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nothing flashy, but.........(game #11)



No record setting passing stats, no incredible runs, no game changing plays on defense (almost was) just 60 minutes of solid team football.

Got to start off with that unit (special teams) since I had planned on not mentioning them again, the rest of the year, they made the game changing play.............Hilton's 75 yd punt return TD, the first for the Colts since 2007 (T.J.Rushing).... a very good game for the coverage units vs one of the leagues best returners and a big game for McAfee, who was singled out as a guy who needed to step up......and did. Wasn't too excited when we traded away (another ) draft pick to move up and draft Hilton, who became the first Colt to catch a TD pass and score on a return, in the same game, but he is really making a name for himself and becoming more of a threat, each game.

Reggie led the way (8-102), Luck had a solid game, the O-line took a step backwards, the running game, was adequate.

The defense, did enough.........Freemen is back........had a monster game with 16 tackles and a sack, Mathis added another sack and Zbikowski made the ALMOST game changing play with an interception, before fumbling it right back to the Bills, the key stat....4/13 in third down defense. What happened to Angerer??????? who was not even credited with "1" tackle?????

That leaves us with a 7-4 record, alone in 5th place for the playoff seed, 1 game ahead of the Bengals and 2 vs the rest of the pack ( leaving the Ben-less Steelers out of the mix) next up the Lions, who despite their un-impressive 4-7 record, have as many big time players on offense as about any team around

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