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  1. Its hard maybe even impossible to judge someones intent or what they really meant. The judgment seems harsh unless they have been warned for similar racial statements or previously made aware of improper terminology. It can only stir up more racial bias and problems IMO.
  2. It would make the game so much more interesting to watch if they played their hearts out and left it all out on the field but I wouldn't be happy if one or more of my teams players were injured and couldn't start the following season which resulted in a losing record. I say no more pro-bowl
  3. Welcome to Fan Forum MIColtsFan! I just hope PM and Mr. Irsay come to an amicable agreement that ends in PM staying on as a Colt. I agree that it appears Mr. Irsay is not being 100% honest or fair to PM because of the business part of their relationship but I'm hoping they can wrap this thing up a little faster and on good terms.
  4. I know that PM had 3 neck surgeries but it wasn't an in game, lights out, neck brace and strecther ,spinal/neck injury. PM had some pain and loss of arm strength caused over a period of time that culminated in his wanting surgery to get his strength back and relieve the pain. It is a viable injury and something to be concerned over but not as severe as it could have been. I believe it is something that PM can come back from 100%. Even if he comes back not fully recovered and plays I still want to see him retire in a Colts jersey!
  5. lol yes I realize that but the draft is coming up and free agency will help fill in the holes. Mr. Irsay has been talking about a more balanced team and major changes and right now the Colts are only a passing offense and nothing more. They just brought RB Evans back off practice squad and we have Brown still but need an elite RB that can help open up the passing game. Our defense has been severely lacking and same for our ST. Our passing offense will remain solid with Peyton and/or Luck. Its everywhere else that needs work. Look at GB defense! It sucked and the Giants D was solid. Just having a great offense isnt enough.
  6. I do have a few RB's in mind Maureen: Ray Rice with Baltimore, Matt Forte with Chicago, Ryan Grant with Green Bay, Peyton Hillis with Cleveland, or Michael Bush with Oakland. All of the above are free agents this year and may fit nicely on our offense in whatever direction the team is headed. Some of the players I mentioned to let go are free agents this year anyway and would most likely require an increase in salary to stay and some of the others are just old and injury prone and IMO wouldn't be worth it to keep them just to have them on the bench most of the season. A good example was Bob Sanders; I hated to lose him but it didn't make sense to keep him. Also our running game was poor IMO. The Colts, according to Cliff Brunt of the Associated Press, (published Thursday, Oct. 27th, 2011 1:24p.m. MDT) ranked 25th in the NFL in yards rushing per game but it's average of 4.3 yards per carry ranks 15th. Still could be much better and Addai seems like he is always injured. In the past we didn't keep a RB more than 5 yrs including Edgerin James. I also believe that the Colts defense just isn't big enough in the middle to stop other teams from running on them and small corners who play too far off the receiver to make big game changing plays. Oh ya and a terrible special teams lol. Miss Terrence Wilkins bad.
  7. All I keep hearing is how bad the Colts need a QB, Manning wont be back or if he is he may not be 100% and on and on. IMO Dan Orlovsky did a good job at QB and I'm not ready to give up on Peyton Manning just yet either. The holes that appeared this year are the same holes that have been there for a few years now. The Colts need an elite RB and a much improved Defense! Our passing game would be great again with Peyton at the healm if we had a RB that could actually put up some big rushing yards! Even Orlovsky would find it easier to pass with a succesful running game. Colts should let Painter, Wayne, Saturday, Addai, Gonzalez, Clark, Collie and Carter go and bring in some new blood. Most of these guys were great but are getting older and too many injuries. The Defense is pretty bad and we need to be able to stop the run and hold our opponents to as few points as possible. All year we kept hearing from Caldwell that we wern't going to change anything just keep doing what we do cause it works but it didn't work all year unless we were trying to lose! I'm not sure we should have fired Bill Pollian but maybe Chris and definitely Caldwell IMO. I'm not saying we shouldn't draft Luck but that we should go after an elite RB and major improvements on our defense as well!
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