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A learning experience (game #10)



When the score is 59-24, you have to look really hard to find some positives, but they are always there and you have to say, after every 2-3 plays, you are never as bad as you look when you lose...........

Luck had a pretty good game, but he did look like a rookie, as he has ( a few times) that's expected, the running game was good (119 yds-5.0 avg) not as good as it has been, that's what happens when you are the team trying to catch up and keep pace. Ballard had a good game (16-72) Hilton led the way with another 100 yd game (6-100-TD) his 3rd and the only rookie WR to have any this year, Allen (6-69) is getting more receptions with Fleener still out.

The defense only gave up 38 points, the other 21 were returns,

maybe still not a positive, Freemen was back after his 2 game break to lead the way with 12 tackles. I thought by now Angerer would be back to close to 100%, maybe not, he hasn't been making many tackles, are they running away from him, I doubt it, with a 3-4 scheme the 2 inside LB's should be somewhat even in tackles, for the most part.

And that other group ( not so special teams) I think I will not even go there, the rest of the year, it's not looking too pretty.

With that humbling loss, the Colts are still in 5th place in the playoff hunt, with the next 3 (win-able ) games vs Buffalo, Lions and Titans

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Don`t see any need to panic either Ken. There were some good moments and the offense moved the ball pretty well all game long. Luck took some shots downfield and only missed by inches. Lack of a pass rush just seemed to really make the DB`s look bad, and not sure if that is our bad or Pats O line doing a great job. Brady is hard to beat when given that much time to throw. I really thought the special teams had atleast made it to a mediocre level this year but sure took a step backwards today, that really got things going for the Pats. Like I heard Luck say in the postgame interview, losing that badly still only counts as 1 loss, nothing more and something they will look and learn from. The LB`s still look like a strong point for this team.Why arent the Colts running the ball more when they are actually becoming pretty good at it?

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sorry T.Y. I shortchanged him, he had 2 TD's and Luck had his 5th 300 yd passing game breaking Peyton's rookie record

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I remember Peyton having some trouble with Belichecks defense a few times, it's not a coincidence that we ran alot better when the game was close, when they pulled away, we didn't run as much ( obviously) or as well

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