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  1. I don't disagree that defenses need a certain amount of attitude and "killer instinct" to succeed. I think the larger issue for the team (PR issues aside, they always dirty themselves out when you win) is that certain character issues ie. hitting women in public, or ped concerns, put the player at a higher risk to be suspended, or jailed and black-listed. Wrong or right, you can't put the team at risk if a player can't stay out of trouble. It's a fine line.
  2. Aaron Jones is a bad mutha (shut yo mouth)... I know he didn't play top-notch competition, but he's got more moves than Elmo...
  3. One of the best players in the entire class. I hope that the incident at the combine makes him fall into Indy's lap. It is really hard for me to imagine a scenario in which he is available at #15 and isn't the BPA, to say nothing of the need that the team has at ILB. Saban seems to think he's coachable. I know how little that means, but the tape shows a smart player. There aren't 10 players in the draft class that I'd rather see in a Colts uniform than Foster, but maybe it's just me.
  4. I like Aiken... Good hands, big body. Not a burner, but we have a few of those...
  5. Melvin is decent depth... I don't want to go into the season with him starting on the outside, but he had some good games last season. Worth a roster spot, imo.
  6. Triple annoying... 1. We don't get him 2. NE keeps him 3. He sets the ILB market at a high number, probably earning Brown and Minter some extra dough.
  7. This thread will be locked but I read that he signed a 5 year deal with us.. True?
  8. No Barwin, please... He can play (when he's not hurt), but he just annoys me so much... Not sure why, but that guy's personality just irks me.
  9. Idk... Really hard for me to get past the girl-punching. I've never met a guy who used to smash girls in the face, but had learned his lesson. Even though he was an 18 year old kid, to me, his offense is a sign of much deeper troubles... the kind that you don't just grow out of. There will be incidents and it doesn't matter who he signs with. The real question, for me, is whether or not he will be able to keep them out of the media with the money he will make, because you can't tell me that he doesn't have an anger problem and an impulse control issue. People who abuse weaker people have brain chemistry problems and only a simpleton would believe that the recorded infraction was his first or only one. I'm not saying that he can't get better... Just that he couldn't have gotten better yet. Abuse isn't a childish mistake that one will just stop when they mature. It should drop his draft stock as much as it would've dropped if he had a serious crack or meth addiction, because any team that drafts him will incur risks at least as high as those. Edit: Sorry for the rant... I do know that the girl hit him and that it wasn't his girlfriend... Men hitting women is a super sore spot for me and it is entirely possible that I automatically assumed a pattern where none was... It still strikes me as extremely abnormal behavior, but I shouldn't "diagnose" the guy without having been there... That being said, still too risky to draft, in my eyes...
  10. I actually agree on Ridgeway... I was making reference to him in a semantic way to illustrate a point, but I actually think he's going to impress this upcoming season. DL often hit that rookie wall hard. Ridgeway has shown flashes for sure. I really hope he can build on it. We have some young talent on the DL. I'd love to see a game-wrecker FA brought in, though.
  11. I'm not saying that he hasn't been overrated. Maybe I'm one of those that has been overstating his talents, but... Nobody is talking about Kerr being a starting DE, here. I'm talking about a cheap RFA tender for a decent depth player (imo)... I am definitely not a great judge of NFL talent, just a die-hard Colts fan, but Kerr has stood out to me at times when he's been on the field. It is very hard for me to believe that he isn't at least average with regard to teams' 3rd DE on the depth chart... It's no lock, in my eyes, that Ridgeway (who I also like) will ever be better than Kerr... He certainly wasn't last season, imo (I know he was a rookie).
  12. I'm in total agreement with the OP with one caveat... I think that, with the schedule we have this upcoming season, we are bound to overachieve in the first year of our defensive reload. It should be a good confidence-builder for the new faces we will have at so many positions. My hope is that we will reach "contender" status by the time the 2018 season rolls along. That isn't to say that we can't win it all in 2017... Anything is possible when you make the playoffs with a QB like Luck. I do think 8-8 is our rock bottom as long as Luck stays healthy. I don't expect any more .500 seasons for quite some time.
  13. I still gotta hold out hope for the Kerricane... It seems like he made a bunch of plays from the DL last season and I've always thought that he's at least decent depth. Colts could still tender or offer him a contract after he hits the market. I hope they do... Jones is the D-lineman we should be showing the door. No big loss with McNary... He's JAG at best.
  14. To be fair, I think we all know that he's a bad person based on the whole "fractured 4 bones" incident... I agree completely with that assessment... I don't think his eviction really adds anything to that, though. You can be evicted without being a bad person at all, imo.
  15. I still think he comes back to Indy... I don't think other teams are going to value him like we do. He has very good hands, but would have to build a rapport with another QB and another OC that might not use him as well/extensively as Chud did. I think teams are looking for better blockers out of their in-line TEs and better speed from their receiving guys. Doyle is a good security blanket for us, but I think other teams will take pause before signing a guy that they might have a hard time finding a role for. I won't cry if we lose him, but my gut says he's a Colt next season, which would make me happy (if his contract is reasonable).

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