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  1. Beth Mowins

    I like Beth... Her voice doesn't really bother me. It really bothers me when announcers stumble over words and make random mouth sounds, but voices don't really matter to me... Then again, I like Primus, so there's that.
  2. Andrew Luck hurt while snowboarding rumor

    Very dumb... Can't believe that a player would tell his uber driver such closely guarded info.
  3. Member Introductions! (Say Hi!)

    I can't say that I remember because I think you stopped posting around the time I joined, but welcome back! I'm glad that you are getting your groove back, so to speak. I'm sure it was (and is) incredibly difficult in ways I couldn't imagine. This parrot situation sounds interesting... are we talking a real life parrot? If so, does it talk? I have 3 girls. The oldest two are my step kids and they are wonderful, amazing girls, but they can't stand anything football related, it bores them to tears, but my littlest one (Ruby) is 2 and she will sit through an entire game with me (commercials and all) and go crazy when the Colts score (I'm still trying to teach her not to go crazy for the other teams TDs). She yells "Touchdown! Go Colts!!" Her favorite part is when someone kicks a field goal or (ugh) punts. So, welcome back, for what it's worth. The forum is probably more snippy lately because of the state the team seems to be in, but I still enjoy interacting with these guys and gals. Lots of good info, all in one place, too. Sorry for the ramble, but the image I got of a parrot saying "Go Colts" made me think of my Roo.
  4. Say What You Want

    I don't see how the Browns game could possibly be the season... And 1-3 still wouldn't be the end... We'd be 2 games out at worst...
  5. Say What You Want

    Sure only 10% of teams that start 0-2 make the playoffs, but don't misinterpret that stat. That is, it doesn't mean that Indy has a 10% chance to make the playoffs. They are one game out and haven't played any division games yet. JB was a giant improvement over that other guy and he's had limited time to learn the offense, which is part of the play-calling issue. That last play was ugly, but I was encouraged, overall. Eventually we won't have to adjust the playbook for him much, if at all, from what we want to run with Luck. That trade is looking good, atm. Speaking of Luck, he will be back soon, probably in 2 or 3 weeks, but surely soon enough to make a run at the division and the playoffs. There is still no team in our division that is good enough to run away with it, even with a possible 3 game lead going into week 5.
  6. Bradford, swelling in knee

    May work out good for me in fantasy... Rudolph is the only TE currently on my roster, but im facing Diggs this week... I have to think that any llimitations on Bradford or if (heaven forbid) Keenum starts, it'll hurt Diggs more than Rudolph. Normally Bradford is a dump-off machine, but he pushed it downfield a lot last week.
  7. Anyone else excited?

    I'm definitely excited. I can't wait to see what the defense looks like outta the gate. I'm sure there will be ugly moments (Melvin getting bullied by Watkins is a likely scenario), but I what to see what Woods, Hankins, and Anderson do against Gurley and whether or not our OLBs can win some 1on1s. I would love to see our D force a couple turnovers. Maybe Hunt blocks a kick. Wilson, Hairston, and Hooker will all be on my radar in the secondary when they play. Of course, I hope that the offense has some success too, but I'm going to keep my expectations low on that front. If our defense can set us up with good field position (and hopefully a TD), then we can get a W... I'm not predicting a win, but we aren't playing the Steelers here.. It will be possible... Hard to give the Rams a big homefield advantage in their first game game in LA since their last game in LA. Win or lose, I'll be happy with a good showing from our young defenders and some flashes from the rookies, though... All expectations are dampened until #12 comes back healthy. Go Colts!!
  8. pats getting exactly what they deserve for once

    I see your point... It will probably be ugly for us early. In fact, it'll will probably be ugly at times throughout the whole season with so many rookies and new faces in Indy... That being acknowledged, it is still always fun, for me, to see the Pats lose, especially in Foxboro. It's even more fun to say that they are winless on the season. I don't think anyone on the forum thinks that Indy is as good as NE. They got beaten by a very good KC team and it was a lot closer than the final score. Thursday games and season openers are often fluky. I think a lot of us are taking the our time to savor these little victories because the lumps are coming... We are kind of whistling through the graveyard until we get our QB back.
  9. Cleveland First Responders won't hold giant flag on opening day.

