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Colts Wr Selection A Head scratcher For some, But "Right Call" With Luck’s Pending “Monster Deal” Coming



Once again the Colts sent shockwaves throughout the NFL world with their 1st round latest selection via the 2015 NFL draft. With safety and D-line being the main talk entering the draft within the front office, just about everyone in and outside of Indy had the Colts taking either Landon Collins or Malcolm Brown still on the board. Yet the Colts took former Hurricane blazer Phillip Dorsett and turned the Indy fanbase upside down, with many gnashing their teeth & calling for GM Ryan Grigson’s head on a platter.

On the surface this pick appears to be a wasted one given the fact the team is already loaded at the position, especially with the additions of Andre Johnson, and Duron Carter joining an already formidable stable of targets that include T.Y. Hilton, Donte Moncrief, and TEs Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen from last year. However, there is one good reason why the front office made this move, and that’s to provide insurance at WR if T.Y. Hilton bolts via free agency after the Colts make Luck the league’s highest paid QB. As scary as that may sound, Losing Hilton is a very real possibility when taking into account all of the mouths the front office will have to feed in the next two years.

"You have to be smart about it,” Grigson said. “We're always forward thinking. Before we make any type of move, [we] are looking down the line. Because you don't want to hamstring yourself and you don't want to lose your franchise. So, obviously I have very smart people around me that remind me, including our owner. So we'll be smart about that and we'll make sure that we keep our best players here as best we can."

Those are the words of a man who is preparing for the “inevitable.” No matter how much we want to believe players we root for will never leave our teams, the harsh reality of the salary cap is a constant reminder that no team is exempt from the casualties of free agency. This year alone leading up to the draft should serve as proof of that reality, especially when you look at the flurry of blockbuster moves that took place. Do you think the possibility of Jimmy Graham being traded to the Seahawks ever crossed the mind of die-hard Saints fans? How about “Shady” McCoy being shipped to Buffalo? Didn’t think so. Those two moves alone should let Colts fans know that nothing can be taken for granted in this league, and with teams jockeying for position to make title runs as best they can, fans should always “expect the unexpected” during this time of year as we enter a new season.


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Grigs and Pagano have sealed their fate with this horrible draft. How could they let Collins, Brown and the list goes on slip by them. They see things in these other teams don't see. They are geniuses! You know most players in the draft and when the Colts pick you say who? What? It is almost like they are doing this for spite because Jimy did not extend their contracts. Colts fan since 1960. So sad.

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That was my first thought, when they picked Dorsett, was that he will be TY's replacement. Still, they should have taken Malcolm or Collins, this draft is deep in WRs and Dorsett is not that special. Instead the pick Geathers in the fourth when they could have had a steal in OT Clemmings, whom was picked by Minnesota right after that whiff.

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Yeah you just said "to keep the best players" I'm pretty sure TY qualifies for that. So what are you going to do, let Dorsett go in 4 years because he cost too much? If you do then again wasted pick.

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Lol put the same thing out there in someones thread in the forum , and got ignored.

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