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  1. Can't wait for fountain to come back. He's our #2 lol
  2. The moment I found out this guy called a team only meeting last year.. as a backup.. and won 9/10 of our last games after. I was sold. I love that man.
  3. Booger.. not as a player but as an announcer. I can't watch MNF cause of him
  4. I don't want to look pass Oakland. But I feel like we can beat them with or without T.Y... Rest him. Make sure he's good to go vs KC. I really want to beat them!
  5. But it wasn't just one EP. He left 7 points off the board. That's huge. But don't want to blame him completely. Autrys flag on their FG turned into 7. JH being offsides on third down sack turned into points. And ebron should have caught the TD pass. But... It's still 7 points.
  6. I love the guy and thank him for all that he's done but I think he's the one that needs to panic. Call Andrew for advice
  7. I don't think a top 5 D is to out of question. I think we'll be top 10 for sure. We have all 11 returning and another year under the system. Plus Houston and a lot of promising depth. I believe Hooker will have a huge year. He had 6 targets last year. He didn't have big Ben, Brees, rivers, Ryan, ECT throwing his way. They'll take shots. Either way I'm excited to see what we can do. 1 more week!
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