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A look at the roster (QB-RB-TE-WR)



QB: Luck- the best young QB in the league and near the top of any list

Hasselbeck- a luxury-for now, very good backup, could retire any year and is a free agent, but it's hard to walk away from a job that pays close to 4 million a year, to watch a football game, even at 39 will prob hang on a few more years.....it will be hard to find a quality backup like him, when that time comes....................hopefully not a need area

RB: Bradshaw has been the most productive player, but injuries are a major concern, Ballard is the same, looked very good as a rookie, but hasn't played much since, Herron looked good, with the exception of some fumbling issues, Tipton really didn't have enough quality reps to really show what he can do and ....Richardson-it's over

Ballard is the key to this group, if he could stay healthy and play 16 games and rotate with Herron, with Tipton in reserve, Bradshaw, who is a free agent, would prob not be brought back, but that's a big if and both Bradshaw and Ballard have missed alot of time, so it's likely that there will be a surplus of backs, just in case and just as possible, all will be back................. not a major need area

TE: Allen was supossed to have a breakout year and although he played well, didn't take that next step

Fleener did take that next step and had a great year

Doyle doesn't get many reps , but is a valuable and versatile backup

Swoope- missed the year

Allen and Fleener are both very good TE's and prob the best duo in the league,Swoope will get a chance to show if he has the ability to become the next great ex-basketball player-turned TE and could beat out Doyle for the reserve spot.....not an need area

WR: Hilton, like Luck is one of the leagues best young talents and will continue to improve

Moncrief- showed alot of promise in limited reps

Nicks- really didn't get many reps, but is still young and talented

Wayne- due to injuries and age, did not have a very good season and has said he doesn't want to play for another team, but is falling down the pecking order, really hard to guess if he will be back with so many factors, including having a down year

Carter- has potential and an on going history of off field issues

Whalen- limited reps

Wayne and Nicks are both free agents and like any decision, the amount of money they want, determines if they are brought back, if they want to come back, if Reggie returns, it would be in a reduced role and with Carter just added to the mix, prob seen the last of #87, but it is also possible that he would come back and not Nicks. With Nicks not getting many reps, he may want to go to another team, that doesn't have the depth that we have. Whalen always seems to be the odd man out, but has value and this might be the year the numbers works out in his favor ......................not a need area

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Thanks again Colts7 for your insights. I think Reggie would better serve the team in a coaching/admin capacity rather than a player. Maybe create a position such as a director of mentor ship program or freshman/team/NFL orientation.

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Perhaps the biggest factor with Bradshaw is his age. That caps off everything else. He's riddled with injuries and is a free agent, and is an older player. I think it's time to let him go, as hard a decision as that would be to make. And look for another player (draft or free agency) who plays similar to him but is younger.


Where Allen lacks, Fleener can make up for. Keep both. The are the best tightend duo in the NFL.


Wayne is also riddled with injuries just recently, and is a free agent. I think he would be better off retiring and becoming a wide receiver coach for the colts. He did a great job mentoring the younger receivers and tightends in a limited coaching role (still being a player). Imagine if he went from part-time mentoring as a player to full-time coaching as a, well, coach.


Moncrief had limited snaps, but showed deep threat potential and should have a solid spot on the roster.


Nicks had a slow start (big understatement) this year, and was largely unproductive. But closer to the end of the season (if I recall around week 11 or 12) he figured something out and something clicked, and he kinda blew up. Keep him for another year (1 year contract extension, at least) and see if his progression at the end of the 2014 season carries on into 2015.


And for God's sake sign Ray Rice!!

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