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  1. I don't think any of the situations discussed were ENTIRELY THE SAME! But PM's character and integrity seems to be in question by some in the forums. He is not greedy or selfish and has done great things for the Colts, Indy and fans! He may not restructure but the chance he will is not any less than the chance he wont but IMO leans more towards "he will" based on his character and integrity.
  2. Are you going to change your name since Caldwell has been fired or do you want him fired from Baltimore now too!? lol
  3. Praying for your healing and speedy recovery! Missed you bad on the field for the 2011 season bro. Much respect to you for all you have done for the Colts org., fans, and the city of Indy! Enjoy your time with your family and hope to see you with the Colts again in 2012!
  4. Luck & RGIII have both said on more than one occassion, the most recent being during the combine, that PM is their hero/arguably the greatest QB of all time, and any QB in the draft would be lucky and honored to sit behind PM and learn from him! I'll take their word for face value! Both of them could make any team and don't need to lie about sitting on the bench for any reason. That's my opinion because that is exactly what they have been saying!
  5. yes I agree! But undecided frog is a good debater too
  6. I agree Colts need a tall, fast, & aggresive corner! Colts corners were always so short and played to far off the WR in coverage. Can't wait for the draft and preseason so I can see what this new D can do!
  7. I'd like to see maybe Robert Meachem from N.O. come here. He's a FA and would require less $ than Wayne.
  8. I've said all along that having Peyton Manning would bring other talent to the team; so I suppose not having PM would cause a reverse effect to some extent. I like Garcon but if that is his attitude then don't let the door hit ya. Even the great Marvin Harrison couldn't get a better contract or any contract for that matter when he left.
  9. And because we don't want to be stuck in the same situation as we were last season with only one good QB! PM, Luck, Orlovsky is much better than Luck, Orlovsky, Painter.
  10. I agree and I can't see how Colts fans seperate Manning from the Colts to declare themselves Colts fans!? I am a Colts fan and that includes every single person on the roster. Do I understand that some need to go for the Colts to get better? Sure, but it doesn't mean I like it. Then there are some that should stay because they can help the team progress and transition into a better balanced team. PM is one of those players and we don't need to build the team around him to make it work. Even Luck realizes the importance of sitting behind PM for a year or two. Luck don't need to just say that fo
  11. I doubt theres any truth to the story but it would be sweet
  12. I say Draft Luck and sit for 2-3 yrs behind Manning who has already insinuated IMO he might be retiring after his final contract ends. Now maybe he retires before that. Then if he wants to keep playing but his abilities are waning then offer him 2nd QB or even office job. We can tackle that situation when or if it ever comes.
  13. Well this definitely improved the quality then I'm sure based on your opinion
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