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  1. So if Freeney was a bust then we would of been all right If Freeney had not emerged as a start this team wouldn t have gone anywhere in the Peyton years
  2. If u don t think a 1st rd defensive player messes up a team on missing on him thats wrong it does. isnt his rookie contract just about over And for a 2st rder u expect a little more and a lot quicker -The Colts are not a team that can wait years for guys to develop
  3. Werner--That pick just like any 1st round missed pick bust does set the franchise back 8-10 yrs the lengh of time Werner will or someone of his age will play
  4. The Raymond Chester not being able to get a chance on the ball thrown by Bert Jones in the 1977 Ghost To The Post Game........Also if the Colts had stuck to what was working for them late in the game mixing it up with the play action past but Ted Marchabroda told Lydel Michell and Bert Jones to run the ball they both disagreed but Marchabroda had the last word..........And of coarse we lost that heartbreaker,,,,,,,,,,,,Jones said if he had only held the ball a couple seconds londer he would of hit Raymond Chester and then said he thinks he'll go to his grave saying why didn't I wait a couple o
  5. We don t have time to have the luxury of letting him play his rookie contract -He needs to shape up and get good NOW we are supposed to make the SBowl this season according to Colts front office We are going for broke
  6. Staying healthy is in God's hands for any player in the NFL. Freeney didn't get the playing time to get many sacks as he could have because if he had reached a minimum of sacks the SD Chargers were going to give him an Xtra 1 Million so they therefore kept him on the sidelines preventing that from happening,,,,,,I talked to Freeney's mom often and she expressed this,,,,,,,,,,Also I remember seeing Dwight on the sidelines in a Charger gam being held out of plays for no reason. Having Dwight would help us a I'm positive on that.
  7. Shouldn 't pass he'd add positive things to our Dline for sure .More so than those average Joe's we picked up via FA
  8. I totally, totally agree with you we had those Colt defenders last year in those big games NE.Pitt.Dall. and they stunk. I hear and have been hearing Pagnano and Grigsom raving about that we have the guys already on our defense in place to fix stopping the run REALLY? I ask how so they certainly could n' t stop the run in those huge games last year and we didn't add any FAgents they are big enough names to make me feel good about our run defense especially when the playoffs start Or in the big games during the season. The NE games we got torched w the run and pass in the Dallas game same in th
  9. Dwight would like to return and end his career as a Colt........I live in Connecticut and I am friends w/Dwight's mom I talk w/her often And yes Dwight would like coming back to the Colts and then retiring after a year or two in Indy.
  10. Grigsom has signed some older veterans that really didn t pay off and ended up costing us a lot of $$....I don t want to see this happen again like signing Dockett and having him hurt ot not have enough gas in his tank to perform well,,,,,,,,,,,We need to get a few game changing FA's then get some mid level blue collar players like the Pats always have and draft smart .No Werner like guys WOW Werner turned out to be a MISS that Grigsom and Pagnano fell in love with head over heels,,,,,,,,So both of our head guys flunked big time with that one,that 'll haunt us for years to come a wasted draft
  11. Yes the Colts were not ready for the PATS we never are in the Luck era yet,,,,,,,,Pats Colts playoff to go to the Superbowl was a sham,,,,,We hung tough till we couldn't over came the bone headed mistakes we made -Cribbs mis played punt,,,,,,,,Lucks over thrown passes -penalties -We went down quickly when we did not seize opportunities,,,,,,,,,,,We had pats stopped and were getting the ball Cribbs fumbles ,,,,,,,,,,,that among other * plays flags and a better team we played resulted in our crushing loss........Colts need to get better in many areas get other players on our team coach better
  12. If we can get Carter cheap by all means go for it,,,,,,,,,,,He is physical and is big 6'4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,We need physical receivers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,But the main priority is an Oline that is tough mauling physical,,,,,,,,,and savage,,,,,,,,,We need to take what the Pats have done and build like they do,,,,,,,,,,,,,I know the pats have way better coaches than us,,,,,,,,,,,,,And they take what they have for players who don t seem to be the prototypical great players but they make star plays and re therefore stars
  13. true I 'll be sick if Pats RBs run 200yds on us again,We simply can t allow that again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, And I want to see Luck run multiple times,that'll really keep the Pats off balance,,,,,,,,
  14. Colts OL.Did extremely well I guess that players only meeting held by R. Wayne really get the Colt players going well....... Our Def, Backs did a hell of a job,,,,,,,,,,Our RBs ran had and didn't fumble,,,,,,,,,,,OUR WR's and TE's performed good,,,,,,I really hope we can play MISTAKE FREE football against NE.........Our margin for error against the PATS will be Very, SLIM,,,,,,,,,,,a mistake most likely will change the game to a loss That's IF we can keep it close enough,,,,,,,,,,ANAD playing a FULL 60 mins of football no exceptions is a must,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Plus our Def,has to come up big in
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