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  1. Seems like he really like our class. He also shares his UDFA sleepers from this Colts class ^
  2. stitches

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    I can see a Yannick Ngakue type of rookie season from Kemoko Turay if he can stay healthy. But if I had to bet I would choose the easy answer - Darius Leonard. I loved him in the draft and I think he can be a great 3 downs LB in the league. I think he's pretty much the only defensive player we drafted this year who is likely to be a 3 downs player in year 1 and I think he has the talent to stay on the field on all 3 downs and thus most probably have the biggest impact.
  3. stitches

    True or False: Week 1 Edition

    I will put it like this - if I had to bet on Cain or the field(anybody else on the roster) I would have to take the field, but I if I had to bet on a single player to be our WR2 by the end of the season I would probably choose Cain.
  4. stitches

    Linebacker Jenga

    From what I've seen of him on tape(2 games) I don't trust Franklin at MIKE. He might be better suited for WILL, IMO. Skai Moore and maybe Walker will probably be MIKE for now, unless we claim somebody else after the roster cuts. Walker can also play some SAM... Adams, Goode and Morrison if he stays are the others I expect to get snaps at SAM. Leonard, Franklin and Moore(if he doesn't get the start at MIKE) would get snaps at WILL. In general I don't love our MIKE position at all. Skai might develop into a good MIKE, because he's got pretty good instincts and has great coverage skills, but he needs work in the run game. IMO we still are in desperate need of a starting quality MIKE.
  5. stitches

    Emory Hunt: Colts draft grade and analysis

    Same, I don't agree with his assessment of our O-line play last year and I don't think we will compete without Luck... but IMO if Luck is healthy and back to form we will be .500+
  6. stitches

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    edit: forget about it. I'm sick of this drama.
  7. stitches

    Question about Quenton

    Washington hasn't played vs Notre Dame in the last 3 years AFAIK. Maybe you mistake him with someone else? Chubb had a rep vs Nelson where he caught him off balance on a stunt inside and threw him to the side.
  8. stitches

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    No. I think you have it completely wrong here. And you continue to misconstrue what our problem with it is. This is not about us "not getting the news we want when we want it". This is about unprofessional behavior from a supposedly professional journalist. I have absolutely nothing against her keeping her story(if there is any) until she decides she has all the information she needs to go public with whatever it is... or if nothing comes out of it, to not go public with it at all. What I have a problem is that middle ground where you throw out mud against the fan but don't share ANY information of substance whatsoever, only vague innuendos with zero positive value and plenty of negative associated with it. Now a whole fanbase is wondering what this was about - are our two safeties with serious injury history OK? Was it about them? Is Ballard doing something shady with prospective FAs? Is this about Eric Reid? Is it something about our roster construction? Now we don't know anything, but Josina felt good enough to plant the seed that there is something 'interesting' going on there that's worth drawing attention to, but not worth illuminating... yet. Well I call nonsense on that and I guess I shouldn't be surprised that journalists do that since there are obviously others from the guild that defend this behavior as something normal.
  9. stitches

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    Indeed. My way of responding to it is by pointing out how unprofessional and click-baity this way of conducting her business is.
  10. stitches

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    It's not happening 24/7... at least not by respectable journalists. Josina is using this account in her capacity as an ESPN journalist and reporter and is using it to break news constantly(which is great). But this is horrible journalistic ethics. If she is not ready to clarify her speculations, just don't state them to begin with. What's the value to it? There is zero value to that tweet if you don't share any real information with it... you just ramp up the anxiety of a fanbase for nothing more than attention. If she's working on something bigger, just keep it until you get all your information in hand and you are ready to share the full story. What's the value to this blurb? Tell me... what value did you get out of it?
  11. stitches

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    People asked her respectfully for information and she refused to share what she meant.
  12. stitches

