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  1. I think you are exactly right about not taking an ILB over a similarly talented Edge or CB. I agree completely, but I don't think it's likely that such a player exists at 15 if Foster is still on the board. I can't make that case for Harris or Conley or Barnett... Maybe Allen if he falls to us, but Foster is a top 5 talent in this class... Just my opinion, though.
  2. He isn't dropping out of the 1st... Or even close to that far. My concern with him is the shoulder. If Indy's doctors sign off on him, I would still run to the podium if he's there at 15... If the shoulder is going to affect him long-term, then, not so much. Same goes for the concussion issue. I don't like the bad decision-making during the draft process, but that is what it was going to take to have him drop to 15... Without these issues, he's off the board when we pick 100% of the time. Medical could be an issue that will force him to drop out of the 1st, but only a long-term issue... Even substantial risk of a shoulder surgery in the upcoming season wouldn't drop him that far, imo.
  3. I don't know much about how cap numbers are affected by salary, but I read that we had 30 mil. before signing him... He gets 10 mil. in the first year and there are guarantees and incentives involved. My thought is that we are likely done signing FAs except for UDFAs... I could be wrong, of course. It's is easy enough to move money around if there is one guy that the FO really likes.
  4. J. Allen falling out of the top 10... I dont think he would make it to or past Indy's pick, but it could definitely happen.
  5. BPA is the only way... I'd be ecstatic with Foster and Williams if they were available in those spots... I don't see the value in taking an O-Lineman with either of the picks unless Ballard thinks the player is special. As deep as the Edge class seems to be, they will fly off the shelves in the first couple rounds... I am really loving this draft class when it comes to the talent/need intersect as it pertains to the Colts. With 7 picks in 5 rounds, I really hope that we can capitalize on the depth in the CB, Edge, RB, TE, and S classes. There should be studs available at these positions throughout our draft, with the possible exception of the fifth round. They will fall because many teams still need QBs, WRs, and OTs and will overdraft the heck out of them like happens every year.
  6. Man, they should trade with Indy... I know that interdivisional trading isn't the norm, but how great would it be to take some picks from Houston just so that they can overdraft a QB in the 1st? Not sure what the specifics would be, but it's a nice thought.
  7. Really good career for Romo, but I doubt he would have vaulted Houston to contender status... Too often injured the last few seasons to be reliable. Good luck to him, though.
  8. Gore could hit 1000 with enough carries, sure. I don't think he's falling off any cliffs this season... He's not normal. We shouldn't be looking (in the draft) for a scat back to compliment Gore, though... I think we should be looking for his replacement and I don't really want to see two draft picks at RB... Maybe we find a speedy UDFA to groom, but I won't cry if Ballard saves the RB decision for next year's draft altogether, ttytt, despite what a deep class it is.
  9. Not sure if link worked, but there is no doubt that Luck and Crief have mad chemistry in the RZ offense. I know that Aiken has a good reputation in the RZ as well, but will he and #12 be able to mind-meld like Luck can with Moncrief?
  10. Some of the things Vontae says sound like they were written for Ralph Wiggum. McAfee reminds me of Otto for some reason. L. Landry is the action hero Schwarzenegger guy (is it McBain, or is that something else?) Spot on with Pagano as Ol' Gil...
  11. 1. Brady 2. A-Rod 3. Luck 4. Ryan 5. Carr
  12. I don't disagree that defenses need a certain amount of attitude and "killer instinct" to succeed. I think the larger issue for the team (PR issues aside, they always dirty themselves out when you win) is that certain character issues ie. hitting women in public, or ped concerns, put the player at a higher risk to be suspended, or jailed and black-listed. Wrong or right, you can't put the team at risk if a player can't stay out of trouble. It's a fine line.
  13. Aaron Jones is a bad mutha (shut yo mouth)... I know he didn't play top-notch competition, but he's got more moves than Elmo...
  14. One of the best players in the entire class. I hope that the incident at the combine makes him fall into Indy's lap. It is really hard for me to imagine a scenario in which he is available at #15 and isn't the BPA, to say nothing of the need that the team has at ILB. Saban seems to think he's coachable. I know how little that means, but the tape shows a smart player. There aren't 10 players in the draft class that I'd rather see in a Colts uniform than Foster, but maybe it's just me.
  15. I like Aiken... Good hands, big body. Not a burner, but we have a few of those...

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