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  1. Really insulting to pretty much everyone ... Unjustifiably ...
  2. Improving his blocking is great ... He worked on that at Stanford and has kept getting better. But not using Coby on the red zone was a mistake. Not using him to create mismatches or even as a quick outlet for Andrew to avoid sacks etc. This year will be much better.
  3. Coby Fleener was a grad student and missed very few OTAs ... The student rules didn't apply to him ... So your comments about that are off base. He and Allen, as you say, have different strengths and different roles. Don't worry about the Coby-Andrew chemistry. It's there ... And needs a lot less practice. You're reading too much into the daily variations in pass distribution.
  4. I love Griff Whalen (yes, I'm a Stanford fan), but he is relatively short (actually measured 5'10" at the Stanford pro day) and other measurables are not at NFL level. And, unfortunately, he had to miss the OTAs to finsh school so is behind and has had less time to impress the Colts powers. Of course, he was a walk-on at Stanford and ended up being one of their most reliable, most valuable players, so I would never count him out. He works hard, runs his routes perfectly and has sure hands. At Stanford, he just always managed to get the job done while some players who looked better on paper j
  5. Well, most of the mock drafts had Fleener higher than Allen. I love that we have them both. I think they'll both be used a lot and Allen needs more time with Luck ... Fleener has had years with him already. Best for the Colts to get Allen up to speed as well. I wouldn't read more into it than that ...
  6. Only been following him for about 6 months, on Twitter, about as long as I've been on Twitter .... Never noticed anything blatantly off before ... Often very amusing ... Today was a big surprise. Fine to have his own opinions, but not his own facts!
  7. Wilson was really off today ... Made a whole bunch of observations that no one else saw ... Got facts wrong ... Totally bad day and stirring up concerns with these unfounded observations. Don't know what was wrong with him today ... Or is he always like this?
  8. Great tweet. Sounds like a good atmosphere. FYI, Luck has been known for motivating his teammates in a very positive way ... Calms them down, makes them feel confident, settles them down after a bad play and helps them move on, etc. It would be great if that translates to he NFL.
  9. No, there were no reports of picks at all in the am, just one dropped pass by Allen that everyone agreed on ... and reports of 2 dropped in the afternoon all plays included ... The guy reporting 2 and 2 had them all in the afternoon. He also said Coby Fleener missed all the OTAs, but Coby's a grad student and the rules about not playing until school is finished didn't apply to him ... He made the first two series and just missed the last (due to conflict with his grad school finals), so I don't find that reporter too credible ... But I know media reports can be really off ... So who knows for
  10. Great clips ... Not sure what Manning would have done in this situation, but it is classic Luck: If I didn't get that in properly, it's the Shareece Wright tackle ..
  11. I think your info on the picks is wrong. Most reporters were saying no picks, just the 2 almosts ... Just one weird report saying the 2 & 2 ... But I wasn't there!!
  12. Physically or as athletes there is little Luck and Manning have in common and their personalities are very different ... Luck is a interesting combination of mellow but intensely competitive. However, if you watched Luck in games last year, there was an uncanny similarity to Manning in terms of him changing the plays at the line, yelling and moving back and forth. So there are some similarities ... People were referring to Luck as a coach on the field, that sort if thing ... Obviously, that was college, but according to Coby, he was already changing plays at the line today, so that may develop
  13. What makes that irresponsible? It's an opinion, not a "report" and clearly given as an opinion ... You're not the only one entitled to an opinion, as far as I know.
  14. Obviously ... and a very different opinion than some here are expressing ... So I thought worth pointing out ...
  15. Here's an interesting quote from Mark Kiszla (Denver Post): Kiz: OK, let's talk trade. How many Indy fans would swap rookie quarterback Andrew Luck this very second to get Manning back in a Colts uniform? And, more important, would Elway trade Manning for Luck? No offense to Manning, among the five greatest QBs in NFL history, but here's betting Elway and at least 25 other general managers in the league would sign off on that deal faster than you could say fourth-quarter comeback. Read more: Kickin' It: Peyton Manning may be great, but I'd rather have Andrew Luck - The Denver Post http://www.d
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