    I think that the police union and first responders union are on the wrong side of this issue... They should be working to reform police departments from the inside instead of responding to percieved attacks... Protesting the protest makes it seem as though they don't believe that there is a major problem with how unequally and unfairly the law is enforced and applied in this country. Statistics clearly reveal that there is. There is no argument. Police procedure is only part of the problem, but the police unions also protest against the elimination of mandatory minimums and marijuana reform, illustrating that they would rather have job security than fair, rational justice. I think that this protest is wrong-headed and the police who are offended by "black lives matter" are miguided. The NFL players who sit for the national anthem have my support and have the support of 2 out of the 3 police officers in my immediate family. Those players are patriots (the good kind) in my view. Not all cops are on the side of the union on this. Police need better training and more pay for the important work that they do. It's insane that the lady who cuts my hair had to spend more time on her education and training than the police that protect my kids. I understand that the issues are instututional, go higher than just enforcement, and that the police are in an unwinnable situation here. That being said, protesting against the kneelers doesn't help anything or anybody. One group is protesting in favor of human life, the other is bristling against criticism when they should be just as outraged as the rest of us. JMO, the nature of this thread was political, which is the reason I felt free to speak my piece despite the forum rules. Mods feel free to delete if I crossed a line.
  10. 10 person standard league with 2 flex spots and 8 bench spots: QB: Luck, Palmer RB: McCoy, D. Murray, Crowell, D. Martin, Burkhead WR: Dez, T. Pryor, D. Parker, S. Watkins, L. Fitzgerald, Crowder, Snead, Moncrief TE: Rudolph K: Bailey D: Rams (streaming)
  11. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    Ayers released? If true, I'm shocked... Was he hurt?
  12. [Yates] Colts trade Phillip Dorsett for Jacoby Brissett

    Not loving this based on what I know, but, for all I know, PD was getting cut... It's hard not to think that the QB issue could have been dealt with sooner, cheaper, and more effectively, though.
  13. Colts Practice 8/22/17

    I'm a bit concerned about the RT spot. I thought Clark played well on Saturday, despite being moved and not getting the start. Banner has intriguing upside, but I don't see how he can be realistically considered a possible starter this season. Vujnovich(sp?) has some position flex, but wasn't great last week. I'm not sure what the coaches are seeing and hearing (with Morris as well). The only thing I can think of with Clark is that they think he needs an attitude adjustment of some kind because he can play. With Morris, I think they made the decision to go with Tolzien early and have been focusing on getting him ready for week 1 rather than competition for the spot. At back-up QB, it probably doesn't matter much. We aren't winning very many games with either guy, but I think the coaches are making a mistake if they think Banner or JV will be more than depth on the OL this season.
  14. Conspiracy Theories/Aliens

    I said no, but I don't mean to imply that I think you're a "loon". I really doubt aliens (unless you count microscopic life forms released onto earth from the big bang or meteor bombardment) have visited the earth. Our galaxy (and the universe beyond) is unfathomably massive. The chances that life exists outside of earth are very high... but for intelligent life to evolve to the extent that they could travel the distances provided, identify Earth as a destination, and actually come here without leaving empirical evidence (that we can find) just involves too many variables for me to find plausable. I'm not saying it's impossible, just that I'd have to see more compelling evidence than I've ever been aware of to believe it.
  15. Choose One: Give Up Sweets or Meats

    I chose to give up sweets a long time ago, but that's because I have diabetes. It was a crazy time because I didn't know that it ran in my family and I've never been overweight a day in my life. I've since seen several members of my family (including my mom) deal with the disease with varying degrees of success. I cut out the sweets and most bread/pasta (because they easily and quickly break down into sugar) per doctors orders and haven't had a bad reading in years. My doctor says that meat and fat have gotten a bad wrap in the last couple decades and it isn't nearly as bad to eat red meat as it's been portrayed. He said that the sugar industry has pushed bad science into the mainstream to counter the truth that sugar is the main culprit in the national obesity epidemic and heart disease explosion. Processed food in general (including meats) are another thing he warns me against... Most fruit is bad for me, but that might just be because of my specific medical history.