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  1. LUCK is a bum.Trade him now for a bunch of picks while he still has gms fooled
  2. WOW-----comments about GRIGSON and PAGANO have certainly changed
  3. 2----buchanon 3----Lawson---LSU----G 5---- GAINES----RICE----CB 6--BRITT---MIZZOU----OT 7---SMALLWOOD---UCONN----LB
  4. great signing----now keep davis and sign byrd and im a happy camper
  5. would not wanna face peyton in playoffs--------fumble at goal line saved us
  6. sorry dude-----your way off
  7. so far we have 1.rhodes 3.geathers 4.thomas or duke williams 6.xavier nixon or jon herman
  8. id like to see colts cement center spot for next 10 years with BARRET JONES
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