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Is It Time For The Probowl To Just Die?



Lower the Stars & Stripes to half mast, drag out the Scottish checkered kilt & bagpipes, & play "Tabs" on the silver military trumpet because we need to attend a mandatory funeral of last rites known as the NFL Probowl. The scenery in Hawaii may be lush, green, vibrant, tropical, & beautiful with a sweet, soothing evening breeze. The umbrella drinks by poolside are thirst quenching, colorful, & abundant. Athletes from every professional team & position are there on both offense, defense, & special teams. Laughter, jokes, & smiles are seen from horizon to horizon. This is not the usual game day business trip. No playoffs are on the line here, but a nice bonus check is to the victorious AFC or NFC squad that wins the game sure is.

It is a carefree field trip to reward the family & friends that stood by individual athletes all year long. Your peers & franchise fan base put you on this plane to paradise & it is a time to cut loose, relax, & put your hair down. Good friends, good food, & both new & old friendships get renewed as everyone happily chills with all their wives, kids, girlfriends, aunts, uncles, mother's, father's, & lifelong buddies who knew them prior to becoming wealthy & famous. The Probowl is an after thought. Even media personalities from ESPN & the NFL Network don't treat this game seriously. No one speaks of blitzing, man coverage, or zone defensive schemes. Hitting, wrapping up, & tackling are not deemed relevant or of any significance here. Fans bought a ticket to come to Hawaii, get an autograph from their favorite player, & see their favorite coach in the flesh for once. Offense not defense is the major drawing feature here.

I used to like it when the Probowl aired a week after the Superbowl because the winning team always got congratulated by their peers after the city parade was finished & the MVP went to Disneyland for a few days to celebrate their victory & bask in the media attention & glory. No one perceived the Probowl as important. Other than the need to pay for the large family hotel bill anyway.

If the Probowl is not taken seriously as a game why even play it at all? What is this punch, dancing, & a prom date for crying out loud? Why even put zebras on the field? No blitzing...No press coverage...No hitting, tackling, or real contact period. Come on Man!!! That's how athletes get hurt...not going full throttle at full speed with LIVE rounds in the chamber & gun barrel baby!!! Why even give the zebras yellow challenge flags in the first place? It is not compelling television to watch because just like regular season the referees coddle & pamper the offense. No fan pays any real attention to the Probowl until the last 10 minutes of the 4th quarter. "Oh crap! I've got an expensive hotel bill to pay for come on guys we need to win this game & get that winning team bonus check."

Roger Goodell either let the defense play for real or end this cash cow NFL media revenue circus show already please. If Probowl voting is a popularity contest anyway maybe the popular thing to do is end this fan viewing embarrassment once & for all. Thank you. God forbid the NFL a $8-$10 billion dollar enterprise anually speaking can't make an extra dollar right? Ridiculous. Is that a trumpet playing "Taps" in the background I hear getting closer & closer?


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there has been a lot of discussion on this on varying ionline sport networks of late after the last pro bowl, We shall see , but notnow , down the road sometime

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I think they should do something more competitive then the pro bowl. Why not just have the players compete in drills? Different rounds, earn points and so on.

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I know they already do things like that but its more entertaining to me then the pro bowl. We could vote for them still I guess. The pro bowl is seriously a joke though.

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I liked the probowl better AFTER the super bowl

I always enjoyed the goofing around, the videos and stories that would get posted.

Now it's hard to even notice it's going on.

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I agree. Performing individual drills of throwing, catching, kicking, & tackling would be more entertaining to watch than the Probowl in its current form. Either let the defense actually hit or separate individual athletic events into a February Combine #2 outside the confines of Indianapolis & Lucas Oil Stadium. No 40 yard dash or jumping drills are required though.

Propose hypothetical situational football scenarios: Pinning an offense deep in the end zone, the 2 minute drill, onside kick recovery, interception "Best Hands in the Business" drills, & Tom Brady "Tuck Rule" rein enactments, & full blitz packages etc etc. That is Must See Television Man!!! Get your favorite beverage & buttered popcorn ready ladies & gentlemen. This is gonna be GREAT!!!

