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  1. I really want to see "Gone Girl". I read the book a while ago and it was excellent. The movie does not look too bad but I am sure it is a bit different then the book.

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    2. Jules


      I may write a review sometime but I would hate to spoil it too lol. I saw it tonight. Very good movie, not one of my favorites overall but good. I liked the book better and often do in these situations The characters matched the book quite well though. Very dark film, a good mystery. I love dark stories so I like this stuff.

    3. southwest1


      It's cool Jules. I can appreciate that you want people to enjoy the movie without any spoilers allowed. The way I look at it. No one is forcing anybody to read whatever commentary you write about a specific picture against their will at gunpoint. So, just do whatever trips your trigger preference wise. Yeah, I have a fondness for dark motion pictures too. I'm glad that you were pleased with the final silver screen result without mutilating the original book in the end.

    4. Jules


      I will say I don't think Affleck was overly "wow" or anything. But, he was the way the guy in the book WAS. Nothing more, nothing less. Good role for him really and he fit the part. The supporting cast I felt was quite good though. I suspect the leading actress will get Oscar buzz since her role is quite deep with a lot of twists and turns.

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