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  1. Here is my crazy..bold prediction:

    Probably have a better chance of Jimmy V coming to "save the franchise." I feel like this thread is the Colts forum version of "you'll never guess what your favorite childhood stars look like today" Why do I always click?
  2. Barkely is no Edge... He's not Gurley or Zeke, either. He's probably going to be good in the NFL, but he has issues as a prospect. He can break away and catch passes extremely well for a person his size. However, he tends to bounce everything outside and generally play smaller than his frame would indicate he could. I dont think it's a strength issue, just a mentality thing, but he needs to get better between the Tackles if he is going to be a workhorse back in the NFL... I doubt he sets the world on fire in his first year. He is definitely not worth the Colts #6 pick in a draft where Chubb, Nelson or Fitzpatrick would be available, imo. For me, it isn't even positional value. I'd be fine with Nelson at #6 (or #3, for that matter). I just don't think Barkely is as good as his hype would indicate and that most NFL GMs will be able to see that after watching his games... He had quite a few bad/mediocre games in 2017... how is he a "perfect" prospect? I just don't see it... I see a 1st round talent, but not a top 5 guy in most drafts, even in this relatively weak class. Jmo, of course.
  3. People who are saying we won't get Chubb or Barkely or whoever don't seem to realize that the likelihood of ALL top 5 picks being QBs is very high... Above 50% to be sure. Edit: Now realizing the huge oversight on my part that Cleveland is probably less than 50% likely to trade away #4... It could happen, but I actually doubt very much that they do. If the Giants arent choosing a QB (even though they should and probably will) they will likely trade out of #2 to a QB needy team... My guess is that (edit: almost) everybody will be there at #6... Im doubting Barkely even gets picked in the top 10, to be honest... There are holes in his game and the positional value thing, too. I definitely don't want him at #6 with Chubb and Nelson likely still on the board. I don't think it's a given that he's better than Guice in most teams' evaluations. (Edit: sticking by this... I think the Browns stay at #4 but won't pick Barkely, which undermines the entire point of my original post, but, as I said, I had subconsciously discounted the fact that Cleveland probably doesn't want to add picks and would rather draft a blue chip prospect at #1 or #4) sorry for the hasty post and sloppy thinking...
  4. Most of the OP's guys are still out there, to the best of my knowledge... I'd definitely add Preston Brown to the list at LB... No way of knowing if we will sign any of them, but I'd still like to get Melvin and Desir back at the right price... The group of available O-Line players does not inspire much confidence. Cam Fleming could be put to use at our RT spot. Pugh and Mewhort both come with injury concerns (especially Mewhort), but both have a ton of talent. One consolation is that this year's interior OL draft class is stacked... Guards often perform better as rookies than Tackles... If Indy can get Nelson and Wynn (hopefully in some trade-back scenario) in this draft, the interior OL will have the potential to be truly elite. I don't really like any of the available DE FAs. My hope is that Basham has a very formative offseason and the switch to a 4-3 helps him out. The guy we just signed sounds interesting. Sheard is a quality starter. Add Chubb and the group looks very nice, but I honestly think that the LB spots are a bigger need at this point.. Ballard ought not hesitate to draft R. Smith if we traded down to 12 and he was available. As Colts fans, most of us are used to uneventful FA periods. Until 5 or 6 years ago, we barely knew what a FA was. It is a double edged sword, but I'm still crossing my fingers that we don't go into the draft with Morrison projected to start at a LB spot and Moore slotted in as a starting outside corner.
  5. Nigel Bradham would be a great addition... We have a big-time need for LBs who can cover.
  6. I'm curious about the contract, but I doubt that signing Keenum takes Denver out of the QB market in the draft. It might make them less likely to trade up, but they are fooling themselves if they think they can solve their QB issues with Keenum alone. He isn't likely to be anybody's idea of a franchise QB, imo.
  7. Saying it for weeks

    Norwell reportedly has narrowed it down to 3 teams... Colts being one of them... That would seem to imply that Ballard has offered him some serious dough... Just saying...
  8. You could definitely be right, however, the reasons I think he doesn't make to 21: 1. He's put some phenomenal play on tape. His 2016 season was amazing... 2. I think his strong showing at the combine will show teams that he has fully recovered from the injury that likely hampered his play in 2017. His combine showed evaluators that his 2016 tape is more illustrative of his level of athleticism than last year's. 3. His positional value as an edge rusher all but guarentees he will be overdrafted... I'd be shocked if any teams had any other edges (other than Chubb) ahead of Landry on their boards. The top 5 edge guys are always a threat to go early. I think he has shown himself to be worth a pick in the top half of the first round... add in his positional value and you have a top 20 lock... Of course, that's just my opinion... I don't have any special talent for scouting NFL players, so I'm sure your opinion is at least as sound as my own.
  9. I love Landry and Guice, but Landry is definitely off the board by the 21st pick... I don't see him getting past the Packers pick, if he even lasts that long... I'd be tempted to make bets that he gets picked before Q. Nelson.
  10. I know it's super far-fetched, but 2 trades and still ending up with the 6th pick is definitely a dream scenario. It is possible, too. I'd be beside myself, picking Chubb, Fitz, or Nelson at 6 after picking up some extra 2s... That would be the BDB move.
  11. 2018 Explosive Edge Rushers

    I was pretty surprised by Hubbard's workout numbers... He's likely to be overdrafted by somebody this year, imo... Hope it isn't Indy in the 2nd.
  12. Bradley Chubb 3-Cones at 7.37

    3 cone is more important than the 40, by far... For pass rushers, you'd think that the broad jump and vert would be the most telling drill... I'm used to hoping that great prospects test poorly so they might fall to the Colts... It's really strange to be on the other side of that equation, picking so high. I don't put a ton of stock into combine testing (especially 40 times and bench press), but it's not like they are completely without value. I wonder if Barkley and Nelson start being mocked to us at #3 more often. I'm still firmly on team trade back (depending on what the offer is, of course) so it still might be a good thing if some prospects test their way out of the top 5... Time will tell, of course.
  13. Ive heard that they can.. Up to a certain date (before the 14th, obviously) has something to do with whether Landry signs it or not... I've also heard that tags usually aren't signed until the last minute in most cases, just in case. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.. Maybe somebody with more knowledge can edify us.
  14. I love Landry, but I still think that Miami will rescind the tag and he will be a FA when all is said and done... If Ballard does trade for him, it would have to be with a longer deal in mind to offset his big # for this season... No reason to rent him for 14mil. before a transitional season where we wont likely compete for a championship.