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Dorsett Pick Is Obvious "Insurance." Hilton's Reaction Justifiable



In a previous article I covered the Colts 1st round selection of Phillip Dorsett and offered my analogy behind the purpose of why the front office took him over addressing more pressing needs, particularly on defense. With players like Landon Collins and Malcom Brown still on the board, the Colts opted for the fleet footed Dorsett to shore up a WR group that in the eyes of many is already loaded. The timing of this pick couldn't be more impeccable when you take in Hilton on the edge of a contract year coming up. Hilton didn't sound too pleased when asked for his thoughts on the pick:

“there was nothing he could do about that,” in regards to the pick. He (Hilton) went on to say that “(it was) a pick they thought they needed, so I guess that’s what we needed to help this team."

So is it just me, or does anyone else get the feeling that Dorsett was brought on board to "soften the value" of Hilton to either get him to resign at a lower agreement or replace him if Hilton decides to go play for more money elsewhere? When prodded on this subject both Grigson and coach Pagano reiterated that they "stuck to the board" and took the BPA. Come on guys. We weren't born yesterday. It makes no sense to have two players with identical skill sets at a position that's clearly not a need, and for those who want to make the argument that "Johnson is 34 years old and Dorsett was brought in to be his replacement" need I remind you that the team already has a stud in Donte Moncrief as well as the addition of Duron Carter. What was the purpose of bringing him on? Drafting yet another WR (especially in the 1st round) clearly doesn't send the message that you have confidence in him being a major component of your offense, especially anytime soon. Carter also stated that he chose the Colts under the impression that he would be catching balls from Luck. Well as things look right now it doesn't seem that he will be seeing the field anytime soon. Are you going to put him in the rotation with Hilton, Johnson, Dorsett, and Moncrief? What the Colts do between using Dorsett and Moncrief should be interesting to say the least. With this luxury of weapons Pep Hamilton may have to ditch the two TE sets in order to utilize the stable of WRs he has at his disposal.

What we are seeing right now with Grigson is a new trend amongst GMs in which they take advantage of the CBA by replacing players approaching the end of their rookie deals via the draft. The only players who aren't viewed as expendable once their rookie contracts are up are franchise QBs. Although I like Dorsett and view him as a special talent, I have to admit that I wasn't fully on board with this year's 1st round choice. After sleeping on it for a few days I am still not fully on board, especially given the fact that the team could have addressed so many other needs with better players on defense who were available. I don't argue the fact that Dorsett is an absolute stud. However, Andrew Luck doesn't need the best Wrs on the planet to be successful. Luck is a good enough QB that he can make average players around him better than what they really are (see Colts offensive line). Will the Colts be better on offense with this pick? That's a given. Will they be a better team overall? That's to be determined.

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I did not look at it from a TY Hilton contract amount. M only thought on all of this is will Luck be protected this year, I don't care who is running routes if Luck is running for his life.

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The problem with the BPA decision Grigson/Irsay/Pagano made is what if the BPA was a QB? Dumbest logic. You fill the most

pressing need(s) with the BPA at that (those) positions. Can anyone say they followed the BPA strategy when picking Werner or

trading a #1 for TRich?

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What did TY Hilton do, that made the Colts front office purchase an insurance policy for him, and Andrew Luck's future contract?...........He re-hired Drew Rosenhaus. If you don't know who he(D.R.) is, and HOW he does his business, you need to a background check on this guy/agent. He is the alpha male, GREAT WHITE SHARK of all sports agents!!!!!

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Lol I knew this when they selected him, tried to let folks in Forum know why he was selected , Got ignored and they probably thought I was nuts. You have hit the nail on the head. In this NFL , you have to be savvy and business minded and protect the franchise. Luck is only player you keep at all cost. No brainer by far the hardest to replace. I love TY but we wont be able to pay him the 11 to 12 mil he might command at the end of this contract.

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I still see it as a terrible pick. Wide receiver along with outside linebacker were the two obvious highest depth positions on the team already. There was absolutely no need to draft here even with Hilton needing a new contract. A really good nose tackle was there in Malcom Brown, the best safety in the draft Landon Collins (which the Colts hinted they were after before the draft), and there was several good offensive lineman still available.  The Colts problem sense the Peyton Manning departure and even before, was stopping the run and running the ball. An upgrade at the nose tackle position would have been the best way to help improve the run defense at this point and a big, strong offensive lineman could have possibly been the answer for helping out the run game. Instead they drafted a guy who will probably play special teams for the year. Great job Colts!

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So, according to this blog,  it's not possible that Dorsett was drafted to replace Johnson in a year but it's possible he was drafted to replace Hilton in a year.  The blogger states the Colts have Moncrief to step in for AJ when he leaves... that's true but then who fills Moncrief's role when that happens?  It seems the Colts think Dorsett.  And don't throw Carter out there.  He has never been able to stick with a program for more than 2 years.  He may turn into something but I would not depend on it.


People think Gms draft for the upcoming year, they don't they are drafting for not only the upcoming year but for years 2, 3 & 4 as well.  So, yes part of the Dorsett pick was because in two years they may only have Moncrief at WR.  More likely though, they stuck to their board and took the BPA and now they have a player that can probably help some this year and if they sign TY to a new contract then they have 3 good to great WRs for years to come, if they don't sign TY then they have another guy who can take his place.

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I've made my peace with the pick but this is an interesting insight. What you're suggesting is that the only reason the Colts would pass over players like Malcom Brown, Collins, and Goldman is because they felt Dorsett was a necessity pick to guarantee that they'll have a speedy playmaker one way or another.


Interesting theory. There's plenty of evidence to support the claim too. But I've learned to see both sides. You could argue that Grigson made up for the pick with how the rest of the draft went.


-He passed over Collins, but we ended with Geathers who could be just as good or better.


-Passed over Brown who might have been more of a 3-4 DE in our system and we ended up with Anderson who might be just as talented


-Passed over Goldman but got Parry, who as a prospect wasn't even in the same league as Goldman, but he did still address NT.


Only time will tell though. But this is an interesting viewpoint.

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Its all about the money not necessarily winning If it wasnt grigs would have picked a major need instead of a luxury

More offense means more points =more people watching =more money

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