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