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    OK, exchange with Stephen Holder if that fits better. My point is this is unprofessional nonsense. This is one of my biggest pet peeves in modern media. Throwing innuendos and speculations around like it's nothing but then refusing to clarify what exactly you meant... If you have something to say - SAY IT! If you are not ready to clarify your speculations, just don't state them to begin with. What's the value to it? There is zero value to that tweet if you don't share any real information with it... you just ramp up the anxiety of a fanbase for nothing more than attention.
  13. stitches

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    It absolutely is clickbait and attention seeking. Don't apologize for it. You are absolutely in your right to be annoyed by the unprofessional attention-seeking of what is supposed to be a journalist from a respected media outlet. When you present yourself as a journalist and reporter and you use this specific account in that specific capacity and have all your journalistic credentials in your bio, you cannot expect people to not get annoyed when you clickbait for no good reason and with no information of any substance... only to amp up the anxiety of a fanbase that's been through enough with injuries of its best players.
  14. stitches

    Josina Anderson Tweet should be like "We might have important information on Andrew Luck's shoulder...and why Brissett wasn't traded. We heard it was very interesting. #think" "oh and btw we are not giving you the details ... yet... you just wait... our timeline is different than yours... that's our call"
  15. stitches

    Malik Hooker Update

    Malik Hooker posted video of himself backpedaling and running as a response to fan saying he won't be ready for start of the season:
  16. stitches

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    This is what passes for journalism these days... "I'm gonna make some vague innuendo that shows that I'm in-the-know and privy to information the commonfolk doesn't have, but I won't state what I mean explicitly so as to preserve plausible deniability and so I won't risk my reputation in case I get called out on my nonsense when it turns out my assumptions turned out to be incorrect" If you have something to say, say it! If you don't, why say anything?
  17. stitches

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    PFF has him 54th, but I have no idea out of how many. It's possible it's out of like... 120 or something. His rating was 79.0
  18. stitches

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    This is one that I would love to happen.
  19. stitches

    Malik Hooker Update

    Take with a grain of salt since he has no internal knowledge of his medicals but rather just general knowledge about this type of injuries:
  20. stitches

    May 16th, 2018: Day 500

    Just for the record - I just used your post as a jump off point for my mini-rant, not that I found something specifically wrong with it. Sorry if it looked like it was aimed at you. It was more general frustrations with the way the media is covering the story.
  21. stitches

    May 16th, 2018: Day 500

    I don't think there is any way for anybody to look good in this situation and it's not because of anything Ballard or any other decisionmaker has done or said really(maybe except for Irsay's initial optimistic comments, but come on - this is not even that unusual - everybody is usually optimistic after a supposedly successful surgery). When your QB misses a full season after being expected to be back for the start of it and half the way through the next off-season he's still not thrown a football, you cannot look good. There is no way in hell anybody can make this look good. Someone above said we have done poor job controlling the message. There's no way to have good control over the message over this prolonged period of time. I see no reasonable path to controlling the message to the point where there would be no swirling doubts and speculations about Luck's health in this situation. And IMO noone is to blame really. It's just a crappy situation. Sometimes just bad things happen in the most inopportune moments and out of your control(the Luck setback in October). You take your lumps and power through and hopefully Luck doesn't suffer any more setbacks because if he does, then... then... the % is really going to hit the fan in the media. The last thing the Colts should be concerned with right now is how this looks mid-May. In the broad scheme of things looking good right now, in this moment, doesn't matter. Let the talking heads talk. What matters is whether Luck is throwing on Sept 9th and 16th and 23d, etc..
  22. According to this: His numbers were: 40 yard dash: 3.34-4.41(I'm taking the upper limit 4.41, since they have somewhat liberal measuring at pro days, etc) Broad jump: 126" 3cone: 6.69? At 5'11", 191lbs that puts him at RAS of 9.11 as a FS(great speed and agility, lower end size) If you run him as a CB that puts him at RAS of 9.67 (great speed and agility, about average size)