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  1. I really want to see "Gone Girl". I read the book a while ago and it was excellent. The movie does not look too bad but I am sure it is a bit different then the book.

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    2. Synthetic


      We could use some good movies that's for sure, tired of seeing junk in the box office.

    3. Dr. Guildo

      Dr. Guildo

      I can't wait for Hollywood to release their planned movie based on the game Tetris. At any rate Daredevil was on tv last night & I must say both the movie & Ben Affleck were terrible.

    4. Jules


      It already has the oscar buzz and it is not even out yet. The story though from the book is chilling. The lead actress looks perfect for the part too. In real life she is from England and is 35. Which is great since in the book the woman is 38/beautiful/weird and in flashbacks early to mid 30's. I thought Affleck looked a bit old to play the 34 year old man in the story but he looks like how they described him at least physically.

      They got the looks parts down right from what...

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