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  1. Carlos Danger

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    To clarify my position as has been stated in another thread... I like the kneeling. I'm a big Ali fan, if that helps... Despite that, I believe in an organization's right to restrict some behaviors of individuals while at work... I don't disagree with the NFL's new policy, although I'll be a fan of the first player that violates it. The NFL should have the authority to discipline whoever it is.
  2. Carlos Danger

    Kneeling and penalty

    Not a fan of that idea... I actually like it when athletes use their celebrity to draw attention to the important issues of our time. Now, If the NFL wants to take away a draft pick from Houston because of that ridiculous stunt with Mike Pence, I'd be all for it. That was a disgrace.
  3. Carlos Danger

    Frank Reich Mic’d Up

    Oh, I definitely wasn't personally offended... I was merely bringing it up conversationally. It has been pointed out that I was likely wrong in my assumption about the phrase. I was told at some point that it was a term used by the handlers of indentured railroad workers... After looking it up, it seems to be more like how you explained it in your reply. I've never been personally offended by anything I've read on this forum, although I have vehemently disagreed with some posters on occasion... I just have a passing interest in linguistics, really. Please don't feel like you'd have to censor yourself on my account... I wasn't trying to imply that you were being offensive in any way, only that it was strange to hear the coach say something that I had been (falsely, apparently) led to believe was racially insensitive...
  4. Carlos Danger

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    I'm down for B.B. in this scheme, assuming it's not another 1 year deal (doubt he would sign one, anyway). If I'm in Ballard's shoes, I wouldn't think twice before giving him 3 years at 8mil. per season... Assuming medical checks out on that foot... The kid can play... My guess is that Desir would be competing with Hairston for the 2018 nickel spot if we signed Breeland.
  5. Carlos Danger

    Colts sign S Michael Cirino, release CB Kenneth Acker

    Cirino looks/sounds like a good fit for the D if he can actually play at an NFL level. I get that he's a hybrid type, but we really shouldn't be surprised to see Ballard trying to add a capable FS in lieu of Hooker's injury. I don't think the staff knows whether he will miss games or not. He certainly isn't sure himself, judging by his tweet. I think that adding Boston or Reid might be the best insurance... No need to rush Malik and risk further injury. I won't fault Ballard, though, if he saves the cap space and goes with a young guy at that spot, especially if Hooker seems to be in line to get back into the lineup before week 4 or so.
  6. If Basham, Turay, or Simon can be that other guy on 3rd down, it'll be very fun to watch on Sundays.
  7. Carlos Danger

    Frank Reich Mic’d Up

    I thought (could be wrong) that particular phrase had racist connotations when used in the way you have explained... I only listened to the audio, but was imagining (could be wrong again) that Reich was using it to convey how the receivers should be using their hands, as opposed to the slang...
  8. Carlos Danger

    Chris Ballard on Dez Bryant

    He's probably finished, but there isn't any risk involved in a one year deal, really... It's not like Andre Johnson because we don't see this team as being a WR away from contention like many of thought about that Colts team. He'd probably be in his best behavior and doing everything possible to be productive in order to make some dough on that next (and maybe final) deal. I don't really see the point in bringing in older stop gap players to this team, though, unless it's for veteran leadership, which isn't Dez's strong suit at all. It would be a "no" from me, for that reason.
  9. Carlos Danger

    IND has traded back with OAK from 140

    It'd be nice to get Holton Hill and Skai Moore with the next two picks... Not to get into the "instant analysis" fray here, but it is nuts to me that so many of us are reacting so strongly to the players that have been drafted to Indy so far... Obviously, none of these have seen the field yet. We all know that NFL GMs are privy to information that we have no way of knowing and their boards reflect that. If our team of highly paid scouts, NFL lifers, say that one guy is more valuable to the team than another, I am inclined to always give them the benefit of the doubt... at least until the coaches and draftees have had a chance to see what these guys can do... It's just waaay to early to be getting so heated about it, on either side. I'm not just talking about the forum... the comments on some of the articles are so unnecessarily brutal, imo. This might be the best or worst Colts draft of all time, but none of us know that yet.
  10. Luck is healthy and the young players improve... Indy doesn't need to make the playoffs this season for it to be encouraging, I'd say. The real measure, in my eyes, will have to do with coaching... If we have found the staff who can develop talent on both sides of the ball and call plays/make adjustments on Sundays, then I'm a happy camper, regardless of 2018 w/l record. I'm not expecting 11 wins... Record-wise, I'd be pretty encouraged by 8-8 with the way the schedule looks. We are a very young team that lacks talent atm.
  11. I just can't get on board with that... Barkely was not the best RB in the NCAA this last season, especially the 2nd half... He had unimpressive (or even downright bad) games against Northwestern, Ohio State, Michigan State, Rutgers, and Maryland... How can somebody who had so many stinkers in the season before he enters the draft be one of the best to ever enter? He runs soft, imo, regardless of his size, he just doesn't use it. He can learn, but he doesn't currently have the skill set to be a workhorse back in the NFL as a rookie. He will be a big scat back... like Mack was last season for the Colts. There will be at least 3 or 4 RBs in this draft that will have better rookie years than Saquon will, although I understand that which teams they land on will have as much to do with their success as their own talent.
  12. I'm sure that I am in the minority on that opinion... I think that Mack's learning curve was more significant than Barkley's will be, given the system he came from. I also think that it will take Barkely a season to learn what Mack already knows about the pro game. Whichever team takes Barkley will feed him more carried than Mack will likely get this season, but I think Mack will be a better player and it will show up on tape. Time will tell... If Indy drafts Barkley, we will get a true comparison... Not that I want that. I just think Barkley is way overrated and isn't the "generational" RB that is worth a high pick in the 1st. I do realize that it is an unpopular opinion as evidenced by every draft board in all of the media treating him like a top 5 player.
  13. If the Bears are willing to give up a 2nd or 3rd to move up for Barkley, I'd do it instantly... Provided Chubb had already been picked. I'd rather take Edmunds, Smith, Ward, Hurst, or even Landry over Barkely without regret, especially with an extra pick thrown in. I think year 2 Marlon Mack is going to be better than Barkely this season. They both lose yards because they bounce everything outside... The difference is that Mack has had a year to learn how to play in the NFL. Barkley is going to have growing pains. He won't be a top 10 RB until he learns to run between the tackles... which will take time. Jmo... Not worth a top 15 pick, let alone the 6th pick in the draft.
  14. I'm not on board with picking Barkley, myself, but I would put the odds at 4/1... 25%.... which seems pretty high, but I figure Indy only has 5 options: Chubb, Nelson, Barkely, trade-down... The reason why it isn't 20%, in my mind, is because I feel Barkely is slightly less likely to be picked, by any of the teams in front of us, than either Chubb or Nelson... He is just slightly more likely to be available, imo. I will say that I love the idea of trading down to the Bears if they want Barkely, like Aluckiswolverine said. That would be perfect in a scenario where Barkley was the only of the big 3 available at #6.
  15. Carlos Danger

    Would we trade #6 to

    Seems odd to trade for a RB with so many good ones in the draft plus our suspect OL. There are players I'd make that trade for, but not any RBs... not if it means passing on a chance to draft Chubb at #6... not that it looks like a great chance, atm. Just my opinion, though... I do think both of the RBs mentioned are great players.