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  1. Williamson is who I would target... Brown is another strong option... Hitchens would be my consolation prize... All better than what we have on the roster.
  2. Evan Silva's NFL Free Agent Tracker

    Lots of good, young OG options... Hopefully some of them hit the market... Same at WR and RB... Not a lot to like about the FA OT market... Maybe Solder comes here (I know he's slightly older [30 next season, I think] than Ballard would probably prefer) with McDaniels. He is servicable, even solid and shouldn't cost what a younger, more athletically gifted FA Tackle would. I think we can get a decent RT in the draft with our 2nd round pick, but Tackles rarely play well out of college.
  3. I'd be alright with trading with the Bills for their top 4 picks... The caveat being that we would also have to look for a deal to unload some of our late picks as there will be only so many roster spots for rookies... 5 picks in the first two rounds, plus the excess capital to move back up if need be and target players that Ballard really likes. I could see a multiple trade scenario giving Indy 3 picks in round 1 if the chips fall just right.
  4. Pagano thank you to Indy

    Love Chuck... I really wish it could have worked. I was at the game (against Buffalo) in Indy where he showed up at LOS before returning to the sidelines after Leukemia treatment. Crowd went wild. I was proud to be a Colts fan that day. I'll almost miss the cliche-fillled interviews... it'd be nice to get back to winning, though. Good luck Chuck.
  5. Wilks declines interview, bring on Josh!!

    I know I keep saying it, but I just get the feeling that Ballard is flying all over the country, interviewing candidates in secret, while the local media parks outside Colts complex looking for Saban (or whoever) to drive up... I'm just finding it hard to believe that he isn't doing multiple interviews a day (one in a given day has only been reported) when in Indy. Also, that days are going by with no interviews doesn't ring true to me. I can't believe that Ballard would halt the process to wait for McDaniels to decide and leave himself open to the possibility that he withdraws... He is more shrewd than that, I hope.
  6. If we are looking to improve the pass rush through the draft this offseason, there is Chubb, Key, and little else (depending on how you feel about Landry). I'm sure that there are guys that Ballard has scouted who I don't know a lot about, but, with Ferrell(sp) likely returning to school, all I see are developmental prospects outside of the top half of round 1... Slim pickins, but next draft should be much better for Edge guys from what I can tell.
  7. Wilks declines interview, bring on Josh!!

    I'm not convinced that Ballard has made a choice yet, but it is possible... I mean, what if J. McD and the Colts have an agreement, in principle and, at the end of that meeting, McD hands over a list of guys to look at for positions on the staff (coordinators and position coaches)... or even emails one later... Suppose Matt Rhule was a name on that list... Now suppose there was a third coach on the grassy knoll.
  8. Wilks declines interview, bring on Josh!!

    There are likely interviews that haven't been reported... Probably with college coaches or even Toub... I feel like there's a 25% chance or so that the announcement will take everybody by surprise, due to the new coach being a guy nobody had even known had interviewed...
  9. I never jest... and don't call me Shirley... Couldn't resist.
  10. Wouldn't be Saban... He coached in the NTG that night, right? Maybe Shaw or JH...
  11. Brissetts New Form We all have seen that JB lacks touch on short throws and holds the ball too long... Those seem like issues that can be corrected with experience and proper coaching... You can't teach arm strength. His ability to drop the ball into his receivers' hands on deep throws is close to elite, in my view. I do think that Brissett is a future starter in the league... Maybe never a top 10 QB, but he reminds me of Flacco, who has carved out a good career for himself, despite his many shortcomings. I'd take him over any QB in the upcoming draft not named Rosen, but that might just be me... There is a reason they don't pay me to evaluate players.
  12. We're not Trading down this Draft

    I'd have to assume that Ballard doesn't know who he's drafting or whether or not we are going to trade until we see who the first two picks are... or at least after FA when he knows what the team needs are... I'm sure he has run the various scenarios in his mind, but it would be crazy to (for an illustrative example) sign a RB like Le'Veon Bell, then draft Barkely at #3.... No way to know, yet.
  13. OC and DC?

    Fillipo, Schotty, McCoy, Cooter, Norv... tons of NCAA options... There will be some guys available, but it won't be clear who fits until we've hired a HC...
  14. Having a RB and having a running game are two different things Cowturd... I won't be devastated if we pick Barkely at #3, although it's not my preference... just wanted to get a dig in on CC...
  15. Fate of the "NEW" Colts era....

    I get the impression that McDaniels is more of an x's and o's guy than a leader. Maybe that is what the team needs, but I think Ballard will go with more of a player developer who will hire coordinators with expertise. I don't feel that "playcalling" is going to be as important to our search for a HC as other qualities, such as leadership, connections in the league, and overall vision of the future in Indy. I could obviously be wrong, but I don't see McDaniels having the personality that Ballard is looking for... He would be a great OC candidate if he wasn't so sought after for HC positions.