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A look at the roster (DL-LB)



DE/DT: Redding- played well, but is on the down slide

Jones- was supossed to be a difference maker, but missed a lot of games and when he was healthy, wasn't a consistent factor

Moala- missed the year

Jean-Francois- played ok

Pendleton-missed year

Nobody in this group strikes fear into the offense and only Jones would be considered above average and maybe that was the problem, not enough talent-overall and teams shifted their attention to him..............both lines need upgraded and it is harder to find great D-lineman in the later rounds of the draft, they are usually found at the top of round #1 and we pick at the bottom of round #1, Redding and Moala are both free agents and it's unlikely they both will be back and possible neither, Pendleton will be in the mix and could replace somebody who isn't brought back................#1 need area

NT: Chapman- adequate

Hughes- ditto

Kerr- looked very good early, then seemed to disapear

The key to entire defense starts right here, Chapman and Hughes were drafted with big upside and neither have come through-yet, Kerr is a better fill in type, than a starter, again maybe with more talent overall, these guys would have more success, but this is a position that needs either an upgrade or more production from that group......................a need area

OLB: Mathis- missed the year

Walden- played better and was solid

Newsome- great rookie season

Werner- never say never, but his future isn't looking real bright

Johnson- missed the year

Studabaker- quality backup

Adongo-missed the year

Mathis' return is huge, I do not think he is going to be quite the force he was 2 years ago, but will still be disruptive and a very good player, with him Walden and Newsome rotating, this is a very solid group, with very good depth, Adongo is the wild card, a physical freak, if he can master the position, could be a star. Johnson has played well, in limited reps, Studabaker is a free agent and may leave for greener pastures ( a team with less depth).................. not an need area

ILB: Jackson- made the Pro Bowl

Freeman- solid player, seemed to slip some from the previous year or maybe Jackson just made some of those plays this year

Muamba- backup, didn't get many reps with the defense

McNary- has played well at times, but his off field issues may have ended his career, at least here

A. Jackson- off field issues led to his release

A good group, the depth has been hit hard with the players who were cut, Freeman is a free agent and should be at the top of the bring back list....................going to need to add some depth

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It always kills you when you see potential draftees that could single-handedly transform our defense, then you have to swallow the reality that they will be long gone by the time your pick arrives.  In this draft, both Leonard Williams of USC or Danny Shelton from Washington could instantly put our D in the upper echelon.  I think Grigson's got some big FA moves planned.  Should be fun.

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