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  1. T.Y. is such a pro. For all the flak he's taken about being a "true #1" all he's done is rank in the top 10 ALL TIME for receiving yards in a player's first 5 seasons. He has every bit as much HOF potential as anybody from his draft class, including Luck, at this point in their careers.
  2. Ive not been able to find the doc on youtube either... It was made in '89 or '90, probably by a local (South Bend, maybe?) PBS affiliate... I remember us all gathering by the t.v. when it aired and my grandma has a VHS copy... I've searched for it from time to time since the internet became a thing, but like I said, no luck. Now that I'm off work, I'm searching for the video of the people that own the Mcclung road property and haven't found it, yet... maybe somebody on here can help me out if they've also seen... I'm thinking now that it might have been a local news piece with embedded video, but it was a couple years ago that I saw it, so I can't remember. Belle was a beast... One of her husbands died from "a large meat grinder falling on his head from a tall shelf." I always thought Kathy Bates should play her in the movie version.
  3. She was an immigrant from Norway who moved to LaPorte in the late 1800's and sent out ads for suitors She had a large pig farm... She killed many, many people... Maybe as many as 30 in Indiana alone... She may have escaped to California after her house burned down... Some say that she is this woman "Esther Carlson" who died in the 30's awaiting trial for poisoning her husband... Some of Belle's things were found in a steamer trunk owned by Carlson... It's a really interesting story. The people who own the land where her farm was located still find human bones there to this day... They made a youtube video about it that I'll link after work if I get time. Their dog has dug up femurs and the like.
  4. I'm originally from Lake County in NW Indiana (the corn field part, not the Gary part). My family moved to LaPorte in 1990... my grandmother was the curator of the county museum. They have a great Belle Gunness exhibit and my grams was interviewed and appeared in a PBS doc about her. They also have the 2nd largest private gun collection in existence... It was a donation from a weathy townsperson in their will.
  5. He went to prison here, too... I think Plainsville or something similar. He was locked up for being a pimp... Couldn't make it up... There was a time when our entire state government were members or swore oaths with the KKK... Belle Gunness (probably America's first female serial killer) did most of her killing in La Porte, Indiana.
  6. My brother and I were both born after our dad had a vasectomy... I kind of agreed with him when he said that he should get his money back.
  7. I get the general attitude from the national media. I will say that Houston isn't going to be so vastly improved this season. They will have a rookie from a spread offense or Tom Savage at QB... Maybe Watson makes them contenders in year 2 or 3, but not as a rookie, imo. Another year of great D and so-so offense for them, I'd say.
  8. I agree completely with the bolded... His 2015 tape is different from last season's (which wasn't bad, imo). Walker had speed to cover and real quickness two seasons ago. If he loses 10-15 lbs. he should be back to form. He does have some tackling issues, for sure, but that is an easier problem to fix for Walker. It's not that he avoids contact, it's just fundamentals. I don't know how soon it'll happen, but I think that Walker will own one of those spots eventually.
  9. "Guardians of the Gridiron" (maybe a worthy selection for the "name the defense" thread)
  10. Impossible to tell what team needs will be a year from now with so many young players added to the roster. Also impossible to tell where any prospect will go in next year's draft. These super early mocks are always so wrong. Also not easy to predict where Indy will pick next season... If it's 7th overall with no trade up, i'll eat my hat... which isn't a huge deal because my hat happens to be a pancake.
  11. I wonder if Pagano might've gotten another year mostly because of the lack of suitable replacement candidates. I know that it was widely reported that Irsay reached out to some big fish early in the off-season... It could just be that he didn't want to replace Chuck (an average coach overall, in my view) with another run of the mill guy who might not stick. It might also have been a situation where he needed his new GM to have hyper-focus on player acquisition and didn't want him to be interviewing coaches while trying to focus on FA and the draft. I'm not sure if next off-season will be any different or if Ballard has some names in mind for future Colts coaches, but I will trust his judgement as a former coach himself. I'm not even sure if you were referring to Pagano in your post, but I have been wondering myself if he is a true lame duck or if he can save himself. I would imagine that, if the new faces and rookies look ready on Sundays and our staff learns to make quicker in-game play-calling adjustments, then Pagano, Chud, and TM have a fighter's chance to keep the band together. I doubt anybody significant is fired before week 9 either way.
  12. Still very possible, but I think Hankins/Simon/Sheard/Geathers will all do their part against the run. It shouldn't be a repeat of the past, where 3rd string RBs were having career days against us.
  13. Loving the cut of CB's jib so far this off-season... Excited about the rest of the draft, especially that 4th round.
  14. I think this was a simple case of BPA. I haven't seen many (if any) mocks in the last couple weeks that had Foster or Allen ahead of Hooker. Foster was my favorite prospect in this draft. I had Allen higher than Hooker as well, but those were the only two, in my view. The thing is, that there are significant long-term health concerns with both of those guys and Indy's medical staff has more info on those injuries than I do. We had bigger needs than Safety, but Hooker is a special prospect. I wouldn't want our team to ever pass up players with special talent over a guy who fits a need. I'm happy with the pick. I would have been mad, or at least puzzled, had we drafted Takk or Harris with Hooker and Foster on the board because that would represent a bad draft philosophy, imo. Of course, nothing means anything until the players actually take the field.
  15. Love how the top of the draft has gone... Let's hope another QB or 2 gets overdrafted in the top 14..

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