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Unbelievable (game # 12)



I am a little lost here, I just watched a game and saw a team that was pretty much dominated, even though the rushing stats were adequate (5.0- average was very good, but only 18 attempts ) and didn't really appear like it was a threat all game long, the o-line has regressed the past 2 games, Luck-who looked very sharp in the first half and the last 2 drives, looked lost for most of the second half and a defense that rarely gets turnovers, has had very little pass rush, most of the year, got lit up, all day, win another football game...................explain that? bottle that and you will become rich, stats really don't dictate a win, but they usually will be telling, I guess it's like the NFL draft, many times it's not the hyped players who perform the best ( although I do understand the draft) and in the end, all that matters is that you score more than the opposing team, more times than all but at least 5 other teams over the course of a 16 game season. The win puts the record at 8-4, still in 5th place for the playoff seeding, a game ahead of the Steelers and Bengals, unless something really strange happens (which is quite normal) 2 of those 3 teams will be in the playoffs.

Luck , along with all of the other off the charts intangibles has another impressive one, he is a winner, many Qb's don't have the gaudy stats, they just win games, the way he is performing this year, makes you wonder how he will ever lose, down the road, most Qb's have some kind of flaw (nobody is perfect) if Luck has one, other than lack of NFL experience, I haven't seen it, he can beat you with his arm, his legs, his knowledge, his toughness and there is nowhere for this rookie to go, but up, as good as he has played, the scary part is, he hasn't come close to hitting his ceiling. Hilton continued his recent play making showcase (6-100) Avery added 91, Brazill and Fleener got their first NFL TD's, one thing that has been obvious is the talent of the endless weapons on offense (recievers) other than Reggie, they are all either rookies, or very young, once the o-line is solidified, that will only make them more dangerous, can you even imagine what Luck is capable of, if he had time to set up and read the entire defense and make a throw.

The defense played hard, Calvin Johnson is a freak of nature and is on pace to break Jerry Rice's single season receiving yardage mark, Vaughn led the way with 9 tackles, still have no idea what's going on with Angerer ( 1 tackle), Fokou seems to be getting more time on the field than him.

That unit (you know the one) was solid, on coverage and McAfee has been on a roll, the past few games.

Next up the Titans, in Indy

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If the D had not held the lions to field goals, the score would have been much more lopsided and the last two drives would have made no difference

Props to D and props to Luck for never giving up. Last two minutes of that game were like old school colts football

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I have been a COLTS fan sivce 1968 this is one of the strangest season i can recall, and im loveing every minute of it GO COLTS

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I hear ya Nadine, I have mentioned this before, with all of the wholesale changes, this is the same team we have watched the past decade- very good offense, up and down defense, iffy special teams and a locker room full of classy-never say die players, the only real difference is its waaaaaayyyyyy younger

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colts8718-same here, I became a Colts fan in 1968, every year it just gets crazier, I dont have a problem with winning, just wish I could understand it, every week, many teams that have no possible reason to think they can win......do

charlie batch and the steelers beat the ravens????????????

the seahawks and their less hyped rookie qb beat the bears?????????

it never ends, makes it fun for the fans, just confusing for me

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just win baby- I like the phrase, just dont care for the man who said it, he was great, back in the day, but refused to adapt to the new nfl

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just win baby- I like the phrase, just dont care for the man who said it, he was great, back in the day, but refused to adapt to the new nfl

Yea I hear you, I guess he was what you call, an OLD FART!! LOL!!!

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I`m with you Ken. It seems like I`ve been expecting the Colts to lose games this year but somehow they pull it off. Midway through the 4th quarter when Luck threw his 3rd Int I was really starting to have some bad thoughts. Does Luck have accuracy issues? Some of his passes seem to sail on him at times, then he somehow hits Brazill, on the run for that TD pass. Effortlessly! I predicted Colts 34 Lions 31 in the Forum, because I will not pick against them, not because I honestly thought they`d beat the Lions. But they did!

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whatever it takes, it sure a telling phrase lol

as i said, i just need to understand whats happening and i am clueless, i have a few thoughts, but that doesnt cover it all

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I was jumping around like a kid after this one.....amazing to say the least.....I wonder if our upstairs hallway now has permanent damage!!!! :)

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