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  1. I still see it as a terrible pick. Wide receiver along with outside linebacker were the two obvious highest depth positions on the team already. There was absolutely no need to draft here even with Hilton needing a new contract. A really good nose tackle was there in Malcom Brown, the best safety in the draft Landon Collins (which the Colts hinted they were after before the draft), and there was several good offensive lineman still available. The Colts problem sense the Peyton Manning departure and even before, was stopping the run and running the ball. An upgrade at the nose tackle position
  2. DAnderson

    Colts draft

    Personally, other than the Colts first pick, I thought the choices were pretty decent. They definitely should not have picked a wide receiver in the first round. But there were quite a few players the Colts picked last year that really surprised me when they actually got onto the field. The Colts have been exceptionally bad in the first round of the draft for about a decade (excluding Luck), so you would think that we would just expect this.
  3. Personally, I believe with the recent free agency period that we should be more worried about getting a decent offensive lineman. I think the OTs are decent, but I think a center and a guard would help us out the most. Our O-line sucked last year for the most part. I would say this is largly due to injuries if it weren't for the fact that the O-line had sucked for the two years before last. I believe between TY, Reggie, Rogers, and whoever else they can find in free agency will have to do for this year. If the Colts cannot fix the O-line they can look forward to some more of the horrific losse
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