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Colts/bengals ( good effort-needs to get better



A very good effort in all three phases and a nice tuneup, it's not going to be that easy vs the broncos and the *s, if it gets that far. Every defense wants to make the opposing offense, one dementional, the bengals were pretty much that way, before the game ever began. With their great WR (Green) and very good TE (Gresham) out, the Colts were able to stack the box vs their great RB (Hill) and limit him and in essence, shut them down. This is still the NFL and the post season and these teams are all good, some great, it's going to get harder, each week and take a better effort , each week, to keep on playing.

Offense: Great game all-around and a return to the form we saw earlier this year. Luck (31-44-376) was at the top of his game, spreading the ball around ( 9 players caught passes) moving around-extending plays, scrambling-when needed and making great throws and decisions and most important...ZERO turnovers. Hilton (6-103) is back and could have had an even bigger game, if not for the 3 dropped passes? Moncreif (3-54-TD) had a nice game. Herron was great (with an asterick) 10 receptions for 85 yds and 12-56 rushing, with a TD, the asterick would be the 2 fumbles (1 lost), Tipton added 40 yds rushing, for a combined 96 yds, which considering the running game is kind of an afterthought ,was pretty good. The much maligned O-line played very good, but again, that was vs one of the weakest D-lines in the NFL, so not sure how much it really means. 482 total yds and a good mix of solid running and passing

Defense: the numbers were good, but as I addressed, this was a team that really didn't have many healthy-quality options, The pass rush was adequate, the defensive backs played well, Toler stepped up, after some games where he wasn't playing his best football. Freeman played his best game of the year, with a team leading 15 tackles, 1 1/2 sacks and a forced fumble. Adams added 9 tackles. 254 total yards, is always a good stat-regardless.

Special teams: continued to excell, Adam was 4-4, McAfee had several great punts, the coverage units were strong and Cribbs looked very good

A few things that still need to be corrected, is the season long-NFL leading dropped passes issue, Herron has really sparked the running game and is very valuable as a check down option, but has been fumbling at an alarming rate, penalties were an issue again, when playing the big boys, you need to play a near perfect game and those little things add up and will most likely cost you a chance to win. There is still some question about whether the O-line is good enough as well. Although todays game looked dominant, it was vs a team that really (due to injuries) wasn't really a playoff caliber team. It is going to take a great game in all 3 phases and for the most part, mistake free football, to keep the postseason going

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Boom looked good but has to learn to hold on to the ball. He's now getting a lot of reps but putting the ball on the carpet is a concern.

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