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Not quite there yet (game # 14)



Pretty solid all around effort vs one of the best teams in the AFC, what started out looking like a blowout, ended up being a reasonably close contest. 2 things that cannot happen if you expect to win an away game vs a top tier team, is fumble on the 1 yd line (Moore) and have a punt blocked for a TD, throw in 1-8 on third downs and.............

Luck played ok, maybe there was some degree of accuracy in the article about the beating he has taken this year, taking a toll, he has literally taken a beating, not just the amount of hits, but countless big time hits. The running game was very good (124 yds, 5.0 avg) which it has been for most of the second half of the season, Ballard continues to impress, after just missing a 100 yd game last week, got it this week (105) and Shipley was in the starting lineup this week, for what that's worth, I have seen enough to know if it was my call, he would stay in the starting lineup. It's really been the pass blocking that has been the most glaring weakness on this team, I would strongly suggest to Grigson that he look at drafting ( with the draft picks that haven't been traded away) an offensive linemen with each and every pick we have next year and/or take a big chunk of all of that cap money we should have and sign as many as you can get!! Another very good game for Hilton who led the team (3-78) including a big 61 yd TD catch.

The defense played decent, the pass rush has been better , of late, Mathis, Freeney and Bethea all had sacks, Freemen led the way with 10 tackles.

"That" unit, did not play well, the blocked punt was huge, the coverage has been decent most of the year, Karim looked good returning kicks and McAfee was very good again.

The loss leaves us at 9-5, tied with the Ravens for the 4th spot in the playoff seedings, with a 1 game edge over the Bengals and depending on the outcome of the Steelers later game, at least a 1 game edge on them, with 2 to go, next up the Chiefs , with a most likely 2-12 record

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the difference in the game was those 2 huge mistakes , that's called beating yourself, considering the opponent and the stakes, a quality performance-otherwise

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to me they looked like their regular inconsistent self.........with the exception that,Reggie did not have a good game as he usually does

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I might be nit-picking but I can't stand our DB's lack of tackling skills.  New names, same issue!  I don't understand how these guys can make it through a tape review with the DB's coach.  Give up an extra 3+ yards on every play where they "don't wrap"!!

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I hear ya on the lack or wrapping up, but I don't really see it as a Db's-only issue, it's league wide and it's evident in all postions, maybe moreso in the secondary, because they are small, compared to the front seven,  that's one of the reasons Bob Sanders was one of my fav Colts-ever, he hit and wrapped and played the game the way it's suppossed to be played and they way it was played before everyone made 1,000,000,000,000 ( sorry, lost track of the zeroes) when guys are making that kind of money, they ain't about to lay it on the line, very often

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Oh that fumble on 2nd and goal, why was that carry not given to Ballard? And Reggie's TD called back due to a flag...aaaahhh. I was lamenting about why weren't they utilizing the TE's right when Allen catches one for a TD.. but then we didn't see a play like that the rest of the game. Same for Hilton's long catch, no other plays with the long pass the rest of the game?Why not return to something that worked? This game was certainly winable by the Colts, it just slipped away with some huge mistakes.

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