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Colts/broncos (very good effort, needs to get better)



That is how you win postseason games, all 53 players doing their job, some stepping up and not making too many critical mistakes....we did make a few too many mistakes, but vs a team that was clearly not in sync, they weren't costly.

Offense: there were not many individual outstanding games, just a lot of guys contributing, Luck's (27-43-265) numbers weren't great and the 2 interceptions were head scratchers, he did manage the game very well. Hilton (4-72) did enough and 8 players had receptions, interestingly, the 1 player who did not, was Reggie. Allen and Nicks had TD's. Herron was an oft used option, with 95 total yds and a TD and more importantly...no fumbles! Tipton did well, with limited reps and Richardson's "healthy" add to the inactive list, should have been heard loud and clear. The difference in the game................the MUCH MALIGNED O-line was stout, that needs repeating...STOUT. Castonzo has been very good, all year, Mewhart has held up, the rest of the line, has been a weekly revolving door, the past 2 weeks, Holmes has done a good job in the middle, Louis has been good and Reitz, filling in for Cherlious has been outstanding. 364 total yds and 77 rushing yds don't look great, but they did enough to win...34-24 edge in time of pocession.

Defense: an outstanding effort from the entire defense.....swarming, sure tackling, blanketing receivers and just enough pressure. Jackson, as he has most of the year, led the way with 11 tackles. Davis played at an All-Pro level, with his year long shut down coverage and great run support, adding 8 tackles. Landry, for one of the few times in the past 2 years, showed up, also with 8 tackles. Back to back very good efforts from Toler, who also was solid in run support, with 6 tackles. The big plays were made by future star Newsome, with a strip sack. Walden also added a sack. 288 total yds, 88 rushing yds and 5/18 on 3rd and 4th downs vs a team loaded with Pro Bowl talent is an outstanding effort.

Special teams: was prob one of the worst overall efforts this year, Adam missed his 2nd FG in 3 weeks, McAfee didn't have one of his better days, the coverage units were ok, but really didn't get many chances and Cribbs, who is a threat to score, every time he touches the ball, is getting too cocky in his decision making, I know he is trying to make a positive game changing play, but is coming very close to making a game changing-negative play and should have in today's game if not for a blown call, by the refs

I guess the horseshoe was lucky today, the penalties were still there, the turnovers were still there, although they weren't critical and the special teams weren't that good, that usually doesn't add up to a win, in the postseason, but got a break from the listless effort from the broncos and collectively played good enough to get a big win....never would have thought they could win this game, with an effort like that, but when 53 players....show up and play as a team, it can overcome those type of mistakes...sometimes......many of these issues , have been issues, most of the year and better get fixed, before next week, I don't think a trip to the super Bowl is going to happen, with a repeat of that type of effort

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Mistakes have been a constant the last few weeks were  lucky Denver did not take advantage but the effort was great GO COLTS

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