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Tale of 2 half's (game #13)



We often hear you can't just turn it on and turn it off , like a light switch, I have been hearing all year how this team just keeps playing because they don't know any better, apparantly they don't know about the light switch, because after that first half, they turned it on.

The first half was pretty ugly, Luck was not sharp, no running game, the defense wasn't doing much, then............the switch

Luck really wasn't sharp all game, I mentioned last week, that he is a winner, when the chips are down, when it's crunch time, when the game is on the line.........he delivers.

The running game was very good after halftime, the total was 98 (not great) but 86 of those yards were in the second half, Ballard just missed getting a 100 yd game (94) and seems to have that same ability to finish a game, with remarkable efforts or often a game clinching run to ice the game.

I mentioned a few games back, that it was ironic that when Shipley replaced Satele, the running game took off, guess who played the second half (Shipley), Satele has been hurt often enough to see a definite pattern, maybe it's just coincidence, maybe it's not, maybe it has something to do with Linkenbach as well (he replaced Justice) I think with the O-line struggle's, it's time to take a good hard look at who should be starting...and who shouldn't be. There was a graphic posted during the game that Luck has been hit and hurried more times than any QB in the league and sacked, near the top, and that's keeping in mind, he avoids MANY hits/hurries and sacks with his athletic ability.

The defense really took over the second half, primarily the cornerbacks, led by Cassius Vaughn, who tied with Davis and Freemen with the team lead in tackles (8) and added a game changing pick-six, Davis added a sack, Butler added an interception, they were running a clinic on cornerback play and outstanding run support, with tackle after tackle , for loss. Coach Arians ( I thought) answered my ongoing question (what's wrong with Angerer) by stating in one of his press conferences that he was not healthy (100 %) then procedes to put him in the starting lineup and he was more effective today, than he has been, all year (???????) Johnson was held to 44 yds on 19 carries and the pass rush was as good as I have seen for quite some time, much like we have seen in the past, they give up yards, too many big plays, but are doing alot better on 3rd down defense and are keeping teams out of the end zone

"That" unit, was solid............the kickers, mainly McAfee has been at the top of his game, of late.

The win brings us to 9-4, with a 2 game lead over the Steelers and Bengals (who both lost) with 3 to go and depending on the outcome of monday nights game, could be tied for the 3rd best record in the AFC, next up the Texans , who (see above) could be the class of the AFC/NFL

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Nice to see the defense step up and make some noise. Not sure what adjustments are made but thats 2 games in a row the defense really tightened things up in the 2nd half. Chris Johnson 44 yards? Who would have thought! Colts at 9-4..who would have thought!

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I will be the first one to stand up and say, I didn't see any chance of even being .500 this year, still doesn't add up in my book, I have followed this league for a lot of years and teams in this situation don't go to the playoffs

still waiting for the next expansion team, they will most likely win the super bowl, just gets crazier every year

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OK I'll be #2 behind Colts7. I don't think anyone can rationally explain our 9-4 record? Don't get me wrong because I love it and I don't want the train to stop but how can you explain the 9-4 record? The only way is a little of this, a little of that, a lucky bounce here and there and .................

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we had all of that last year, without really spending some time researching it, i would say there was more talent on last years team, with one notible exception.....the qb

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Looks like all of my friends are spot on.....last year's team had what Bill Parcells called an "excuse to lose" with the great 18 down.

This team to me has/had everything to play for. Think about how many rookies and players with 'less than' 1 year of experience in the league. Some players were in with the thought of "If I cannot make this team.....what team can I make" mentality.

That said, a weak schedule and good solid hard play has made this one of the most enjoyable in my memory....lets keep it going shall we? :)

:pass: :coltslogo: :coltslogo: :coltslogo:

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