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  1. brissetts ranking

    He's right around 20 imo... With higher upside than many ahead of him..
  2. Ballards Potentially toughest off season decision

    JB is a starter in this league... They run him out there every week behind a junk OL and he still makes plays down the field. He has his warts: holds the ball too long, lacks touch on short throws, ect... but he's better than at least 10 QBs currently starting. A bunch of QBs have his same issues and have more experience. I'd easily take JB over Dalton, for instance... No brainer. He's a better QB... I'd rather have him starting for my team than Flacco. He's better than the current iteration of Eli, and that doesn't even take the Beathards, Trubiskys, and Simeans of the NFL into consideration... (probably spelled some of their names wrong). I'm not sure what his ultimate trade value is, but there are teams that want him to start for them, imo. He's a starter... an average one now, but his ceiling is high... It isn't easy to evaluate a QB who has to play behind our line, with our offensive coaching, and had to learn it all on the fly, with no chemistry with his teammates or familiarity with the playbook. It is really hard for me to understand how anybody could think that JB isn't good enough to start for the Browns, Cardinals, Broncos, ect, but that just my opinion... He's a better bet than you can get from the draft... a character guy with talent and physical intangibles who has proven that he has the arm strength and accuracy to thread the needle on the deep ball...
  3. Good Victory

    Every win is good for the development of our young players. It gives them confidence. I just think that young guys develop more on a team that believes it can win. Losing can build character, for sure, but players check out and their ceilings are stunted on a team that gets blown out nearly every week for a full season. It is better for Indy (even in the long term) that their young guys get better as the season wears on and gut out some wins. Of course, that's just my opinion... I also think drafting higher is generally overrated. If Indy had a top 10 pick last year, they probably still choose Hooker. I'm not trying to underestimate the value of a top 3 pick this year, but beyond that, I think that JB will be worth more than the difference if he throws for 300 yards and a couple TDs a few more times... Think about getting another 1st rounder (from a bad team) for JB and compare that to the difference between picking 4th throughout the draft and picking 10th... Every win where he looks viable or even good increases his overall value as a trade chip, thus offsetting the value of us losing a low scoring game to a team like the Texans.
  4. If not the Colts, then who?

    I'm the same way... Gotta root for an NFC team if Indy is stalling... I usually pick a non-Bears team from the NFC North because there are so many Bears fans where I live and apparently I'm a contrarian. This year I think it's Minnesota. My mom and grandma are from up there, not that either gives a hoot about the Vikings, but it's a connection nonetheless.
  5. Trent Richardson runs wild in the CFL

    Bad trade by Grigson... I know that I was really hoping he'd pan out... even traded for him in my fantasy league that first year... I honestly hope for the very best for TR... Just like Jerry Hughes, or E. Dickerson... It sucks that we couldn't get the best out of these players, but they did their best when we had them. At some point, scouting and coaching become the issue... If TR (almost can't bring myself to say his name) shows enough up north to get himself a gig in the real league, I hope he dominates... not his fault that his gifts were wasted on a subpar coaching staff (or two) that couldn't motivate or coach him up.... I'm squarely blaming Hughes' underachievment on our lack of coaching prowess from the end of the Dungy era until now... I love our Colts, but they have screwed the pooch with some gems and need to get a real staff in place to get the best out of some rookies... it has been too long since we've had decent coaching and player development... This coming from a class A homer who always looks for an excuse for Irsay and the staff.
  6. Tank Season

    Tanking doesn't usually make sense in the NFL, imo.
  7. Crazy Saints Fan

    I went on a tour in NO once where we went to the Manning house... It was a pretty cool feeling to see where some of the magic happened. The house is within a block or two of Ann Rice's, John Goodman's, Ellen Degeneres, and the funeral home/studio where Trent Reznor recorded and mixed a NIN album (want to say it was "The Downward Spiral" but could have been "The Fragile") Lil Wayne also has a house right there. Great city to visit... Saw the best street musicians I've ever seen on nearly every block of the French Quarter... Better than Times Square or Chicago El stations, imo... which is saying a lot, really, because there are real musical geniuses in all of those places at any given time.
  8. Sign Bowman....

    I don't know how much Bowman moves the needle for us this year... I'd probably pass, to be honest, unless I start hearing stories about what a great veteran leader he is/has been from his former teammates. The real question, to me, is how can Bostic be getting 100% of the snaps with zero coverage ability?... George should play in all passing situations, but I see Morrison and Bostic on so many 3rd downs... Geathers' eventual return could help us in that regard... Putting him on the field with George gives us at least a fighting chance in the middle of the field on 3rd down. Bostic and Morrison are toast in coverage... and neither seem to be able to make open field tackles, at that.
  9. I might be in the minority, but I don't see a top 5 pick for Indy this season. I think if last year's squad was an 8-8 team, then this year's should end up somewhere near there. Somebody suggested to me, that, if JB lights up a couple of opponents before Luck comes back that he thought we could get a 1st round pick for him, but I don't see that, either. Not because I don't think Jacoby can put up big numbers... it's certainly possible. Just because this is a bad year to try to trade him due to circumstance... I think Alex Smith, Cousins, and Brees all have a significant chance to be playing for different teams next season. Then there are a bunch of quality QBs in this draft class. I do like the idea of adding an OL early in the draft. Right now, id say our biggest needs are 1. ILB x 2 2. RT (or LT and move AC) 3. Edge (pass rush specialist) 4. OG 5. RB (early down power runner/Gore replacement) If you told me that WR was a bigger need than an early down RB, I might agree, although it's difficult to tell with inexperienced QBs on the field... Aiken is constantly open, but he and JB can't get in synch. Moncrief disappears for large portions of every game. T.Y. is amazing, but can sometimes be game-planned into irrelevance if there isn't another guy who is legitimately feared by DCs.
  10. Update on Luck

    What is going on in this thread? I feel like we've been infiltrated by Russian bots. Great news on #12... Can't wait until he gets back under center. He doesn't look too far off to me.
  11. Colts Vs. 49ers Game Day Thread

    I with you, brother, but don't be dragging Dennis Eckersley into it... He'd have closed this game out in regulation.
  12. Luck is Throwing

    The optimist in me thinks he might have let er rip as soon add the media left... The realist... Not so much... Glad to see him out there, though.
  13. Rashaan Melvin and Secondary

    Melvin is good depth at a position where our #1 is injury prone. I did expect him to start over Wilson to begin the season, but I don't think I'd prefer him to start over Wilson when both Davis and Wilson are healthy. He has done a pretty good job so far. I still really like him for depth, but I don't think there is a long term starter role for him here when everybody is healthy... I'd like to see Ballard draft another physical corner high next season.
  14. Beth Mowins

    I like Beth... Her voice doesn't really bother me. It really bothers me when announcers stumble over words and make random mouth sounds, but voices don't really matter to me... Then again, I like Primus, so there's that.
  15. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    Very dumb... Can't believe that a player would tell his uber driver such closely guarded info.