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  1. Really strange how Dorsey in KC and Gettelman were fired. The timing is unusual in both cases.
  2. I only remember random parts of my dreams, but I dreamt recently that my grandmother crawled out of a dumpster I was walking by and kept trying to force feed me greasy food garbage... I remember feeling like I was trying to move underwater when I was fending her off. I told her about it irl and she wasn't pleased.
  3. Great post... Agree wholeheartedly with your final conclusion. Manning is the GOAT, in my opinion, biased as it may be. Consistently dominant for more than a decade and a half...
  4. The movies "The Ringing Bell" Watership Down" and "The Secret of Nym" all freaked me out, but I still go back to on occasion.
  5. I was into cartoons as a kid... I kinda fell into that age group where the US wasn't making good cartoons and most of the good ones were Japanese or reruns of old Hanna Barbara and WB cartoons... I liked Silverhawks, Thundercats, Inhumanoids, Bravestar, He-Man, G.I. Joe, and Transformers... I also liked the Wacky Races, Pixie and Dixie, Quick Draw McGraw, Penelope Pitstop, anything Tex Avery and Popeye... I was a little old, but still enjoyed Animaniacs, Freakazoid, Dexter's Lab... Remember "The Maxx" on MTV? That was one amazing show. Liquid Television and (of course) Beavis and Butthead were adolescent favorites of mine as well.
  6. I'll be happy if he's starting on the outside by week 4 and looking like he belongs. If he starts all year and has 5 ints, I'll be ecstatic. He certainly looks like he has the body type and skills to be a very good, physical, island type corner in time.
  7. I don't have much of anything... A glove signed by Warren Newsome and Ozzie Guillen, a card signed by Robin Ventura is all. Just memories from going to see the Sox. My buddy Dave has a chair from Wrigley. My brother had a Cadillac that Elvis Presley rode in a parade.
  8. Both will make it... Green needs to step up if Geathers and/or Hooker miss time. It's his second year and he has elite physical traits. I don't see Dorsett being beat out by T. Smith (although I like him) or Bug Howard. He has disappointed, but isn't as bad as many here think.
  9. If I were Chris Ballard, I'd be doing everything possible to keep him out of Baltimore... Keep the Mayflowers idling, Mr. Irsay!
  10. Apples and oranges, really. I think Hooker will create more turnovers and have some ints, but Adams will have more tackles and probably get some sacks... Both will be very good
  11. I think Vujnovich makes it, he has been seeing time at guard in practice, which should add some value as a backup if he shows promise there. The tough cuts will be on the DL... The competition there is real. TC and preseason will be time to "live it" as Ballard is fond of saying.
  12. Im expecting a battle for the AFC South that will last until week 17... My guess is that we win that battle because we will be a better team in the 2nd half of the season. Our W/L numbers might not reflect that because of the schedule, but our new guys, young guys, and rookies will have had time to figure some things out. Also... Andrew Luck... No player in the division (maybe the whole league) has a bigger effect on win/loss record than our #12.
  13. No telling yet, maybe Bostic and Spence on the inside... I think Walker will surprise some people when TC comes around. It would be amazing for the team if Mingo could cash in on some of that potential he had coming into the league... The guy is blazing fast off the edge and he might be getting the most value out of Mathis' presence, considering they have somewhat similar attributes. I'm not predicting anything here... I still think there is a chance he doesn't make the roster, but he is a wild card, for sure. My guess is that Simon and Sheard will be starting on the outside, but I would just love to see Mingo and Basham break out and relegate those two to early downs and SAM work on passing downs. Not that I think that Sheard and Simon are slouches, by any means... The issue with Mingo, if he has a great year, is that he is on a 1 year deal, so we'd have to pay the man if he steps up.
  14. The money involved in this is insane. No way Mayweather loses. He is one of the greatest boxers to ever live. McGregor is bigger and pretty nifty with his hands as far as MMA fighters go, but there is no amount of training between now and then that puts him near Mayweather's level with boxing gloves on. I doubt McGregor lands many, if any, clean shots. It would be the exact opposite in the octagon, where Mayweather would be easy pickins for even a lower tier mixed martial artist. McGregor would submit him or kick him into unconsciousness in the first round with little difficulty.
  15. I've been excited about the 2017 O-Line since the day after the 2016 draft... I think Clark makes a big jump. He's proven that he's coachable and he has special physical qualities. I have to agree with Superman about the play calling, but I think that the players are on the roster, for sure. Personnel-wise the O-Line is probably fixed, imo.

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