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I agree with Maureen. I always watched the Pro Bowl when it came after the Super Bowl, it was one final game of the season, and kind of fun to watch all the festivities. The past two years I never even turned it on...........

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Do they still have the QB challenge drills, fastest player and all that? If a player were to get seriously injured during the Pro Bowl would said players club pick up his salary for loss wages,medical bills etc.? Too many variables to say go "full steam" in a meaningless game

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To answer your question, yes since the Probowl is endorsed by the NFL with Roger Goodell's blessing & approval, not to mention jersey & merchandising sales, an injury suffered by any player on CBA time would be fully paid for by the NFL. Therefore, this injured player is NOT responsible for any medical costs, procedures, or personal insurance deductibles.

It is the equivalent to workman's compensation only 1,000 times better than the average common man or woman's company policy. It's like when a state trooper gets shoot on duty & paralysis results. They are financially compensated extremely well for the rest of their natural born lives.

These "variables" you speak of are part of the gladiator sport known as professional football sir. If you can't stand the heat get the bleep out of the kitchen. Every athlete knows what they are in for when they sign a franchise contract on the dotted line. This isn't golf, fly fishing, or chess okay. Brutality & physical punishment come with the NFL territory baby.

Either buckle your chinstrap for a real Probowl game or dismantle this pathetic game forever in my humble opinion.

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I went to see it in 1980 when I was stationed at Pearl Harbor, I literally walked to the Aloha Bowl to see the game. Hawaiians are literally football crazy and there was always a great crowd, however watching recent games that isn't what is happening anymore. Some of the big names don't play and the ones that do don't really play, they just.....play and that's not what people want to see. Yes, drop the Pro Bowl game, continue voting the best players as a "Pro Bowler" because it does have a cachet attached that is desireabble, and give them money to take their families to Hawaii for a week long vacation.

To me thats a win/win.

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I too, like the pro-bowl AFTER the Superbowl. It's too hard when the season is left and play offs are looming. What reason is there to play all out and risk injury when some players still have a season going on. I get that the injury is covered, but it doesn't cover loosing a key team player for play offs or SB and also many players obviously would rather play in the SB than the PB... .. It's wierd, I feel the same for hockey, it's at the wrong time!

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While it is true that at this point in the season no players wants to risk injury, the way the Probowl game is set up now, any players bound to play in the Superbowl automatically lose their spot in the Probowl anyway & an alternative player with the next highest voting tally replaces that Superbowl bound player. Therefore, no NFL athlete would ever get injured prior to actually playing in their Lombardi Trophy Game. Thanks for your insights though. I always appreciate your intellect & football savvyness MIColtsFan. You are one smart lady no question.

P.S. For some unusual reason, the profile backgrounds on all fan websites on Colts Forum have disappeared including mine. I spoke with webmaster Maureen about this today & I know she will fix this problem as soon as possible. Feel free to drop me a line if you have anymore questions regarding website related concerns alright. Take care MIColtsFan.

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After this last PRO BOWL game they should close it down ( i dont blame the players ) maybe they can select the best players to compete and win some money for some charities.

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I am a little late commenting on this. I need to say the Pro Bowl was an embarrassment to 'American football.' The only player who did not get the 'memo' was Von Miller of the Broncos

I too liked the game when after the Super Bowl, but only if football is being played. I am amazed at the amount of money professional athletes make, and they are afraid they will get hurt? I played for fun and could care less if I got hurt. If I made one year's salary as an NFL player I would retire happily. The charade known as the Pro Bowl should come to an end, or be played with the intent to win!

Where is the pride in the AFC and NFC? There apparently is none anymore.

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It would make the game so much more interesting to watch if they played their hearts out and left it all out on the field but I wouldn't be happy if one or more of my teams players were injured and couldn't start the following season which resulted in a losing record. I say no more pro-bowl

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They put in the pro bowl first in order to spark more interest int he Super Bowl, that is why I heard. For the decision.

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