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Colts/*s ( Men vs boys)




QB- one of- if not the worst game he has played,to date

RB- rushing-n/applicable receiving- whats that?

Receivers- don't think there was an open receiver-all game???????????????????????

O-line- adequate

Defense: (manhandled!)

LB-n/applicable ( see below)

DB- prob the only unit that would get a passing grade

D-line- embarrasing, when they don't show up, makes it very hard for the back 7 to be a factor

Special teams:

Adam-not a good game

McAfee- ditto

Cribbs- bonehead of the game ( the not-player-of-the-game)

coverage- not good

I thought the coordinators did a good job, during the season and there are always going to be games like that, but there has been to many this year and not a coincidence that is was against the best teams in the league...this was the biggest game for most of the people involved, in their life and they appeared to be not ready to play and/or didn't know what to do...unexceptable...losing happens, this team is way ahead of the curve , in the big picture, but all anybody expects is to show up, play hard for 60 minutes and be prepared...from what I saw, they were 0-3. I guess reality finally set in, this team is obviously not as close as I thought they were to being Super Bowl ready and prob knew that, but this is a crazy sport and crazy things happen, on a weekly basis, so there's always hope...but not when they perform like that, it takes your A-game to advance, that wasn't an A-game from anybody involved in todays game

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Agree, need a better D-line keep A-Jones at LE n maybe T-Cody as NT n should bring back J-Hughes at OLB n maybe N-Fairly or T-Alualu at RE as they are younger,faster n stronger

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Yes the Colts were not ready for the PATS we never are in the Luck era yet,,,,,,,,Pats Colts playoff to go to the Superbowl was a sham,,,,,We hung tough till we couldn't over came the bone headed mistakes we made -Cribbs mis played punt,,,,,,,,Lucks over thrown passes -penalties -We went down quickly when we did not seize opportunities,,,,,,,,,,,We had pats stopped and were getting the ball Cribbs fumbles ,,,,,,,,,,,that among other  *  plays flags and a better team we played resulted in our crushing loss........Colts need to get better in many areas get other players on our team coach better play better ,,,,,,,

 Football games are won in the trenches and we got blown out in the OLINE and DLINE in the trenches,,,,,,,Need to get better this off season on the OLINE n DLINE ASAP

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how could one man be so wrong name me one QB who could win 12 games with such a poor running game. not even rogers could do it. Wilson looses that game if it wernt for lynch

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Boo Carl.  Luck has like twice as many playoff wins as Manning had during his first 4-5 years in Indy.  I've seen manning throw 4 INT in his prime as a Colt in the playoffs.  Bad game, but I think the issue is more Pep than Andrew..

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Carl, have you EVER said anything positive??  Go eat a snickers, you get mad when you're hungry !!!  if you're that down on Luck, go root for some other team then !!!

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Carl, have you EVER said anything positive??  Go eat a snickers, you get mad when you're hungry !!!  if you're that down on Luck, go root for some other team then!!!



SERIOUSLY!  What JlynRN said.....Angry elf.....

I think Carl should stay away from sweets.  I have a pile of something for him in the back yard.

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