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A look at the roster (OL)



OL-T: Castonzo has gotten better each year and is solid

Cherilus is good, prob could use an upgrade, although that prob isn't going to happen until his contract is up

Reitz- filled in for Cherilus and played as well, if not better and could move ahead of him.

Ulrick- from last years draft class also fits into the mix and if he looks good, may move Rietz inside.

Reitz is a free agent, his play and versatility should make him a priority re-signing ..............not an need area

G: Thomas has missed both years since he was signed

Mewhort- played ok and should get better

Thortan- has gotten alot of reps and has yet to show he can handle it

Louis- quality backup, but not starter material

Alot depends on if Thomas is back and healthy, with him, Mewhort and either Thortan or Louis in reserve, should be a good group, but since this has been an ongoing problem area, there may be some upgrades coming, either via free agency or the draft.............primary need area

C: Holmes- the center of the present and " future" (?)

Harrison- seems to have more upside, but lost his job

Shipley- has played well, but also was pulled from the lineup, prob be kept as insurance

Doesn't appear like any of them have played well enough to say they won the job and will prob be upgraded, Shipley is a free agent..............primary need area

Offense summary: health is a primary concern, with many of the players missing alot of time and their durability is a question mark. With a franchise QB and an endless array of weapons, the only issue is MAKING SURE the O-line is better

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